Sexy Lingerie and Self Esteem

People ask me often, why do women love beautiful lingerie? Ok,that should be a no brainer, but the reason is primarily because it makes them feel sexy and it gives them a great sense of self-esteem. Having beautiful lingerie that we have purchased ourselves or if our significant other has bought for us is a really great feeling. There is no hidden secret that women love lingerie and that men like seeing women in lingerie. A good style and color of lingerie can really hemp a woman feel comfortable wearing it and she will be more inclined to wear more and experiment more in different styles.

There are a variety of styles that you can choose from in sexy lingerie such as babydoll, bustier, corsets, teddy, chemise, cami sets, sexy matching sets, tutus, fantasy costumes! These are beautiful pieces of women’s intimate apparel but not all women look good in the same selection. Your figure has a lot to do with it, and the color of the piece also has something to do with it. For instance, I love black, reds, and white. These colors suit me best. I’m not into the jade greens, powder blues and violets. Those colors would not at all look good on me. Every woman has a specific color and style that makes her feel pretty and special wearing. If you don’t feel good about what it is that you are wearing, you won’t have good self-esteem because you don’t feel right wearing it. Find what makes you look and feel your best, when you do that confidence will shine!

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Back in the day the sexiest item a woman wore is the Corset and this was worn underneath the clothes. The Corset was designed to give the woman an hourglass figure that men loved to look at. Today the Corset is worn as a form of lingerie as well a day-to-day outfit. Several  years ago the corset also provided protection from a ladies waist from getting too large. Lingerie then and now was designed to improve the flaws that some women think that they have.

A woman is known to buy a certain piece of lingerie that will hide their flaws like their belly or legs. Wearing lingerie will help a woman feel sexy and give her a boost of self-esteem. When you buy fabrics like silk, lace or satin it can make you feel sexy because the materials are so soft and alluring. A good set of lingerie is one that has a sexy look, sexy style and a sexy feel. Women love to look beautiful but they want to be told that they look beautiful as well and wearing lingerie that their mate will love will bring out that response.

Lingerie as we have learned has two reasons, the first is that we women wear them to entice men into an intimate situation and the other is that it is a huge ego boost for the women.  It’s all about confidence! When we feel good on the inside we show it on the outside. Women will go all out and buy the accessories like stockings, heels, robes, gloves etc to bring out the sensuality of the outfit. I suggest shopping for your stylish lingerie at Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie (our plus size sister store) for beautiful, and affordable lingerie. Bring out your inner fantasy!

While we cannot wear sexy lingerie outside, there are some things that we can wear underneath our clothes that will help them feel sexy, some of these things are a camisole, lace bra and panty set or a nice set of stockings underneath their clothes. They can feel sexy in their clothes as well as out of their clothes.