Flirting and a Woman’s Body Language…

There are times when we meet a man or see him from a distance and feel attracted or connected….We tend to wear our emotions at times on our sleeve as one might say nonetheless, we find it upsetting when we can not figure out what a man is trying to say with his body or gestures. The indirectness of a man’s affection may mislead a woman into thinking he has no attraction for her. That couldn’t be more true according to the latest statistics. Men are not as sharp on their feet when it comes to emotions, reading their thoughts and testing the waters…we women on the other hand have this one noted ‘hands down!’ You see, men, unlike women don’t have the flirting skills critiqued. We can flirt with hand gestures or by simply using our eyes. Takes notes here guys; these are some very important tips to learn and remember about women.


There are many ways that we flirt; We do so by playing or twirling with our hair…it’s a sign of being nervous or some call it playful arousalHow about ‘the closer look’ signal? Don’t know what that is? It’s the look you get when she tugs on her sunglasses and gives you the ‘come hither’ look….This is commonly known as the ‘you took my breath away’ glance. Then there’s the shoe dangling…it’s the shoe is half off it means that she likes you and is comfortable being around you, well enough to begin letting her guard that is, and as we all know, most women do have a protected guard of some sort. 

It’s all in the hand movement fellas, so pay close attention please! How about when a women does the glamour pose? It’s when she arches her back pushing her breasts forward and wither playing with her hair or issuing some pretty sensual body gestures. Lick the lips…OH BROTHER…are you in trouble now. This means that if a woman places her tongue at the side of her lip gently moving it across the lips in a soft sensual position you are being sought out! 

 Look at her eyes; my grandmother used to tell me that the ‘eyes’ tell it all and ‘Ay Caramba’ was she right on the money! Did you know that if a woman’s pupils are dilated that it means she is sexually aroused by you.

 The hair toss, the lip nibble, the ’tilt and smile’ and the stroking of her skin or touching body parts, and the famous ‘knee pointing.’ If a woman likes you she will cross her legs and face them toward you. This means she likes you and is comfy with you, if they are faced away from you or outwards, it may not be a good sign guys. Plus the more leg exposed, the more sexual feeling. 

 Many wonder what is the number one suggestion of flirting? Her smile…When a woman has an interest in you, her smile can hold your attention from across a crowded room and it is definitely one of the major signs she’s flirting. It can take a little effort on her part to do so, you see, we gals never jump the gun too quickly when it comes time to a little ‘romance’ …so if she’s exerting this kind of effort, engage in her flirting by returning the smile. So what’s a fella to do? Pay attention, sharpen your own flirting skills and learn to read her body language!


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