Great Relationships and Pillow Talk

If you want a great sex life, and who doesn’t…. there is one thing that is absolutely essential. It’s not having a rock star body, big boobs,  super biceps, or a tight tush. It’s not the size of your wallet or owning a lot of material things that make you look good in your partners eyes… No, the essential element is conversation. Gals love pillow talk.

You might ask, who needs common chit-chat when you’re making love with someone who you are attracted to? Let me tell you something…keeping your love life passionate and exciting over a long-term period requires communication and you’re going to have to start talking. Some men aren’t good at it. I know a few and trust me, they just don’t get it. That can really suck, not to mention blow something that could be really good, but these are the men that really have no clue what they are doing because they lack verbal skills big time.Want a good solid healthy relationship? It’s not difficult to obtain. Here are 3 ways to use conversation to improve and enhance your love life and your sex life;


Tell them what you really want…

 Sexy lingerie is enticing, but it can’t speak, it can only create pleasure and fantasies within your mind that make you want oh so much more. One excellent use of conversation is to talk about what you want and to find out what your partner wants. It’s a two-way street so never assume that you know what your partner wants or it may back fire on you. Your lover can’t read your mind so be verbal for heaven sakes. Giving non-verbal communication in the bedroom is helpful, up to a point. My grandmother used to say body language was everything…Oh it is, but if that isn’t getting you what you want, it’s time to try putting your desires into words. Communication is key! It builds the solid foundation to a relationship and without it, you’ll sink like you’re in quick sand. 

 Remember, this isn’t all about you. Finding out what your partner wants is equally important. If you’re a guy who’s a little confused about how to please your lady, the answer is simple. The best way to find out what a woman wants is to ask her. We women would rather have you ask us than take the long way around it and drive us nuts trying to figure out what to do or say. A lot of women enjoy talking about their fantasies and desires. All they need is a sincere invitation to open up, and you can offer that…just don’t stick your foot in your mouth in the process.

Spice up lovemaking with sensual conversation…

Every now and then, a bit of naughty and explicit sex talk while you are making love can add a new dimension of excitement. Not sure how to start? Begin by describing how fabulous and exciting your partner’s body is and how aroused you are getting when you trace her each and every curve. Talk about what you’re doing, what you’re about to do, and how it’s going to make your partner feel. That’s right…spice it up and kick it up a notch! 

 Communicate with your Partner…

 Fellas, communication is key in any and ALL relationships whether it be a simple friendship or a partnered commitment. Both women and men love to talk about what they want, so do it more often. Many people are a little insecure about their sexual abilities and they secretly wonder if they are good enough in bed. Make a point of telling your partner how exciting and skillful he or she was last night. A general comment such as “You were smokin’hot” is all right, but try also to mention something specific they did and how great it made you feel, and tell them why. I’m not telling you to make a big deal about it. A simple whisper of a few words just before you leave for work will keep your partner glowing with pleasure throughout the day.

 If you’re already doing some of these things, great! But if it’s never occurred to you that conversation is essential for a great sex life, you may be surprised at how much of a difference just a few words can make. You don’t have to take dirty 24/7…some women like simple small talk. Remember, words speak volume! When you communicate about what you want, only talk naughty at the appropriate moments, otherwise, put your feelings out there…how will she know if you don’t tell her? Show us your playful side. Don’t be afraid to open up and talk. We don’t bite. Well, not all of us…

It’s all about the pillow talk guys…women love it. 


 pillow talk

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