7 Daily Doses to a Healthy Relationship

      Practice Healthy Relationship Habits…

•   Respect and being Respected. Life and relationships are about meeting in the middle. I’ve always said that it takes two to make a relationship work and two to make it fail. Trust me, I know this first hand. Relationships can endure a lot of bumps in the road if you respect one another. Relationships are about finding your own inner happiness and then spreading the love with your partner or mate. Before you can love you have to love and respect yourself. The two go hand in hand. Respect is not something that one should have to think about in a relationship, you just DO IT! How so? Little ways…call her and say hello out of the blue, text her in the middle of the day and tell her that you’re thinking about her/him. Pick up her dry-cleaning. Surprise her by cooking dinner because you know darn well that she had a rough day at work. Listen to her when she speaks, and really pay attention to her thoughts, wants and needs.

•   Trusting and being Trusted. I’m a shoot from the hip kinda gal and that’s how you should be too! If you are not, you need to be a straight shooter. Trust is the great equalizer in a good relationship; without it there is no good! A good foundation in a healthy love relationship is built on trust and trust must be earned. 

Holding back on the truth about how you feel, only telling part of the story, fudging on what your wants and needs are to your partner slowly erodes the trust in your relationship. Total honesty brings about awesome trust. Do all that you can to achieve it and have a relationship that can endure it all.

•   Always go that extra mile. Don’t wait for her to do it- you do it…and by it, I mean anything to make her smile. Motivate each other to be the best you can be. Be inventive in coming up with ways to inspire your love life. Never stop. NEVER! Push the romance envelope with a getaway in the mountains for a long weekend or if you are anything like be, be a toes in the sand kinda gal. Have fun, be creative and enjoy life. Life is a precious gift, don’t waste it pondering negative thoughts, do what makes you happy and your partner happy. Remember, you may not be perfect, but you are perfect in her eyes, and in retrospect that’s really all that matters now isn’t it?

•   Agree to Agree. It is important to understand that relationships seldom feel easy; however, a relationship is less of a struggle when two people agree to do whatever it takes to make it workable. Building a solid foundation is key folks. Without it, like quicksand you will sink and your relationship will not survive. This does not mean giving it your best shot and if it doesn’t work, you move on. Don’t be a quitter. This means doing whatever it takes!

•   Want your romance life to last a lifetime? Ok…2 Words:

Make Memories; How about creating a scrapbook of love? Don’t call me cheesy here…it’s a great way to remember all the wonderful things that you did together and a way to go back and look at your relationship whenever you need a reminder of good times. Stash your memories of special greeting cards, matchbook covers that remind you of great visits, snapshots, a pressed flower, ticket stubs, a handwritten love poem, a funny, thoughtful valentine. 

Celebrate spending time together. Do things that make the two of you happy. Memories tell stories and stories are passed down from generation to generation, so give everyone something to talk about.

•   Spread a little sunshine. That’s right, sunshine. What does this mean? Don’t hover over one another. Make them happy! Give each other permission to their own space. You should have your friends as a couple but you should also have a few close friends that you like to hang out with one night a week, or month. These could be life long friends or even coworkers. It is healthy to give one another space. No one wants to be smothered. Relationships need to grow, so feed them. Give her a daily dose of love. Nothing grows well in the shade! If you are forever in your loved one’s pocket, you can stifle the love so freely given. Even love partners need time alone. You need space. I know I need mine. Too much togetherness is not good. Go out shopping with your friends, or to a ball game or concert. This shows that you can and speaks volumes of trust.


•   Are you pushing your partner’s hot buttons? If not…TRY IT! …But push them spontaneously. I’m not talking about the ones you shouldn’t push. Push the turn-on buttons. No better way than to every now and again crank up the heat in the bedroom or any room for that matter. Know what delights and pleases your partner and push those buttons, and do it most often. Does he like thigh highs and garters under a trench coat? Does he like your sensual perfume on his pillow case? Find what makes your partner, lover, mate tick and load him up with your ammunition. Knowing what makes him or her tick and turning them on at the right times is KEY to a fun, happy and most desired and sexual relationship. Remember, you’ve made it this far, so remind her that she is everything in your eye. Something tells me that you got a groovy kind of love…





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