Classy Plus Erotica Equal Guilty Pleasures

What is EROTIC?


Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

As a woman, I know that we all love guilty pleasures…so what is yours? Did you know that erotica is a classy approach to titillate the mind, therefore, it is a much proven fact that sexy erotic lingerie will arouse the imagination of men. Erotic is quite classy if the right attire is worn. Men have the tendency to fantasize about what is underneath the sexy lingerie when they see a woman who is wear such appealing intimates. Thoroughly chosen sexy undergarments help to build your sexual confidence and make you feel like a woman that can seduce her man. Regardless of whether your exotic lingerie is seen or unseen, it is certainly something that should make you feel super sexy all day long. It is always better to feel sexy because it gives off better waves to your man or any other special person in your life. Every woman needs to be found attractive, but what you may not know is that it all starts with you and how you feel about yourself!

There is something to be significantly said about the role that lingerie plays in the fashion industry.

Intimate apparel  has a way of balancing the soft feminine side, moreover searching for sensuality and sexual innocence that contributes to the sense of mystery of the woman. Let’s face it…men are intrigued by women that are mysterious. Men also love the chase, so ladies, my suggestion? Always have a variety of lingerie in your wardrobe, and keep your guy on his toes. Trust me when I say, men are captivated by women who are tantalizing to them.

Sexy lingerie is one of the most delicate yet successful ways to get your sex life better. There is not a man on this planet that simply can not resist the temptation of  sexy lingerie on a woman. It motivates their imagination in the most enticing ways. If you decide to put on an erotic set, see for yourself how big a turn on it is for your partner. My guess is that he;ll be like puddy in your hands.

What is it that makes her feel and be more attractive to the man, is erotic lingerie. Feathers give a sexy touch to a lingerie ensemble. Find out the possibility of a deluxe feather boa, or add some drama and excitement to your next romantic encounter by coming to the bedroom with heels and handcuffs. You might even decide that long gloves will highlight your arms and, whether styled from satin or lace, add a glossy effect to your entire lingerie set. At and our plus size online boutique, we sell a variety of gloves, boas, babydolls, bustiers, corsets, chemises, bedroom fantasy costumes, robes, teddies, and so many accessories to add zest to any piece of lingerie you decide to wear. Thigh-high hosiery combined with a garter belt is a classic way to add a little sex appeal to any wardrobe and we have oodles of intimate apparel to choose from. Take a peek at our website and see what so many women and men are shopping with us! We sell luxury lingerie at discounted prices.

Every woman wants to feel great about who she is both on the inside as well as the outside. How sweet, sensual or erotic you look depends on YOU!  Start a journal about what makes you feel good and let your mind do some wandering…Remember- YOU are SEXY! You are classy and every mans desire. Why shouldn’t you be the heroine in your own romance novel? Imagine yourself  doing all the sexy things you’d like to do … then do them. Life is all about taking risks. Don’t live with regret. Get daring.  Where is the risque’ woman in you that wants to get sensual?Reading a steamy romance novel  could give you some ideas. Another idea is to simply pay attention to your own naughty thoughts.  Try keeping a journal of them … who knows, maybe some day it will turn out to be the next  (erotic) best-seller and you’ll be sharing with other women the erotic pleasures of lingerie.

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About Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Delicious Lingerie is an online boutique specializing in sexy lingerie from designers such as Carrie Amber Intimates LLC ‘SeventilMidnight’, Be Wicked, Elegant Moments, Fantasy Lingerie, Raveware, and WMS Clothing. Our lingerie is the aphrodisiac of taste, and represents beauty and luxury at an affordable price. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we’ve personally selected a variety of sexy lingerie just for you and all of your sensuous rendezvous. We sell accessories, Bordello shoes, Pleaser shoes, garter sets, bridal lingerie, bridal undergarments, honeymoon lingerie, wedding day lingerie, wedding garter sets, wedding petticoats, affordable plus size lingerie, erotic lingerie, halloween costumes, sexy plus size costumes,  fantasy lingerie, matching lingerie sets, men’s underwear, men’s lingerie, sexy thigh high stockings, satin pajamas, plus size sleepwear, adult novelty items and sex swings including the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing. Have a lingerie party with us and experience fun!  Our mission is to take your sexy lingerie needs to the next level of comfort, intrigue, romance and sophistication. For more information or to place an order today please visit  Say YES (your everyday sexy) to Simply Delicious Lingerie! ® 

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