Connections, Fate, and Romance…

Many times I am asked if I believe in fate? On occasion people ask me if I believed in paths crossing for a reason? The answer to both is YES, I do!  Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you believe in paths crossing? This is fate my friend. You see, every now and again fate steps in and gives you a piece of happiness that you didn’t think you deserved, and then as fast as it enters your life, it exits. Sound familiar?   Have you ever gone somewhere and met someone who you just ‘clicked’ with and wondered if he/she could be the one?

Have you ever felt something immediately when you made a connection with someone who stayed in your mind, and your heart for as long as you can remember? A place stands out in your mind, or a song, or the smell in the salty air? It might have been something as little as their smile…nonetheless, that person changed your way of thinking and put an extra skip in your step all of a sudden.

My advice (non-professionally that is) is that when you meet someone, when fate steps in, take a chance. There is no time like the present. Say hello to that person and make conversation. Laugh with them. Go out of your way to get his/hers attention and when you do, find a way to captivate them so that you stay in their head for a long time. Speaking of time, timing is essentially everything. There are times that people come into our lives when the connection just won’t work for a variety of reasons or because one or the other of you is not ready.

There are times where years go by, or even a decade and then one day you wake up after thinking of this person who has been tucked away in the back of your mind, and you ask yourself why you met him/her all those years ago? What was the purpose? Why did it not last, and is there a chance that you can rekindle the flame?  I am a firm believer in second chances. I am a true connoisseur of romance… I had a situation in my life-like this a decade ago when I met someone who stood out and stuck in my head. Regardless whether anything would now or could ever again happen, he will always be called my friend.

He was a vision of the perfect man who was funny and kind and when he smiled he lit up the room. We met in a bar on the beach while I was out with a friend. He approached our table and we immediately made a connection and clicked. For 4 days he spent time getting to know me and then when it was time for me to leave, I was given the most beautiful goodbye. A man who barely knew me standing on his pick up truck waving to me as my plane took off on the runway. He crossed over onto private property just so that I could see him. He took a risk for me. He hauled ass to the airport to see me before I boarded my plane, but he was too late. We boarded early. Was that a sign?

 Everyday people do things that surprise us. People,who were complete strangers to me on my plane could not get over the affection that one person could display, and this man did something that will stay with me and in my memory until the end of time. Even though this man has not seen me in several years, he made me a better person. I can still see his smile, and I can still hear his laughter if I close my eyes and listen in my mind. He taught me not afraid to follow my dreams, and he gave me the inspiration to go after what I truly believed in, just like he followed me to the airport.  It’s been nearly 10 years since I met this man, and once in passing about 7 years ago I saw him again while visiting the beach with my friends. At a glance our vehicles passed at a supermarket and our eyes met. I knew it was him.

Second chances? That was mine, and I felt that if he truly wanted to see me he would make an attempt to contact me. 4 days went by and I heard nothing…so I figured that was it…he must have moved on and married or met someone and was happy. It wasn’t until we were picking up last-minute souvenirs at a local beach store when a friend and I were sitting in the car and noticed something under my windshield wiper. When I got out of the car and pulled the card from underneath the wiper blade, it was wet and the writing was smeared, but it said “I’m sorry, I wasn’t ready then…” on the reverse side was his phone number on the business card. We communicated after I made it back home again for a short while and then just like the first time he disappeared into thin air. 

Every year around this time I think of him as we met on Memorial Day Weekend on a hot sticky muggy night at a little bar on the beach called Harold’s on the ocean. Every year around this time I ponder “what if?” Every time I go back to the beach I walk into Harold’s on the ocean hoping for that connection again to rekindle the friendship that started all those years ago.   Life is full of surprises and we are blessed with those around us and who grace us with their presence. I am and always have been a live for the moment kind of gal and although this man left my life as quickly as he entered it, he will forever remain in my head. Sometimes, something like this only comes around once in a lifetime; so if this is happening to you, seize the moment. Take the chance…you may never have another one. Your heart will guide you to make the right decisions. Have fate my friends. Don’t let your dreams get washed away…  




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