Men’s Guide To Buying Women’s Lingerie

The #1 rule of thumb in the men’s guide to buying lingerie for women is to calm yourself down! Why?  Because I have no doubt that you have fantasized at least a hundred and fifty times about different sexy outfits you wish your significant other would wear for you. Did you know that the most common mistake that men make is to purchase lingerie that they love without thinking about what the woman would want? True…so you think it’s erotic and hot to trot…ask yourself this boys…would you be comfy wearing it? My guess is that your answer will be a big fat NO, then, think about your gal while shopping for a sexy seductive little number. Not sure what your woman actually would want? You can generally get a rather good sense by looking at what she already has. Keep in mind though that it is OK to go and be a little risky, just don’t go overboard. You want her to feel confident wearing it, not self-sconscious in it.

Sexy Lingerie

Women who typically wear sweat pants and a tee-shirt to bed will be happy with something comfortable. A complicated get-up with garter belts and stockings may not be the best choice. A cute, soft babydoll in a soft fabric such as silk will offer her comfort and be sexy. If you are hoping for something racy, you may need to begin simple and slowly work more fancy lingerie into the bedroom. See if she loves the babydoll and then progress from there.

If a woman already has a fairly good-sized collection of lingerie, this lets you know that she loves to dress up and will appreciate something spontaneous. There are many exotic, fantasy lingerie sets that this type of woman probably will love, but may want her man to buy for her. In this case, that cute sexy matching set  just might do the trick.

Rule #2 in the men’s guide to buying lingerie for women is to consider the woman’s size and the self confidence level of the woman. Not every female looks like a super model and a woman with a fuller figure may not be overly enthusiastic to slip into a tiny, silky g-string. If a woman generally wears shorts but covers up her top half, she may be self conscious about her arms or stomach. In this case you will want to choose a piece of lingerie that offers that same. If a woman is comfortable in jeans and a tank top, she may be a bit self conscious about her legs or rear. In this case, a beautiful lingerie set with a matching robe can be the perfect choice. In this way, the woman has control over how much is exposed.

Rule #3 in the men’s etiquette to buying lingerie for woman is to know your woman’s size is. Take a peek in that laundry hamper or her lingerie drawer; tags on bras are generally near the clasp, panties and garters on the back rear area. Lingerie that actually fits will be much more appreciated than any that needs a lot of wiggling to fit into. Select for her something at Simply Delicious Lingerie that makes her smile and feel romantic and full of sexual energy!




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