10 Easy Ways to Show Her Your Love…

Women love when men remember things, especially the special occasions,…and let’s face it, quite often guys tend to get side tracked and forget the simple things in life that make us smile most. After all, it is generally the little entities in life that make women happy, so do something this Valentine’s Day for her that will melt her heart fellas. How do you do this? Might I make a few suggestions? How about 10 easy thoughtful ideas/ways to get creative? Keep in mind these are not things that cost an arm and a leg, and not all of us expect diamonds and pearls.

1. Make an early valentine for your special lady. Cut out some paper in the shape of a heart. Write something sweet on it in red and put it in her purse or  briefcase for her to read later. It will remind her of how much you care and we gals love when guys do things that are compassionate.

 2. This is a two parter…please pay close attention! Step 1) If your partner is going on a business trip secretly hide a love note inside their luggage with dirty talk that will make her want to rush to get home to see you soon! Step 2) Send her a naughty picture of yourself on her cell phone for her eyes only…and PS) make sure you only send it to her and not your entire address book. I actually had a friend do that by mistake once and it was not pretty.

 3. This is an easy one…Women hate when  their partners sit back and watch them do all the chores. Offer to help them with some dreaded daily/weekly routines they must complete…turn it into your own personal play land. Turn on some romantic music and seduce her nice and slowly with your charm and animal magnetism while doing the chores with her…they may not all get finished, but you certainly will enjoy the effort put forth in doing them!

 4. Do something romantic and spontaneous that will make her smile! Women love-making memories with their lover. Something as simple as breakfast in bed, or rose petals from the door to the bedroom show her that you care. Too much to ask? Wear a bow and a smile…now that screams SEXY! You see, we ladies love it when you fellas show us your erotic and sensitive side. 

5. Cook her dinner. Invent a meal and name it after her. Nothing turns a woman on more than when a man does something as simple and thoughtful as this. It’s easy to do and she’ll love it! Don’t forget the candles and a good bottle of wine, please do be romantic!

6. Buy some body paint and write her a love message on your body. Visit our Party Pleasures and discover a new kind of erotica….http://www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com/party-pleasures-party-treats-adult-novelties-adult-toys-bachelorette-gifts-sex-toys-sex-swing

7. Take an interest in your partner’s interests. I have one that is easy…guys, take her to go see a chick-flick. Take a cooking class together…just do something that she likes that she doesn’t have to beg you to do…Make this about her, and not YOU. Do it with a spirit of enthusiasm and love, even if it kills you…Go have fun.

8.  Buy her sexy lingerie from Simply Delicious Lingerie. Ask her to put it on for you. Show her how sexy she is and how much you desire her. Now blindfold her. Use a feather. Slowly caressing every inch of her body until you’ve discovered each and every forbidden zone from her head to her toes. 

9.  Buy a Sex Swing and discover a new way to make love! It’s sensual, seductive and I have the perfect swing for you! http://www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com/sex-swing-whip-smart-pleasure-swing/topco-whip-smart-pleasure-swing-super-sale-$119.9

10.  Pick up some fruit or berries and freshly made whipped cream. Better yet…If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, Reddi Whip and sexy handcuffs do the trick. Tonight be a little risqué! Women love bad boys, so turn an ordinary day/night into something extraordinary! Step out of the box why don’t you and show her who loves her….




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