Cosmetic Surgery…Is It For YOU?

These days, it seems like every woman under the sun is talking about her body aging/ It droops, and hangs it bags and sags…so what’s a girl to do? Many women consider cosmetic surgeries of some sort to fix the slight imperfections when gravity begins to set in. Most cosmetic surgeries are elective, so that means the decision to have a cosmetic procedure done is very personal to you. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to have cosmetic surgery; so, before you start searching for a cosmetic surgeon, search within yourself and decide if those reasons are valid. Is this procedure for you? If you truly feel that cosmetic surgery will make a difference in your self-esteem and ultimately your life, then you are probably ready to start “shopping” around for a cosmetic surgeon, and get second and third opinions. Ask your friends and coworkers. Referrals are the best route to take.

You should know that most all cosmetic surgeons are not created equal, so you have to gather several opinions to make an informed choice that will best suit your needs. For instance, some cosmetic surgeons focus only on procedures for the face, while others may target breast surgery or liposuction. What type of  cosmetic procedure are you looking to have? Take the time and do a little research to narrow down the particular cosmetic surgeons who perform the procedures that you want accomplished on you. Try to keep it within a 30-50 mile radius of your home. A lot of women go to Florida or California for certain surgeries…why? There are so many great cosmetic surgeons right in your neck of the woods. I prefer staying local myself when it comes to searching out physicians. Make a list; ask some questions. You want to make sure that the cosmetic surgeon will listen to what you want and need, while making the best medical decisions based on your personal assessments.

Here are a few important questions to ask when interviewing cosmetic surgeons:

1. What procedure do you suggest to enhance my needs? Ask and be direct. By leaving this a rather open-ended question, the cosmetic surgeon has the chance to “strut his stuff.” Each cosmetic surgeon may have slightly different answers as to how to help you achieve your goal. You job is to determine which sounds the best for your lifestyle.

2. Just how long exactly have you been performing this cosmetic procedure? Obviously, this question is asking the cosmetic surgeon how much experience he really has. You want someone who has been around the block a few times. Tied in with this question could be inquiries as to the surgeon’s schooling and whether they keep up with the latest technologies and continuing education. Hospital privileges and Board Certification are also important to know.

3. Results? What can I expect from this cosmetic surgery? This is a realistic expectation to have. You want to know the possibilities. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about computer imagery to compare a “before” picture and a realistic expectation of what your “results” might be.

4. What possible risks and problems may I encounter? Being forewarned is important in case the cosmetic surgery is not quite what you expect. Sometimes, it is your personal medical history that could make achieving your dream results difficult. Other times, it could be a reaction to anesthesia or an infection at an incision site. Preparedness is helpful for peace of mind.

5. What is the recovery time/process from the cosmetic surgery? No two cosmetic surgeons are the same, nor may they use the same surgical procedures to accomplish your goal. Each situation is different and recovery times will also depend on your own general health. The healthier you are to begin with, the quicker you bounce back to “real” life.

6. What is the cost? This is no time to sugar coat it. Make sure that your get it all in writing! What is the cost of having this cosmetic surgery completed? Again, each procedure is different with doctors charging different rates. Also, in some cases, insurance may pick up the tab. Sometimes, payment plans are an option. Ask in advance what their fees and other costs cover. Will it take care of post-operative care and follow-up visits?

All of these questions and much more are a part of the process in choosing the best cosmetic surgeon for your needs. It is important to be honest with the cosmetic surgeons. Share your personal history with him/her especially regarding any health issues you have or had in the past. You should be comfortable with your doctor, which in turn leads to a better relationship and communication. That rapport can play a big part in helping you make the best decision regarding cosmetic surgery. After all, you are living with your body and it’s the only home you’ll ever have, so take care of it and make sure that you are going to be quite happy with your results!



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