Sports and Women who LOVE the Game…

In my opinion, there is nothing sexier to a man than meeting a sharp and yet entertaining woman who knows the game. She appears and pulls out a bar stool in a local pub or at an airport bar and starts shooting the shit about sports. She actually knows what she’s talking about. Does this catch a man off guard? You bet it does. Many women look pretty and play the role well but how many actually know the sport and the players? My guess actually is quite a few. I believe that the women who know the game love it for a reason.

Growing up outside of Cleveland, Ohio- I grew up in a dominating household and family full of mostly men and their love for the game. At holiday gatherings at my grandparents the family divided; you were either a Browns or a Steeler fan. It got pretty intense! I was one of the only girls in my neighborhood amongst mostly all boys that knew the difference between a football and a basketball, so it was either sink or swim with the guys and although it seemed like a curse at the time, it taught me some valuable lessons leading me then a few years later to meeting the man I would one day marry who taught me everything else I’d ever need to know about sports and then some.

While most girls my age as a youth were playing Barbies, I was sitting in front of the television patiently anticipating to see who would win the Heisman Trophy Award. You have to have passion for the game, and I did. I grew up outside of Cleveland Ohio and attended all the Browns home games as my father always had tickets. There were days that we froze our asses off in that stadium with the winds blowing off of Lake Eric but the thrill of being there amongst such well know athletes and professionals made me forget all about how cold my feet really were.

I grew up and although I stayed girlie, I still loved sports. Some things just don’t change. I enjoyed the Cleveland Browns, the Indians, Notre Dame, MSU, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Lions, The Colts, Miami Dolphins, The Astros, The Spurs, Rockets, Houston Texans, Grand Rapids Griffins, Grand Rapids Rampage. My personal favorite…the Detroit Pistons; I spent many of games as a season ticket holder watching the Bad Boys rock the house. Those were to days…and what memorable games and play offs! Final 4 games, NBA Playoffs, Golf, Hockey, Indy and Nascar regardless of the sport, I loved them all. Whether it was a Super Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl, the frenzy built as the game got underway. You’re never too old to learn to love the sport. My daughter works in sports marketing for a company in Brooklyn, NY and because of her, along with my nephews who play the game, I am now learning about Lacrosse. Where ever I’ve lived, I found a game to attend. I’ve even made a few friends in the sporting world that play professional ball. Whether it was college ball or pro, I had a fancy for it.

My children live in Manhattan and sure does feel like my second home. I love NYC so I am thrilled to cheer for their locals as if I too were an abiding part of this beautiful city that they now call their permanent home. Regardless of where I’ve lived, or in what city I visit, I always enjoy the events. Does it get any better than this? Sure it does, because now I do something else that I also love, something else that is my passion- I sell panties and lingerie. I remind women that regardless of their shape, size or weight, they are as sexy.  Boosting women’s confidence and feeling that sense of achievement is almost as great as intercepting the ball and rushing for a touchdown. Yes, some girls can eat their cake and have it too!

Why is it though that a lot of men don’t think that a woman can understand and love a sport? A while back, I walked into a pub at an airport, pulled out a bar stool and ordered myself a cocktail. Honestly I meet more men and athletes in airports. I sat quietly minding my own business as two men next to me sat yapping about sports and as I sat  and listened, (ok, yes eavesdropping)…I couldn’t help but join in to their conversation. You see, their conversation was about the Heisman Trophy winners. They swore up one side and down the other that Earl Campbell won in 1976. Ohhh so close but soooo wrong. That’s when I tapped one of the gentleman on the shoulder and said “Excuse me sir, you’re both wrong!” They looked at me and laughed. They were so sure that they were right and I was dead wrong that I suggested to them that they put their money where their mouth was, as I reached in my handbag, slapped down a hundred-dollar bill, raised my eyebrow, and said, “Are you sure boys?” Needless to say that was the easiest $200 I  made. Everyone knows that Tony Dorsett won in 1976 and that Earl Campbell won in 1977.

The moral of the story here is; please, don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t assume that because a woman looks classy and is dressed sexy that she hasn’t a clue about sports because just as you think this, a woman will walk into a room, just as I did and prove you wrong. It’s not a curse, in all honesty, men are flattered to meet a woman who can talk sports. I enjoy the game, with my heart and soul, I always have. I love the trivia, and can sing the Heisman winners like singing the A,B,Cs. You see, men love women who are sexy, but when they meet a woman who can carry a conversation with them regarding the game, you’re instantly in an entire different ball park!




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