SEX…that naughty 3 letter word that turns people on faster than flipping a switch…well, at least most. There are however many people who for whatever reason seem to have a more difficult time to ‘get it on’ shall we say? I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one folks…so I’ll cut to the chase and get right to the point. Everyone wants a great sex life. For some, it doesn’t come as easy as with others. In today’s world where a pill can fix just about anything some people just want to do what comes natural. What might that be? To eat foods that enhance their sex crazed fantasies. Do foods work? You bet your ass they do. But unlike the pill you can take, don’t expect this to happen overnight. It takes a few doses and regular consumptions of this to take real true effect.

So how does food affect sexual and emotional health?

Did you know…adding soy to your diet will help in vaginal lubrication? That’s right…Soy adheres to estrogen receptors, which maintains the lubrication the vagina needs. Soy is also used to suppress the effects of hot flashes that occur during menopause. Soy promotes a healthy prostate. To improve your circulation and stimulate nerve endings try adding chili peppers and ginger to your diet. As this improves, so will your sexual pleasure, and in no time you’ll be feeling frisky. Listen up guys..Food that is good for your heart will also be great for your penis. There are certain ingredients that have long been called aphrodisiacs having the ability to fire up passion and desire in whoever consumes them. And most of these beliefs date back to antiquity. Some of these items are well-known such as oysters, chocolates and wine, but others don’t fly as high on the radar for most people, even though they  are very much accessible by all.

List of female aphrodisiac foods:


Everybody’s favorite female aphrodisiac is chocolate. This is a no brainer. Women love it, so guys, feed it to us daily! There seems to be a never-ending debate on its sexual powers but it for fact does contain chemicals that effect neurotransmitters in the brain thought to be related to sexual desire.


Documented as a female aphrodisiac as far back as 1000 A.D.,  the health benefits may outweigh the sexual aid this leafy vegetable provides.


Even in Egyptian empires honey has long been a sought after delicacy.  There is a reason why it’s called a Honeymoon.


The sensuous phallic shape of asparagus is probably where this vegetable was promoted into the realm of food aphrodisiacs.


Another phallic symbol is the banana but the high concentration of B vitamins and potassium are requirements for healthy sexual hormone production.

Pine Nuts

Prized for its ability to aid in both male and female potency Zinc is the magic mineral that is highly concentrated in these delicious nuts used to stimulate libido as far back as the middle ages.


Yes, another symbolic representation of the penis carrots like bananas also contain high concentration in vitamins and beta-carotene that aid in hormone development.


Thought to increase desire and increase stimulation in the sexual glands…bet you would have never guessed that?


One of the most erotic fruits on the planet is the strawberry.  It’s symbolizes the nipple and not only is it delicious but it’s highly concentrated in vitamin C.


One of the oldest known and worshiped fertility and sexual stimulant is the notorious almond said to inspire female passion and arousal on top of increasing fertility.


Thought to improve the taste in male semen and rich in vitamins essential to a strong libido.


A very sensual aroma emits from the vanilla bean and there have been numerous myths of how this plant came to be all surrounding female sexuality.


This is a powerful circulatory system stimulant that has great impact for both men and women in terms of improving blood flow to sexual organs to greater improve stimulation and sexual arousal.


Well, there are two ways alcohol can be used as an aphrodisiac but the positive effects are the antioxidants and nutrition found in red wines.The doctor told me that a glass of wine a day is great for the heart. Now there are two reasons to drink wine. The heart, and sex. Life really doesn’t get much better than this, does it?


The sensual look, feel, and taste of this fruit are what put it into play as an ancient Aztecan female libido enhancer.


Information about basil leads us to this long known herb used as a terrific fertility enhancer this herb has the power to increase response of the sexual organs.


Originally taking its claim as an aphrodisiac from the ancient Greeks and Romans this popular food has long been believed to increase female sexual desire and promote arousal.


This stimulant typically found in coffee or tea is key to improving blood flow to sexual organs and boosting energy levels needed for sexual performance.


Obviously not the aroma that is a turn on.  Garlic contains anti-oxidants and nutrition vital to maintaining sexual stamina.


Having the physical and textural resemblance of the vagina this small morsel also packs a hefty protein punch essential to erotic performance.

What Are You Waiting For?

I gave you the tools, now scoot….

From the information about these aphrodisiac foods I can assure you that ingesting any of these great foods and herbs is not going to guarantee multiple orgasms, but they will enhance your sex life…and nonetheless, combining them together and crafting sensual meal recipes is a perfect way to set the mood for the rest of the evening. Time to go shopping for some enlightening foods to supply your pantry. As aphrodisiacs are to enhance your sex drive, so is Simply Delicious Lingerie the aphrodisiac of taste! Don’t forget to shop for those delicate intimates at Simply Delicious Lingerie, and Simply Luscious Lingerie today!


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