Relationships and Pillow Talk…

Guys love girls who present themselves well both in bed, and out. Might sound like the cold hard truth, but hey, it is what it is.If you are a woman reading this and are appalled by it, you may want to stop here because we are about to travel through the good, the bad and the ugly. Lets face it…cold hard fact- Men are visual creatures and they are impressed by what they see in their line of vision….so with that in mind, wear Simply Delicious Lingerie and turn up the heat! Oh, But be aware of the impression you give to the way you present yourself. You want to look great and get attention without looking really desperate.

One thing leads to another and you hit it off…then you date, then you share intimate details, and family history and you find one another supporting one another, right? Well, that’s what most women want…after sex is just as important as the whole ‘before sex’ anticipation. They say that women get attached more to a man once they have sex. Well, it if it for real, then that might be true, BUT if you don’t share the chemistry with her fellas, DON’T string her along and lead her to believe that she is it for you, when in fact she is just another notch in your belt loop. Whats wrong with you? Women have feelings and you need to be more alert and adherent to her. All relationships start with communication. That is KEY.

So, let’s get back to where I was going with this…quite frankly, it is easy to dismiss simply conversation as just sweet nothings, but the key to relationship happiness may be in your pillow talk. Yup, you heard me. It’s key factor in relationship and we women LOVE it, so suck it up boys and learn how to listen. It’s not all about you…nor is it all about us. I’ve learned that with one man in particular that I dated a few years ago, he understood me, he just wanted more. What more could I have given him? Plenty, but I wasn’t blonde and a size 4. I was 10 years older than him and he had no children, and his mother wanted more for him, as if I didn’t? I’ve learned over the years that things have a way of working out, and on the contrary to what I thought was right or wrong then, he taught me that what I do want and need is a man who will listen to me talk, and really hear what it is that I am saying. I loved this man for the pillow talk. I could tell him anything.

As I wrote my book, and blogs, and gathered references and literature on lingerie and what men like and want, I learned what he wanted and needed. Surveys on pillow talk revealed that people liked hearing their own name because it increased rapport and intimacy. Recall how in everyday life when someone says your name, you instantly feel more noticed, useful or special.Scientists have found that women whose partners finish off a night of passion by immediately turning over and nodding off are left feeling insecure and craving affection. Psychologists at the University of Michigan said cuddling and talking after sex is a crucial way for a couple to express their commitment to each other. What she doesn’t want to hear for sure is…anything negative. Sharing the moment positively will always ensure that this time is special for you both. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Bedtime is for loving, relaxing and yes, sleeping. It is not a time for  fighting finding faults in you mate, so show her romance!

If you don’t know what exactly romance is, you have bigger problems than I thought…but read on:Romance is a nebulous thing with the curious property of being indescribable but not definable. We women certainly won’t muck with your head and try to suggest there’s an ultimate definitive definition out there. Some people will try to do just that and come up with some tidy little definition, like, “Romance is showing you care.” Sure, it sounds good at first, but although draping your coat over a puddle and asking if she remembered to brush her teeth that morning may be actions triggered by this same motivation, they rate distinctly differently on the romance scale.Although it’s not so much a definition, as it is no more precise than the word “romance” itself, one way to describe romance succinctly is “what women want out of a relationship.” In other words, men aren’t romantic, at least not as much as you should be.

If you’re a woman, of course, you were born with an innate knowledge of this stuff and need not read further, because you’ve got it all figured out right? WRONG! Relationships are not fly-by-night and they certainly were not meant to be flings of any sort unless it is a one night stand and then there won’t be pillow talk. Finding that right person for you that you can talk to about everything and anything without getting pressure or shit from them is not easy to find. It does happen, and when you find this person that you can talk to about anything…whether they be your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, lover, sugar daddy, sugar baby, mate, or whatever….TALK. Pillow talk is a great way to communicate and get to the core of this persons inner being. Take the time to get to know them,…my guess is that you’ll be glad that you did. As for me, some day I’ll meet the man who can share pillow talk with me and when I do, I am going to burn his ear up. (just kidding)….


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