Dating; For All the Single Ladies

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society in which we live, women are finding that dating is not as easy as it used to be, nor is finding a good man who you can marry and settle down with. So what’s  a girl to do? It’s 2013 and the modern day Cinderella in her thirties, or pushing forty starts to wonder about online dating effectiveness and if that is the new super highway to take to find a man, and love?  Could it work for you?

Maybe nothing else has worked for you so far, and you are still single. Maybe when you were in your twenties and early thirties you put most of your effort into your career and were way to happy to think about settling down so you watched as men would come and go. Maybe you are divorced like I was and amazed or horrified at how the dating scene has changed since you were last free? It can be a shocking experience if you aren’t prepared for it. Gone are the Ward and June Cleaver days, and gone are the Mike and Carol Brady days…today it’s Beyonce and JZ days and careers and families mesh well because times have changed and you make it work when you are in love! Gone are the days when my folks met, dated and married. Say hello to modern-day dating and living!

OK, Let’s talk age; In your thirties, you are likely to hear the biological clock ticking. Ahhh yes, women wanted babies. Many women want to start a family and be a mother. You do not have too long to find Mr. Right if you want to have a family and you are in your thirties said no one ever. New guys probably do not come into your life very often just out of the blue on a daily basis do they? What are the chances of one of them being ‘the one?’ My guess is slim to none, but if he is hang on to that one. Women are becoming single mothers all the time in this new day and age unlike 30 years ago when you were practically crucified for being a young or single mother, today the world of test tubes and in-vitro fertilization are the hip hop way to go for all the single ladies whom cannot find their dream guy and refuse to settle  just to have a baby!

Let’s get back to what brought us here in the first place. Let’s talk dating; if you go online, you have hundreds or even thousands of men to choose from.  It’s like one big smorgasbord of men! Who imagined life could be so good on a Friday night sitting in front of your television watching Pretty Woman and sipping a glass of wine all while scoping out the internet and joining dating sites to find your very own Mr Right? Visit my blog page at and scroll down to where you will find a variety of dating sites some free, some with fees, that I am happy to be an affiliate with.

Hey ladies, all of these guys are looking for someone. If you choose the right site you can be sure of meeting serious-minded guys who want the same things you want. Just be careful…looks can be deceiving! Where one site may be highly recommended and have a variety of good men, and some sites very wealthy men, there is always room for a snake in the grass to slither his way in and lie through his teeth. Shit happens, so keep your guard up and if he seems too good to be true….RUN…because he probably is! Men are real tools and players, nevertheless, there are women who play the same games, so just be cautious.

You can specify any points that are really important to you, such as politics or religion. At the same time, if you are free and willing to move or travel, you can open up your choice to guys who live outside of your city, county, state or even country. These are men that you would never meet without the internet and they could be really great men looking for the same things that you are yet unable to find his mate locally. Internet dating is really the way to go today.

Your safety should be an issue, but remember that when you meet someone on the street you do not have any way of knowing whether he is a smooth-talking serial killer or whether anything he tells you is true so take a chance. My non-professional advise? Listen to your gut.

Certainly online there is the possibility that someone will make up a whole string of lies but those people are few and far between. You can protect yourself a little by talking to him on the phone, checking up where possible, and always arranging the first few dates for a public place. Do not let him pick you up, but meet him there, at a place that you’ve selected.

You can tell somebody where you are going and arrange for them to call you at a certain time to make sure everything is okay. If you are very nervous, you could even arrange a date where you go with a group or another couple that you know. This can take some of the stress out of the date if you are very shy. However, it is not the best way for you and your date to get to know each other. Just because you are in your thirties, forties or even fifties fear not about dating. While many of our biological clocks are ticking or may even have shut down years ago, our hearts are still open for business.

dating online

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