Why Red is the #1 Color of SEXY

If there is one thing that get a man’s attention it’s a women who is wearing the color red. Its certainly not a color that should be wore every day but it is a color that gets a mans attention. Red lipstick, red nail polish red shoes, red dress? What about red lingerie? For so long now it has been said that a lady in red is more attractive than a lady in any other color. It truly can be said that women who do wear red lingerie says a lot about who they are as a woman. Red is the color of passion, of blood, of fire. Designers claim that red is the perfect color for romance. Red lingerie arouses an entirely different kind of passion  and it says the night on fire with passion. Teasing and tantalizing, yet a color spoken sold bold that it goes where no other color goes.

Does the color of what a woman is wearing catch a mans eye? Men see red and think of sex. Hot, passionate, and steamy. Lingerie is now and has forever been a seducer…oh but the color can make the difference. Why are men attracted to women in any color lingerie? Well, lingerie makes a statement. Any woman who wears it whether it be a sexy matching set (bra and panty,) babydoll, teddy,chemise, etc., seems to send a signal to their partner, mate, spouse that says “I am confident and feel soooo sexy.” At that point, honestly, men can’t get enough! Lets go over a few of the red pieces that I’ve listed below and why they are so sexy, how they define who you are as a woman, or in their eyes, a goddess and what makes them so turned on that they’ll see fireworks in the bedroom!

Red Panties

Red lace panties, how hot. Perhaps the very definition of hot. If you can put these on without bursting into flames then you very possibly have an asbestos ass. Perhaps if the red lace panties aren’t doing it for you, how about these red ruffle panties? Ruffles are a favorite among many men who wear lingerie because of their feminine connotations and their inherent prettiness. Red panties are the starting point for any red lingerie ensemble. They set the tone and the mood for the rest of the outfit, and they need only conform to your particular desire.

Red Stockings

Red stockings can be obtained in many styles, red nylon stockings, red fishnet stockings, red stockings and suspenders, they’re all on the menu for the man who wears lingerie. Red hosiery is the easiest item to find of all the red lingerie options we discuss here, because, for some reason, red doesn’t appear to be subject to the laws of ‘Valentine’s Day and Christmas’ which bra and panty sets seem to obey. Topping your red lingerie ensemble off should like putting the icing on the cake, and let’s face it, all men love the sweets.

Red Bra & Panty Set

This is a simple statement. When choosing a bra and panty set always make certain that they match ladies. The bra and panty set can be lace, or satin. Cotton doesn’t scream sexy, nonetheless it isn’t a good pick in the lingerie line, however, I’m not at all saying that you can’t wear it. Cotton lingerie is rarely found. It just doesn’t scream sexy, it screams comfort and when you are with your special someone comfort is the last thing that you are seeking…you want erotic passion. A bra and panty set so simple can drive a man wild with desire.

Remember, always pick out the lingerie for YOU first and foremost. Yes, we want our partners, mate, or spouse to love it, but honey, they don’t have to wear it…you do. 1) you want to select something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Babydoll lingerie and chemises are quite popular and our selections are trendy. Never wear it too tight, buy a larger size if you must to look and feel comfy, trust me, you’ll still look and feel sexy. 2) Confidence shines through when you feel great, so select something that fit’s your attire well, that accentuates your figure, eyes, skin tone and hair color.Your confidence comes from within and as Shakira sang once, “Underneath Your Clothes” ….there’s an endless story….this is SO TRUE!

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