Lingerie…Why Wear Sexy Matching Sets?

Why wear sexy matching sets women ask? When it comes to every day dress, my mother used to tell us to always make sure you had on matching underwear and that it was clean. Ok, as a child that didn’t mean a whole lot, but as we tend to get older, and over the years we come to realize that mom really had a valid point. Keeping your underwear clean was the easy thing to do…every day you shower and you put a new pair on, however,…why should it be matching? For many reasons, but for the most common; sex appeal. Truth be told, many women do not always wear matching underwear, including my daughter. I’ve seen her lingerie drawer and nothing makes sense to me. She is one of the most organized young ladies that I know but when I was doing her laundry for her one day and I opened her lingerie drawer,… I just about fell over.

Sometimes you wonder how that ole’ apple could fall so far from the tree (especially in situations such as this-where her mother owns lingerie stores and has access to as many delightful colors, styles and selections) and then I realize that everyone is their own person and no two women are really alike. I may be a hot mess in other categories such as closets and how clean and organized they are, or kitchen drawers and what you may or may not find in them…BUT if you looked in my lingerie drawers, you would see that everything is paired together nicely and regardless if you caught me on a Sunday or a Friday, at work or at home, at a concert, out with the girls, on a hot date, cleaning the house or washing my car….I would be be in matching bra and panties and that’s the end of the story! Why? Because regardless of anything else I like to feel sexy and for me it is all about what I am wearing beginning with what I slip into each morning when I get out of the shower, and that my friends is SEXY LINGERIE. Feeling sexy boosts your confidence.

Do women take time to dress from the skin on out or are most women just really worried about what they look like on the surface? I believe that your look starts with your lingerie and that it should match and be something not only appealing rather flattering to you. Lingerie is FABULOUS! Whether it be lace, satin, or silk – lingerie comes in a variety of fabrics soft to touch. The styles, patterns and colors that you choose tell a story about YOU!

I believe that you should never get caught in a situation where there could be surprises…so what if you were on a date and one thing leads to another and you end up in the bedroom? You taunt and you tease him, and then you undress….Do you want to be the woman he sees in mismatched undies that clash or the woman that brings him to his knees when you drop your dress and he sees the most sexy matching bra and panties he’s ever laid eyes on? Add a garter belt and thigh highs to the equation and you will have him at your mercy, nonetheless remembering that vision of what you stepped out of ‘that night’ and seduced him in. It’s really a no-brainer ladies…plan ahead. Just get into the habit of shopping for sexy matching sets.

Shop with a variety of styles, textures, patterns, and colors in mind. You wouldn’t go to work in an outfit that was mismatched, so stop wearing undergarments that are. It doesn’t matter what your job title is or your occupation…feeling sexy comes from the inside. If you aren’t already wearing matching sets, try to get in the habit of doing so. It speaks volume…and for those ‘just in case’ moments when you just might get caught with your knickers down, make certain that what you have on underneath is just as alluring to the naked eye as what they see on the surface.

It’s not about what others may or may not think of you and how you dress, it is truly about how you feel from the inside out and I’m telling you that if you got into the habit (if you are not already) of wearing sexy matching sets, it would become habit for you to select the color and look just right for you each and every day. You’ll begin wearing your panties to match your mood.

Fill your lingerie drawer with colors that tell a story. It’s not at all about making others happy or pleasing them, although, in the bedroom we are wanting to please our partner…nevertheless, wearing lingerie is about feeling good and savoring sexy. After all, it is all about YOU! If your lingerie drawer is a hot mess and has too many mismatched pieces, it’s time to spring clean! That means out with the old and in with the new….it’s time to shop! You don’t have to go crazy spending a lot of money. Buy a few sets at a time, and before you know it you’ll have a lingerie drawer to be proud of that tells a story about who you are and you’ll never have to worry another day about what you have on. Shakira sang it best with her song “Underneath Your Clothes”….you see, there’s an endless story, it’s your territory. Shop for all of your intimate apparel needs.

Simply Delicious Lingerie

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