How Do You Describe Yourself as Sexy?

sex·y [ séksee ]

  1. arousing desire: arousing or intended to arouse sexual desire
  2. aroused: sexually aroused
  3. appealing: appealing because of being new, interesting, or trendy

The dictionary says that sexy is described as all of the above. I happen to think that there is so much more than what is seen by the visible eye that would best describe sexy. In fact, I feel that sexy is defined by how you feel within and the unlimited amount of confidence that you reflect upon others. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we make the statement that you don’t have to be thin or beautiful to be sexy. Women are beautiful in a variety of shapes, sizes and races. Sexy is described and perceived by many in moderation. The truth is, society has really customized what sexy should be when it fact society should be asking women “what makes you feel sexy?” There are a variety of definitions. Some people have other opinions, however, sexy can mean a lot of things. How do you describe yourself being sexy? Are you happy with YOU?

Sexing up your style is a great mood booster. Are you a sexy fashionista? If you feel down or depressed and need to spice up your look, consider the sexy route! You can also increase your sex appeal by changing your look for that special party or night out. Follow these steps to look sexy. Sexy isn’t just about wearing high heels and a low-cut blouse. Sexy is pure confidence and then everything else follows. Feeling sexy comes from within and when you truly feel sexy, you can exude it. In order to feel sexy about yourself, you must have self-esteem.

When you feel beautiful you naturally boost your confidence. When you feel sexy you release endorphins that put you in a good mood. So go ahead and feel great about yourself and you’ll see a difference in all of the relationship in your life. If you were to look up sexy in the dictionary, you might see a celebrities picture by the definition. What makes this particular woman sexy? Not only is she gifted with great looks, she appears to know a secret that no one else does. Whats my theory? Simple is better.

When it comes to age we all seem to have a feeling as if we have lost our sexiness somewhere. Ladies, don’t feel like this…sexy doesn’t die. We think that as we get older we need to ‘turn it off’ when in fact, as we get older we should be turning up the heat. There are no age limits to sexy, and if there are someone should take a lookie at Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, and Christie Brinkley, they know how to rock their age and their sex appeal. As we get older, we still tend to look for approval and question our appeal. It is something that women tend to dwell on and ask their significant others daily if they still look sexy, but why do we need someone else to tell us how sexy we are. There are some ways that we can do this in a tasteful manner that can make our sexiness soar.

Do you what to bring sexy back? On the contrary to what you may think, try these out for size:

Dress sexy

This does not mean that you have to be wearing a tiny mini skirt or a low-cut shirt. No one wants a hoochie mama., and it’s certainly not classy. There is still some clothes on the market that are sexy and they do not show off all your goodies. Instead think outside of your zone. All women have a zone when it comes to clothing. There are things that we wear everyday and there are things that we say oh no I will not wear that. Instead you can go for the shirt that is a little tighter and not have to cover it up with a cardigan.You do not have to cover up your curves be proud of them no matter where they are located at. We are so worried about what people think of us through our clothing that we do not reach out and wear what we really want to wear. There is a line between sexy and trashy and so there is some wiggle room when it comes to dressing sexy. If it makes you feel good to wear it do not let anyone tell you differently. I’ve found that sometimes, by covering up more of you…it makes a man admire you all the more.

Wear Makeup

This does not mean that you have to put on so much makeup that you look like you might be ready to go stand on a corner. Personally, I prefer very little make up. No need to over do it. My grandmother used to always say ” A man should be able to recognize a woman with or without makeup on. Adding a little makeup to you wardrobe can make all the difference on how you feel. Many women will find that their is a big difference from the way you feel when you are not wearing makeup to putting on a little during the day. It will give you the sense that you are going out or gives your that little feminine taste that you are looking for. Try and put on some eye shadow and mascara everyday and see how you feel afterwards.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of yourself can be a fun way to make yourself sexy again. The key is…don’t pick out everything that is wrong with the picture, instead pick out all the good qualities. Look for your quality attributes. If you are feeling a little bit frisky it might be fun for you and your partner to take some special pictures alone at home. Make sure not to put these pictures were anyone can find them and also make sure that this is someone who you plan on being with for a long time, so that they do not find their way onto the Internet, but this is a good way for you and your partner to do a little exploring on each other to make you feel sexy again.

Take A Complement

When was the last time you were called pretty, or sexy? We love it when someone tells us we look pretty, or sexy. What woman doesn’t? When someone says that you look nice, take that complement and run! Sometimes we have a tendency to shoot down anyone that says we look nice and in turn we are saying I do not feel good about myself and neither should you.Feeling sexy also comes from the inside and so if you do not feel sexy you will not let anyone say that you are.

Want to see Simply Delicious Lingerie …sexy? Stay tuned for our spring collection of new arrivals! We can’t wait to see you!

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