Do’s and Dont’s to Flirting with a Woman

I get asked from men over and over again ‘how to flirt with a woman’ without coming across as too strong or a real pest? Is there a right way and or a wrong way to flirt? There are plenty of ways to get women’s attention, but trust me when I say this…not all of them are good. Sometimes guys can come across as way crazy or creepy when all they wanted was to get noticed. Yes that’s right, they wanted to get your attention and someone or somewhere it took a downhill spiral and went out of control. Some men tend to show off, others are too intimate too early, and others are way too obviously desperate. Flirting is the  art of catching a woman’s attention in a truly positive way. There’s  no reason to do anything crazy to get a woman’s attention if  you know how to flirt properly.Treat her like royalty. Quite honestly, flirting is surprisingly easy once you’ve practiced a little! Do not jump into this with the ‘touchy feely approach.’ It will only get you sent to the end of the line or banished by the queen herself!
 Here are a few guidelines  to keep in mind:
Never, ever sneak up behind a woman to introduce yourself.  If you ever do, hope that she doesn’t know martial arts and  that she has a more than phenomenal sense of humor. Her first  impression of you won’t be flattering, either. She’ll most likely remember you as someone who can’t be trusted.
Don’t stare, especially at any body part that isn’t her eyes.Trust me, no woman in her right mind wants to see you starring at her breasts and not her face. You want to meet her eyes in a relaxed, casual and friendly way.
Please only flirt with one woman at a time. Nothing makes a woman more angry than this fellas.s.. If you choose a woman to flirt with, you’re telling her that you think she’s special. It ruins  the message if you think every woman in the room is special enough to flirt with, and it makes you look desperate and rude.
Be sincere. Stand behind the meaning. What does that mean? If you say something ‘mean it for heaven sakes!’ If you end up saying something that sounds stupid, it’s better if you meant it honestly. You can be forgiven for  sounding silly, but never for being dishonest. Tell her the truth. Like Paula Abdul once sang “Straight Up”… now tell me…is it going to be you and me is it going to be you and me together??? Women like to know whats going on, NOT be left in the dark.
Start  at a distance and slowly work your way closer. Check her out from across the room, and if she notices you, smile  at her. There isn’t any reason to pretend you weren’t checking her out – you were, and you’re going to be upfront about it,  but you aren’t going to stare or drool.
Don’t come any closer than arm’s length. If she wants to get  closer to you, she can, but that’s her decision. Getting right  next to her when she doesn’t know you will make her move away from you. On the other hand, keeping a little bit of distance and speaking softly will encourage her to move closer to you on her own.
Keep your body language consistent. If you’re open to meetin this woman, then your posture should be open, your arms won’t be crossed, and your eyes should meet hers.
Watch her body language. If your flirting is working, she’ll be flirting back. Glancing at you, smiling, and keeping her posture open are signs that things are going well and if you are lucky you may even get your first date out of this.

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