Vibrators…Today They Are As Common As Owning A Toaster!

This used to be a word that you didn’t say in public, much less hear…but today it’s a word that is common in almost every conversation gals have. We laugh and we joke and most of us own at least one if not  more…some women have an entire drawer filled with them. Why is it that when the word vibrator comes up in conversation many people get funny about the topic? Some blush, some laugh, some walk out of the room…why?

Fact is most women love them, in fact, most women name theirs.No it’s not a dirty thing. Owning a vibrator is like having a toaster. It’s a small appliance that most women love. They are great to have, generally go in at least 3-5 speeds if not more, they go in reverse, they have multi-functions, dual sensation, intense patterns of vibration and pulsation, the shafts in many offer rotating pleasure beads. These little toys we call ‘wonderful’ are like our best friend.  I’d say they are a pretty good tool to have. 

As a sex toy, I would say honestly that the vibrator is second to none. It’s a favorite of many women and is quite possibly the most popular adult toy on the market. The sales rise year after year and it’s no wonder why. The vibrator serves a unique function and there are times when nothing else will do. However, it’s also one of those sex toys that can be a thrill or a disappointment. There are so many variations on the basic concept that it can be a real challenge to figure out which one is right for you. Here are some things you should know about vibrators;

A vibrator is used primarily by women for clitoral stimulation. The toy’s biggest selling point is that it offers a fairly reliable way for women to achieve orgasm. A vibrator can provide more intense and sustained stimulation than fingers or tongue. Even for women who can easily reach climax in other ways, a vibrator can boost sensation and arousal very quickly. 

The classic vibrator that most people are familiar with is phallus-shaped, 4 to 6 inches long, and made of plastic or rubber. A popular variation is the clitoral vibrator, which tends to be smaller than the phallus-shaped version and can be egg or bullet-shaped. These also come in animal shapes such as rabbits, bears, cats, or dolphins. The selling points of this type of vibrator are focused, intense stimulation and more precise control of speed and intensity. Then there is the G spot vibrator, which is long and curved to stimulate the G spot from inside the vagina.

Some of the newer vibrators are multi-functional, combining internal G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. They may have moving and rotating parts as well as a vibrating component. If you want to go really high-tech, check out the latest vibrator models that contain a micro-processor with programmable vibration patterns.

When it comes to selecting a vibrator, the intensity of the vibration is one of the most important criteria. Wow, you can say that again! Electric models are generally more powerful than battery-operated ones. On the down side, they are also more expensive and the cord can be restrictive when you’re using the toy. Battery vibrators are more portable and are available in more sizes and styles. You’ll find that toys that use C batteries are more powerful than those that run on AA or A batteries. Vibrators can be noisy so if sound level is a concern for you, ask someone if they are noisy before you purchase it by simply writing an inquiry to us. Hard plastic makes more noise than softer rubber.

How much power you want from your vibrator is a matter of personal preference, but be careful not to buy a toy that is too weak. You can always tone down a vibrator that is too strong by putting a towel or cloth between you and the toy. Most women want all the power!

Fans of adult toys would say that no personal toy collection is complete without a vibrator. This is one sex toy that you may want to spend a little more money on right from the start. The very cheap plastic ones are flimsy and barely worth the effort. Make sure the vibrator you choose has the qualities that are important to you so that you can look forward to many enjoyable hours with your toy. Take it with you when you travel too, just take the batteries out before you pack them or it could get a little embarrassing at the airport. The TSA used to raise a big stink about these, but now…well, I think that saw way too many of them and just decided finally to throw in the towel and accept them coming through the security check points.  Buy this bunny…it’ll be the best investment you’ll made under $80 for hours of pleasure!



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