Killer Thigh Highs…

There is much sooooo more to thigh high stockings than first meets the eye. Not only do they grab your thighs, they also grab attention! YES THEY DO! Women feel sexy when they wear them and men drop to their knees for them. Feeling good and looking good often go hand in hand. This is why so much attention is focused on appearance and in particular fashion.

 Dressing well is one of the best ways you can increase your confidence and give a better impression of yourself. Once of the sexiest lingerie pieces in a woman’s closet are thigh high stockings. Generally worn with a garter belt, these stockings can make your feel extremely sexy and seductive and they will leave your man begging for more. This is an option for women who like the look of silk on their legs without the constriction of wearing pantyhose. Men love nylon and skin. Thigh highs will turn a fellow on in second flat. So what are you waiting for. Find what looks and feels best on you, or better yet, shop for them together at my boutique. Nothing is better than pillow talk and shop!
Here’s how to buy thigh high stockings. First of all, decide what you’ll use it for. Many women feel that thigh high stockings are only used by street walkers, porn stars and strippers. This is such a huge misconception. These are the #1 accessories item sold at both of my online boutiques.Thigh high stockings range from completely sheer to absolutely opaque. If you don’t like to shave your legs, you may prefer a certain degree of opaqueness (or not). The choice is all yours. A completely sheer stocking with a glimmer finish can be a nice touch for a formal event or when wearing a bejeweled gown. Fishnet stockings are aptly named since the material is a wide knit that looks like a fishnet on the leg. Fence net stockings are stockings with an even wider grid than fishnet and they are frequently worn over another pair of stockings for dramatic effect.Regardless of which type you choose, make certain that you feel confident putting them on, after all, they are the icing on the cake!
  • Choose the type. There are two types of thigh high stocking. The first is the kind that needs to be worn with a garter belt. This type is less constricting on the body. The second type is the kind that stays up on its own also known as hold ups. This type has a tendency of leaving a mark on the thighs and may end up rolling down while being worn if the garter or elastic isn’t of good quality. Simply Delicious Lingerie sells sexy thigh high stockings in both varieties, with the hold ups made with an invisible magic tape to keep the stockings in place.
  • Choose a color. Stockings are made in different colors, but the most popular are black and nude. Manufacturers do sell them in other colors to match a woman’s lingerie, such as pink, red and white. Decide if you want opaque or translucent.
  • Decide on the seams and finishing. Most thigh highs have a clear toe, but there are those that have a reinforced toe. The clear toe is a better choice. Another thing design feature to consider is whether to choose stockings that have a seam in the back. This is a very sexy look, but will entail that you put it on correctly so that the seam runs as a straight line in the back when worn.
  • Choose the correct size. Some brands sell thigh high stockings in one size only. There are others that sell them in four different sizes, usually based on a woman’s weight or clothing size. Don’t force yourself to fit in a small size. It won’t look sexy, and it will cause your stockings to stretch. If you aren’t sure, go for a larger recommended size. The worst that will happen is that the stocking will ride higher on your thigh than usual, but at least your legs won’t feel like you encased it lie a sausage.
  • Choose the best quality that you can afford. The most luxurious will be silk and sheer lace. Less expensive brands have a cotton blend. The finer the silk, the softer it will be on the skin.

When you’re ready to buy, hit the lingerie section…shop my store, for the sexiest women’s intimate apparel. What do men want? A women who is sensual in her own skin, and killer thigh highs!

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