The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

How valuable is the word thank you? Besides the universal smile as a symbol of kindness and warmth, the word thank you seems like such a simple expression yet in reality those two little words combine to make one of the most powerful and meaningful phrases in the English language. I have always believed that saying thank you can open the doors of opportunity, grow relationships and make both donor and recipient feel good.Thank You is more than just a phrase; you can turn these words into business opportunities. I was raised with morals and good values.I was taught that the word thank you was a symbol of gratitude. Saying “thank you” is very important in order to improve and maintain a good rapport with just about everyone, but in today’s world, it is especially important with clients. 

As a business owner of two lingerie boutiques, and www, I value these words! This is about saying thank you: why we do it, the ways we do it, the cheapening of it, the deepening of it. And why, it is one of the most important words to know in the local language. The importance of saying these two simple words could be the difference between the making and breaking of a deal or a business relationship. These two words should be part of your everyday use.

  In recent research that I did, I found that there have been pieces written for years on the value of the thank-you note. It’s not new, yet so many people don’t know how, or when to say it. Why? This is something that was instilled in me as a child. Being kind to others and courteous was and still is my only way of life, and raising my own two children it became a part of their. Saying thank you is kind of like holding the door open for someone, yet so many people do neither. Please and thank you are two words that everyone should be saying on a daily basis, yet so many people don’t mutter them at all. I was also raised to say ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘yes sir’…again, so many people do not, and honestly I feel that it is quite rude and most disrespectful on so many levels when you don’t address people as such. Start using the words more frequently, and send out those thank you notes. You’ll be surprised at how it may change things in your life!

Yet, I talk with people on a daily basis involved in these simple words.Today, social media is everything and the social media network is constantly thinking of new ways to stand out of the crowd and gain more attention, and by saying thank you to everyone that covers it quite effectively I would think. For employers who interview candidates,  and those who help candidates…even those who are the candidates. It amazes me but it’s true; many of those  people in a job search still do not send thank-you notes! BIG MISTAKE!

I come from the age where thank-yous were an ingrained etiquette. How can you expect the interviewer to be excited about you if you don’t follow up? More importantly, if you don’t, you miss your chance to throw your name in front again, reiterate something you wanted to say more about and show your excitement. And here’s the deal. I haven’t done an official survey, but I can tell you that in years of preaching these simple words of gratitude I hear all the time from hiring decision-makers that one of the top reasons people don’t get the job (or even final cut) is because they didn’t appear to be that interested. Can you say disconnect?  Want my personal opinion here? A thank-you note or card is probably one of the most important tools you can have/use. They are a must post-interview! 

 Handwritten thank you cards may seem like a relic from our grandmother’s era but they are still alive and well today and if used effectively, can even be a great boost to your business!!!! If you have never considered sending anyone a thank you card, it is worth thinking about and what a great marketing tool a simple handwritten card can be. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression on a prospective client or business associate? Don’t we all want that? I believe that a thank you card might just be the answer! It’s cheap, easy and simple. Most of all it has so much meaning behind it. If you don’t send out thank you cards, you should! It’s not old fashion, it’s just the right thing to do!




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