Stockings…OH YES, SO SEXY!

Lets face it, men get all fired up when they think of women in stockings, especially when they are silky and smooth. A woman looks meticulous in them. A man likes what he likes, so if he is shops for you, expect nothing but the finest. My guess is that he will shower you in silky stockings. So what is it about the stocking that make them so flawless and lovely? Everything! Need some history on the stocking? The  stocking has been around for centuries. There are even references to them in ancient Greece.

For those of you who may not know a lot about the stockings, please allow me to share a little bit of knowledge with you; The seamed stockings became very popular in European countries to the nobles. The rest of the population only wore stockings. The fancy seams were not affordable to the lower class people at the time. When they fell out of fashion after the royalty fell, the seamless style stayed in common. It was not as highly spoke of or heard about as the fancy seams of the royalty. However, it managed to linger throughout the centuries and hit us today in the modern world. Women adore the striking, sexy look and a mans jaw drops when they see a women in them. They are tantalizing and leave temptation lingering on one’s mind for some time. Men have naughty thoughts as they undress a women visually. They just love stockings.

In the early 20th century stockings came back into style.Who knew? It was not until the 1960s with the invention of nylons that the seamless stocking had its true hay day.Even with the popularity of the pantyhose, stockings were still popular. Most manufacturers made the seamless knee and thigh high stockings for the older generation that was not interested in panty hose. Designer hose had seemed to be put somewhere else. 

 Today, society has taken the seamless stocking and created a mass market for it  in the lingerie business. This type of stocking can be used with or without a garter belt today. Many styles put out by large companies skip the need for a garter all together by adding a sticky elastic band that holds the stocking up. As sexy as this is, it still does not compare to the allure of  the garter with a stocking. Hey…I am a garter gal. I think that they turn heads. They are complicated to put on and take off but so worth the wait, I can assure you,…men are never patient,…BUT when they see a woman in stockings they cannot wait to undress her slowly because they want to savor the moment. He sees you as elegant and polished. He sees beauty. The seamless stocking usually has a lace band around the thigh. That is where the rubber strip is built-in to hold the hose up. They often come in different styles and colors of these alluring seamless stockings. Know what color looks best on you. The taste will be impeccable.

So, what has the seamless stocking done for us today? First of all it has made women all over the globe feel sexy and alluring.They give a sheer sexy look to a woman’s legs without running and tearing like nylons. This is due to their delicate weaving process that leaves them shear but tough. Men love smooth stockings, not scratchy ones. Someone just reminded me of that this evening. A woman now has a choice of a stocking with out seams in the back that she can wear with or with out a garter. The seamless stocking looks more mainstream and professional for many women. It also allows  those women who never cared for the seamed version to be able  to have a sexy stocking as well. The seamless stocking has  also been creeping slowly back into mainstream society over  the past few years. Now it is easier and easier to find a pair at any department store. They are no longer just found in the lingerie stores and boutiques. The seamless stocking is everywhere.

There are two  main favorites among women in seamless stockings today. The Cotton stocking is extremely popular. They are a bit thicker but still very sexy. One can wear this seamless style with any dress or skirt and look great. The control top style has the rubber grips around the thigh bands to keep the stocking from falling. If you have ever had a pair of thigh high stockings that fell down you’ll remember the embarrassment and never want that to happen again…trust me. Usually there is no lace on the cotton style. The cotton style is also available with out the rubbed banding for those ladies who want to use the garter. 

The thigh band on this style is a little thinner to allow the clasps to grab the stocking. Then there are the silk seamless stockings that are just heavenly. The also come with or with out the garter option. These also can come, and often do, with a full lace cuff around the thigh. These are great stockings for those fancy dresses or lingerie. Most women use the silk stockings with their favorite lingerie piece. There is nothing more sleek and sexy that the feel and look of the seamless stocking on a womans leg. This is a fashion that will never go out of style no matter what. Which do you prefer? You decide. There are such a variety of stockings available that you will have many to choose from. We’re making big additions to our website and stockings will be available in both regular and plus sizes. Regardless of what you envision sexy as…feeling confident in the lingerie that you wear is what allows you to rise above and feel like a million bucks. Make your selection according to your needs and what feels and looks good on you, because you are the one that has to wear them. 


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