Chemistry, Love and Relationships…

So you meet this guy, and there is chemistry, lots and lots of chemistry…and you spend one incredible evening together. A few months go by and you connect again, and he wants to see you. You send him something as little as an email saying ‘hi’ or a text message and then you wait. You wait to see if he responds or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t then you know that you can chalk it it to a wonderful memory and move on. It has been said that men have certain innate needs that must first be met before they truly feel connected to you. Have you ever wondered how much of love is really and truly about the heart and how much is just about the good ole’ hormones? Does real love really even exist anymore or is it something that hopeless romantics conjured up? What about this chemistry? Can you physically or mentally create it, or does it just happen?

Men have this certain image of what they want in a woman. He creates the illusion of a dream girl so to speak. Men adore the type of woman who is inspiring…it makes them want to be with her. She gets in touch with her most inner feminine side and finds just what buttons to push on his manhood scale that may just drive him nuts. She is the woman who even if he is not thinking about her all the time, he does subconsciously and it triggers something within to make him think about her. She is oh so playful, fun, and yet she has boundaries and does not badger or nag to get what she needs out of a relationship. She knows her true value and she wears confidence on her sleeve right next to hear heart. She doesn’t settle for men who treat her badly or keep her guessing.

 Often, we push men away. Remember the movie the “Runaway Bride?” Why do women do this? Ahhh yes the million dollar question….Why? We operate out of fear. Fear that we will some how lose our man if we can’t please him. Some women over analyze things and that is never good. Some woman often put her friends on hold for her man. I know you know or have been this woman at one time or another. Women often spend so much time doing things for the man and then there is no returning the favor. It can become a terrible cycle. She does more and more over and over again to please him and he does nothing to meet her in the middle. Here’s the thing that you may not know ladies; every time you bend for him and do more and more for him and put your needs aside you are becoming his ‘yes’ girl. You are now setting yourself up for being taken for granted by this man and this is a big NO NO! 

What you want to do is to inspire him to want to be that same type of man for you! Men generally love making their woman happy…it’s a rule of thumb for them that they stand by…when they find the right woman that makes them weak at the knees and soft in the heart. Here’s a secret; men what to win the heart of a woman…but if it comes too easy, they may quickly lose interest or even pull away. What’s a girl to do? Resist! Yes, that’s right…resist him every now and again. This will make him work harder. DO NOT jump through hoops for a man. 

 Want to turn up the heat and really get this sizzling? Try doing romantic things for him. Men love the thrill of surprise. It’s the unknown that they fantasize over and if you do something that they adore, they will have the moment of sheer fantasy locked within their mind so that when they go to sleep at night they replay it in their head over and over and over. What do you do to surprise him and show him the sensual you?  Pull out the stops ladies…show him that you can keep it real and kick it up a notch.

Show him that fun and playful side,…you know, the one that he is going to remember longgg after he pulls out of your driveway after a fabulous sleepover. Suggestion? Trench coat, thigh highs and garters….that’s it, nothing else. Need I say more? Tease him with seduction slowly…and make him ponder what you really have on underneath that coat.  It is alluring, enticing and get’s their heart racing! My guess is that it will probably drive him absolutely crazy with desire for you. It also doesn’t hurt to be a bad girl in the bedroom every now and again. It’s all about teasing, and pleasing. Give them a taste…but never over do it. You want to give them a reason to come back.

 Truth is; men fall in love with your absence, not your presence. When they think about you, their imagination wonders…all in a good way. It’s ok to resist him. If you have plans with family or friends, don’t cancel just to be with him…apologize and tell him ‘perhaps another night?’ This form of resistance builds up the attraction more for the man. The bottom line is this; if you do not offer resistance, you are not at all a challenge, and girlfriend…men LOVE a challenge! Men want to fall in love, but they have to do it at their own pace and in their own way. 

So, how do you know if he is falling for you? You don’t it just happens…and when it does you’ll know and he will not be afraid to tell you how he has felt after all this time. Love is a happy experience, but love doesn’t come about over night. It takes time and it grows. Physical appearance is paramount to many men, but certainly not at all the ‘make or break a deal’ kind of thing….however… that first kind of attraction you have together tells a lot about if you have what it takes to create something solid. Men are truthfully infatuated by women and if they want to get to know more about her, they will begin their pursuit. Want my non-professional advice? Love is not a race…you are not running a marathon, so darlin’ give it time! Give them time to flirt, and then reciprocate to his advances. Take baby steps because you don’t want to push him away!





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