Free Online Dating Sites…Which is Best for YOU?

DAY AFTER DAY women and men are looking for love, but are they looking in all the right or all the wrong places? For the past decade I have been interested and involved in getting to know how dating sites function and operate. I’ve researched for years why people turn to dating sites and at what ages. It appears that individuals are anywhere from 18 to 70 years of age. Many of the reasons for  this constant searching myself have been to try to understand what the percentage of us all have in common, and truth be told, we just want to find happiness and love. These two things are characteristics that most people search for can be a life change as well as wonderful new memories if they per chance meet. This all happens through the knowledge of websites and how people choose to use them. What’s best for you? Where will you find love?


In this quest for love on the Internet, is there a place for romance? Possibly… There are so many free online dating services these days that it is hard to know how to find the best ones.You can waste a lot of time on a site that turns out to be full of tire kickers or people who are not honest. Sure, is the same as the personal ads in print, with many more benefits and options. It is always a blind race but at least you get to check every day, how many people saw your profile, you get instant messages and replies to your messages are instantaneous. The advantage is simply that it is faster and more convenient to make a successful meeting. Finding the best site will benefit you in the long run, so take your time and do your own investigative work to decide which are your best options.

The main risk with a free dating site is that the members tend not to be so serious as like those on paid sites:

  This is not surprising when you think about it.Get smart here guys and gals, and think about it, really…Imagine a guy who is just looking to pass some dead time at work by emailing a few pretty girls. He may be married, he may be in another country, or he may just not want the commitment of having a real relationship. People like that will waste a lot of your time and you are likely to find many of them on the free sites. Not to mention, in most cases they are cheap dates and really don’t care to find a relationship nor love so they figure “why invest in it?” the bottom line is that these people are not likely to pay out good money just to amuse themselves sending emails to women they do not want to meet. Of course you get the same thing the other way around and there will be women who just want to amuse themselves this way too.


Nonetheless, at the same time, there are plenty of genuine people who simply do not have the money to be a member of a paid dating site, or who want to meet a lot of people so they are members of  many sites. So when you find a new online dating free site, how do you know if the members are serious?


The simple answer is to look through the profiles before you  join, check them out and get a good feel for them before you decide construct your own profile. better yet, ask around. You would probably do this anyway in that you would look at the profiles of the opposite gender to see if they have the type of person that would interest you. In today’s society people are following leads and looking for love everywhere. If you haven’t guessed yet there are many other places to look as well, but that will have to come about in yet another blog….


Sooo, should you do more? YES! My non-professional advice? You should also look at the profiles of other women (if you are a woman). These are the women who attracted the current men members to join the site. Are they like you? Are they looking for the same kind of relationship as you? The better you fit into this existing community, the more likely it is that you will find Mr. Right on the site.



What About The Site Owner

Another thing that you should consider when joining a free site is: what is the site owner getting out of it? You may not think this is your concern, but in fact it can be a real threat to your security. Is the site owner responsible or just some fly by night operator that is looking to make fast cash? If it’s not the cash, then what is the motivation?


Owners of free websites usually have one or more of these  motivations:

  1. Advertisers  pay them to run advertisements on the site. The site covers its costs and more this way. 
  2. Occasionally, you may find a site that is run simply with the purpose of putting people in touch with each other, with no attempt to make money. These sites are often for people of a particular religious or social group and may be run by a non profit organization.
  3. The site owner may make money from spin-off products or services. For example, they may sell an ebook about how to write the perfect online dating profile.
  4. The site owner may make money from selling your personal details (email, telephone etc) to marketing companies or paid dating sites who will send you advertising materials.
  5. Worst case scenario – the site may be fishing for your personal details for identity theft. This is very uncommon but you should be aware it is a possibility. Be suspicious if they ask for information that they cannot possibly need, such as your credit card or bank details.

As a rule, all you should have to give the site is your email, and you can use a free email address so that you do not get a lot of spam. Genuine free online dating services do not need to know your financial information. Never give out personal information until you find this to be quite legit. My best advice? Do a lot of research in a company before you sign up for something. It’s always better to be safe, than sorry.





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