Fellas Do YOU Seek…Good Girl or Bad Girl?

Nice guys have one major advantage over bad boys – nice guys pay attention and care about a woman’s needs. Yes, it is true, they actually DO care! This is actually an advantage for a couple of reasons.First, you have a natural ability to be tuned in and caring  that’s valuable, a BIG pleaser to most women that I know, and more importantly…women love it! Second, because you have  a bit of awareness, you’re also more able to discern if any given woman is going to be a good fit for you.
Because of your attentive nature and the fact that you do pay attention, you’re in a better position to determine whether a girl is right for you, and whether she’s a good girl or a bad girl. Here’s something absolutely essential to keep in mind: Your hormones may try to misguide you fellas, so… as Elmer Fudd once said; “BE VE-W-W-WY, VE-W-W-WY CAREFUL!
Sometimes, even if you’re a really good guy, your hormones will bog down your ability to think and even care if she’s a nice girl or not. Read the writing on the walls! This is when you have to demonstrate some self-control and sound thinking. Before you find yourself in a situation that you may regret, you need to know how to tell a good girl from a bad girl and I am going to share with you juts how to do so;
A good girl dresses appropriately. That doesn’t mean she can’t look sexy, but she’s not letting herself spill out of her dress just for attention, No, shes gets it regardless. She is that one person that can light up the room without ever having to try to do so, why? Because she is well rounded in her morals and values, and she is respected by many. She also has self control when it comes to drinking and even spending money.
Good girls pay attention to your needs, not just their own. She realizes that it is NOT all about her. She won’t rush into bed with you just because she thinks that’s the only way to get you to commit to her, in fact, getting into her britches may be a difficult task to says the least. This is the kind of women a man wants to end up with eventually, when he is ready to settle down. She’s confident in  her choices and decisions and doesn’t defer to you for everything. Good girls are confident with who they are from the inside out, and this starts with her lingerie. she is classssssy as all hell, not trashy! Shop our store for exquisite lingerie at luxury prices! www.SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com
Bad girls, on the other hand, try to win your affection by being overly promiscuous. They don’t care if their dress is too short or much smaller than her actual dress size. She’ll dress too sexy, to the point you’re embarrassed for her, knowing every guy is assuming what kind of girl she is. She might also be flirting with every man in the room. Word up; this is NOT the woman for you!
A bad girl also needs to get drunk or incapacitated in another way in order to relax and have fun. She doesn’t control herself with money, either, spending too much and complaining that she’s in debt up to her eyeballs, but that’s OK because she needs to spend to impress, only who is she kidding really… no one is impressed at all. You might meet a bad girl who pressures you into going to bed together on the first date. If she’s like this with you, she might be like this with any man! BIG RED FLAG! Some women think the only way a guy will commit is through sex, so put her mind at ease and take the pressure off from the very beginning.
If she’s needy, she might be a bad girl in another way…. as in high maintenance. What starts out as cute possessiveness turns into a raging jealousy that gets out of control and ruins your life. No one wants a physco girlfriend on the loose! Find a woman who exudes confidence and interest in you (not one that seeks the attention of every man in the room).
If you are in search of a woman who is practical and one who has integrity, morals and ethics, do not stop until you find her! Someone once told me “Never apologize for having such high standards,…People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet  them.” This is hard core and these are the rules that I play by.
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