Great Relationships Don’t Just Happen…

Great relationships just don’t happen, they take years of practice and a lot of growing. True or False? Lets see…Contrary to popular belief and, perhaps, our own fantasy life, good relationships don’t just happen. They take thoughtfulness, time, love, and work. Progressing through recognizable stages, all relationships experience crises and demand at least some flexibility on our parts. A willingness to stay together through the storms is the only way to get to the peacefulness on the other side. Yet (in my opinion) it is all very much worth it. In order to succeed, you need one thing besides love,… it’s quite simple…You need TRUST!

Trust  is the glue that holds your relationship together, especially when times get rocky. As important as trust is to the well-being of your relationship, the need for your partner to be able to trust you is often times taken for granted or disregarded all together. Of all the relationship skills that you will read about, there’s no skill easier to execute than acting in a trustworthy way. Here’s a simple formula for building trust in your relationship—make sure that your words and actions match. Always do what you say you’re going to do!


Great Relationships

Want to maintain a great relationship? Here’s what you need to succeed:

Respect – the single greatest part of a relationship. Do you respect your partner? You should. If you don’t you need to start doing it. How do you show it? Do you say nice things about them in front of your friends or other people, or do you criticize and whine about their weak areas? Lift your partner up, it’s good for the mind and ones ego.

Do something nice for your partner – when was the last time you did something nice for your partner without them asking? How about giving them a massage, helping out with dinner, making them coffee, cleaning up around the house – there’s a thousand things you can do. The little things help so much in a relationship – do something nice often, it will make a world of difference.

Pay compliments – You should always try to complement your spouse on a regular basis. Complements are not fake statements made to get something back for yourself – a complement has to be genuine! If you don’t believe what you’re saying, don’t say it – really. There’s gotta be many good points about your partner – when you appreciate something that they do, for goodness sakes, tell them. Do they look nice today? Do they look sexy? Should they shop at ? YES! When? Now! Have they done something nice? If so tell them!

Don’t be a Schmuck…Be appreciative – everyone should take time out of their day to be thankful for the good things in their lives. Be thankful for your partner, for your relationships – take the time to realize you are blessed.

Do things together – What things do you have in common? What things do you not like doing with your partner? Find something you both like to do and just hang out. Building a great relationship is much easier if you actually like doing things together. Laugh! Play! Go for a bike ride, go to the movies, play a game of tennis, go swimming, play cards, go on a wine tour, go out for breakfast, play twister… Together, you are unique – find something you like and do it together, at least on a moderately regular basis.

Imperfections…Yup, we all have them! – listen up because this one’s important. After you have found that perfect person, life is sweet! You’re walking on air! Then one day you wake up and realize that your partner has a habit of leaving the milk out on the counter every day, and it irritates you. You discover they have bad nasal hair… You find out they have a snorty laugh that’s really annoying! The point is (listen carefully) nobody’s perfect! When you start to dwell on the other person’s imperfections, have a think about yourself! Are you perfect? Of course not – there’s just as many irritating things that you do. Try not to sweat the little things – and work on your own problems.

Grass is greener syndrome – ever wonder if you’ve found the right person? Finding someone else attractive? Do you realize many people regret affairs for the rest of their lives? Factor in the previous point on perfection – if you change your partner and go off with someone else, will you find something else you don’t like about them? Probably… I’m not suggesting you put up with a mediocre relationship just because it’s never going to be completely perfect in all ways – I’m just saying don’t let your mind fool you into thinking life would be great if only I was with that hot chick/or that sexy guy! Don’t wreck something great just because your mind (or eyes) are wandering. You will regret it!Hang on to what you have and be thankful each and every day that he/she came into your life, and stay in your own yard!


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