What Is Foreplay?

If you were to ask me what is foreplay? My response would be something like this;

It is said that with human sexual behavior, foreplay is a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two or more people, meant to build up sexual arousal. Foreplay takes place in preparation for sexual intercourse or another act meant to bring about mutual sexual gratification or orgasm. Isn’t that about how you would sum it up? I pondered that statement for a bit and while thinking about it, I opened an email from someone who shared with me what it is that he desires in a woman. He said to me today; “Foreplay does not start in the bedroom. It is in the way a woman’s hand is taken to walk down the steps, the pleasure that she gets knowing you will open a door for her, or pull out her chair. It is the joy she sees that you take in finding surprises that simply delicious her. It is  the thousand little gestures, a tone of voice, the subtle way you touch her arm or the back of her neck…romance and sensuality run deep in his soul. In my personal opinion, that was…Very well said!

For the longest time, foreplay was considered to be something that a man had to do to get his partner ready for sexual intercourse. It’s no longer just a mans world and we women like to play all the same. Today, foreplay has become an integral part of the whole lovemaking experience. It is true that impromptu sexual encounters without foreplay can sometimes be some of the best sexual experiences ever!

So, psychologically, foreplay lowers inhibitions and increases the emotional comfort level between partners. Physically, it helps to produce an erection in men, allowing them to penetrate an orifice, and it helps to promote vaginal lubrication in women, which allows penetration to take place comfortably. Foreplay can take many forms, and can take place, up to a point at least, in public. This kiss has many of the characteristics of foreplay; whether or not kissing is foreplay depends on where the couple goes from here.

If the potential partner accepts the sexual invitation, foreplay has begun. Accepting the invitation is often indicated by reciprocating with similar behavior.At some point, foreplay typically becomes physical. Simple and seemingly innocuous acts, such as straightening someone’s clothing or hair, bumping into someone while walking, stroking someone’s arm, or whispering in someone’s ear can constitute foreplay. Holding hands, other touching (especially of the face), kissing, biting, massaging, or scratching any area of the body can all qualify as foreplay.

There is no such thing as the ultimate foreplay, and it is not about pressing the right buttons in any particular order. There is no order. The direction you take is simply up to you and the mood tone.  It is about understanding what makes your partner get hot and delivering the things that make her experience intense pleasure. All women are different. None of us are the same. We all like what we like, and why not, we are women and part of being a woman is not always knowing what we want. What I do know is that when a man does something to make us feel good, we respond. Some women get off on being lightly kissed all over their necks while others enjoy direct oral stimulation.

There are many ways to give your partner extreme sensations, but one thing is for sure: It all begins in her brain. Women, just like men love to have our egos stroked too. So go ahead, tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her sexy body. By complimenting her appearance, especially if her confidence level is low, you are giving her added security and excitement, as well as giving her good reasons to go all out with the foreplay. There is no right or wrong moves to foreplay. It’s all about eye contact and body language. Use it, and if you don’t know how for God sakes, Learn! How important is foreplay to men you wonder? For some men it means nothing, to many it is something that yet although it seems so easy to find, women have a difficult time surrendering to a man what it is that he seeks and desires most. It is in the touch, the eyes, and in your smile.


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