5 Pieces of Lingerie Women LOVE to Put on….That Men LOVE to TAKE OFF

The question arises day after day….Why do men get so flattered and turned on by a woman in lingerie? It is a gigantic turn on for starters….you see, in a mans eyes, lingerie is similar somehow to a packaging of a beautifully wrapped gift. The more exquisite it is the more tempting the woman looks wearing it and the more vulnerable he becomes knowing that you could be his if he plays his cards right. Secondly, lingerie should bring some intrigue, like a long skirt,… every man knows what’s under it but still wants to look there to prove his guess. Men love the thrill of wondering what she is wearing underneath. It is a form of arousal to a certain degree.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING turns a man on more that when a women slips out of her clothes and they drop to the floor…as he follows her legs up past her thighs and sees nothing but stockings and garters with a black bra….Oh yes, black is very popular. Black lingerie is sexy and at the same time romantic, especially if the set is almost transparent and all her curves are seen beautifully.Some say that only women with big sexual ambitions wear black lingerie? You decide!

Red is a color of passion and provokes corresponding associations. Woman wearing red is perceived as confident, passionate and sexually skillful.Such women know how to please herself and her partner. It is very likely that people’s attitude to red as a color of passion is just a stereotype but it really works!

Don’t forget about the fact a man likes new things. We need to keep them on their toes. Jeep it fresh and switch it up from time to time. Ladies, now is your opportunity to experiment with color, texture and design of your lingerie. American scientists proved that women who like changing the style of lingerie have more faithful husbands than those who don’t bring changes into their bedroom.

So what do you select and why? There are 5 pieces of simple lingerie that will make a mans jaw hit the floor if you wear them right; He’s a list of the type, what’s the occasion and how sexy she’ll feel in it. Remember, when she feels sexy, passion is right around the corner.

The Babydoll; Women love wearing them and guys absolutely LOVE taking them off. The thing about baby doll lingerie is that it usually comes with a g-string, and if that’s not perfect enough, baby dolls also tend to minimize any minor flaws a woman may have…and let’s face it, most all of us do have some flaws. As for cleavage…they tend to push it up nicely.

Type of woman it’s for: A woman who likes to do private dances for you.

What occasion it’s for: An anniversary or a promotion (you can make one up every week).

How sexy she’ll feel in it: Every woman will feel top-of-the-line sexy in a baby doll and g-string combo.

The Garter & Skirt Set; The sight of a woman in garter belts has driven men crazy for years, and still does so today. While these particular garter belts are attached to a micro-mini skirt, they still make for great eye candy. (Hint: It goes with the bra on the previous page.

Type of woman it’s for: Any woman who knows how to please her man in all the ways that really matter.

What occasion it’s for: You got that promotion and she wants to show you how proud she is of you.

How sexy she’ll feel in it: Get her to slip on a pair of heels and she’ll be feeling like a million bucks!

The Panty;  Although the thong is the underwear of choice among men when it comes to what they like to see women wearing, sometimes seeing her in girlie underwear can be just as big a turn on.

Type of woman it’s for: A girl with an ample bottom will fill out this underwear best.

What occasion it’s for: Sunday morning breakfast in bed. After a few minutes of admiration, she’ll be breakfast as you see her as SIMPLY DELICIOUS!

How sexy she’ll feel in it: Perhaps she won’t feel very sexy, but I’m sure that you’ll change all that…she’s playful and silly and you see her as a sex symbol as she sits across the table from you sporting your polo button down and smelling of your cologne.

Camisole & Capri Pants; Although I’m sure you’d prefer having your woman go to bed with nothing on, sometimes seeing her dressed up for bed can have the same effect. Ohhh, and watching her strut around in a lightweight flannel tank top and pants duo will surely do the trick

Type of woman it’s for: A woman who knows how to play hard to get.

What occasion it’s for: A night in with erotic movies and red wine.One thing leads to another and before you know it you’re playing a game of strip poker.

How sexy she’ll feel in it: Although flannel doesn’t exactly bring anything highly sexual to mind, your woman may just be the type to disagree with me. She could be wearing a burlap bag and look hot as hell to you from afar if she knows how to dress it up. It’s not what she is wearing so much as it is how she carries herself. She knows how to tempt you and tease you which fascinates you all the more.

The Pushup Bra; This is the most classic and most overlooked piece of lingerie because most simply take it for granted. I know that every guy knows what a pushup bra is because I’m certain you’ve all been deceived by one at least once. Nevertheless, when a woman wears a cleavage-enhancing bra, it makes her feel more feminine and that will make you feel more masculine thanks to your great powers of observation

Type of woman it’s for: The conservative girl who has a little bit of….let’s say an inner wild side.

What occasion it’s for: A night on the town just you and her to get cozy.

How sexy she’ll feel in it: Considering her cleavage will be heavily enhanced, she’ll feel like a total woman that has it all together, which will be good for you come the end of the evening!

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