Online Lingerie Shopping…Yea or Nay?

Shopping for lingerie online…’yea or nay?’ Truth be told, in tody’s era, buying lingerie online has become more and more popular for not only women, nonetheless relatively for men as well. Women do it most often because they know their own body and what they like such as size, style, color, pattern, fabric. Men on the other hand shop online because it is easy for them and no one will see them out and about in a mall or a shopping plaza. Most men do not worry if they are seen, nonetheless, there is the man who has a mistress, lover, sugar baby, or multiple girlfriends who seeks privacy and wants the transaction, what ever it may be to be quite discreet. At Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie you get all of this and then some. We offer you the best of both worlds, and who doesn’t appreciate that? What makes us so different? We make it all about YOU, not us.

 We offer you hundreds of choices of women’s intimate apparel, and we have lingerie for men. We take pride in our adult novelty selection as the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing is the most popular choice of many couples that shop with us. We give our guests the best prices we can. It’s never been about how much as a company we make in whole, oh no…it’s always been about putting our customers needs first and foremost and delivering the lingerie, shoes or accessories at the best price to save them money so that they’ll come back later, and tell their friends and family! Confidence is essential with women and you can’t very well learn and explore your inner most beauties if the sexy lingerie that you desire is so over-priced that you’ll never be able to afford it.

While shopping for your delicate intimates, all you need to really know what you are looking for. Since you cannot try anything on and have to wait to see if the actual piece looks like what you thought it would, think carefully. There is nothing better than picking out something sexy and not having to leave the house to do it. You want to be able to pick out something that suits your need and be able to trust the source at the same time. Know who you are shopping from online and only buy from names you recognize. At Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie we only buy from the best manufacturers and offer you the most incredible merchandise from our top 5 distributors and warehouses all in the USA (Pennsylvania and California.)

Be sure to read the return policy carefully in case something does not fit or was not what you thought it would be. Online lingerie shopping can be a huge amount of fun if you play it safe. The problem at hand is that most lingerie store (by law) are not permitted to put merchandise back as a return due to health issues and the law. Shopping online can be so much fun! There is no more feeling awkward trying things on knowing people are right there in the same dressing room area as you are. You are in the privacy and safety of your house where no one will ever know what you are doing.

Make sure that what you are choosing fits and suits you. Never not look at the model in the picture to make your online lingerie decision. You have to ask yourself if the piece you like would look best on you? Will it hug your curves and make you feel ‘oh so sexy?’ Every woman has her own body design and you will need to make sure that your online lingerie purchase will fill your specific needs. It is way too easy to get carried away with all the glitz and glamour but you will end up with something that doesn’t suit you at all. Be realistic and know what you enjoy wearing before going the online route. Flattery to your body is the key to your online shopping success.

 Ladies, shake your money maker…and always accentuate your best features! On the same note, you may wish to hide the things that make you feel most awkward. So know before you order what looks good on you so you can stick with similar designs. The online lingerie options are endless and can be quite over-whelming. Make sure you know what colors look best on you. It is not enough to know just your size and favorite style. You have to know what will make you look good. This is a one shot deal and you will not know till well after the money is spent if you do not look good in it.

Make sure to actually read about the particular lingerie outfit you are getting or considering. What do I mean by this? Check it out online. Cross reference the piece (s) to see if you are getting the best quality of goods. You will want to know what it is made of before it arrives in the mail. It is not just about being sexy. You will want to make sure the piece you pick out is made of a material you are comfortable wearing. You should have experience with a particular fabric before purchasing it online for the first time.

With the exception of silk of course, which is the most comfortable and softest material in lingerie you can get. If you have never heard of it do not go there. You will have no idea until it is too late if it is irritating or itchy. When buying any thing with lace online know if it will be rubbing against the nipple area. Talk about an awkward feeling? Ouch! Most lace is very irritating to the nipple and can cause pain and discomfort. (so make a mental note of that!) It is hard to know exactly what you will be getting when shopping online so be sure to read about everything you are interested in. As always, this type of research will help you to know what to look for and what it is you are looking for. W want you to not only look sexy on but feel sexy from the inside out. Shop with us today. We sell sexy lingerie that comes in a wide variety of options, sizes and colors. We also offer a plus size lingerie wholesale club for those wishing to buy lingerie at low, low prices way beyond retail. If you are not sure about what you desire or have questions, ask our fashionista for some assistance. She’s always there to give a girl, or a guy some ideas and suggestions! Please….Do not think for one moment that online lingerie shopping is just for those naughty nights…these days, shopping online is the ONLY way to shop! For low prices, and discreet shopping, we respect you as well as your privacy. Whether it be just to buy something to slip on underneath your clothes for that sexy edge, for a getaway weekend, your wedding day, or for absolutely anyday…we hope that you will choose us!We look forward to seeing you soon! Come with us and explore the possibilities. Say YES! 

We are your everyday sexy!


With Warmest Regards,

The Simply Delicious Lingerie & Simply Luscious Lingerie Staff






Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Delicious Lingerie is an online boutique specializing in sexy lingerie from designers such as Carrie Amber Intimates LLC ‘SeventilMidnight’, Be Wicked, Elegant Moments, Fantasy Lingerie, Raveware, and WMS Clothing. Our lingerie is the aphrodisiac of taste, and represents beauty and luxury at an affordable price. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we’ve personally selected a variety of sexy lingerie just for you and all of your sensuous rendezvous. We sell accessories, Bordello shoes, Pleaser shoes, garter sets, bridal lingerie, bridal undergarments, bustier, honeymoon lingerie, wedding day lingerie, wedding garter sets, wedding petticoats, affordable plus size lingerie, Halloween costumes, sexy plus size costumes,  fantasy lingerie, matching lingerie sets, men’s underwear, men’s lingerie, sexy sets, matching sets, wholesale lingerie, sexy thigh high stockings, satin pajamas, plus size sleepwear, adult novelty items and sex swings including the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing and our newest swing…the Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing.  Our mission is to take your sexy lingerie needs to the next level of comfort, intrigue, romance and sophistication. For more information or to place an order today please visit us; 



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