Buying Lingerie For Her…

Women L-O-V-E gifts from their partners, lovers, sugar daddies, boyfriends, and husbands….but truth be told, one of the most stressful and dangerous things that you can do is to buy her a piece of lingerie that you like without taking into consideration what she likes or what might look and feel best on her. Men tend to fantasize about women. They imagine that moment when she walks into the room with a smile and and a hint of what she has hidden underneath her clothes. A man will undress a woman with his eyes in a matter of seconds.

What piece of lingerie will look best on her? How will it make her feel? You certainly would not want to put something on that made you feel uncomfy or awkward so why on earth would you torment her by giving a gift that was more for you rather than her? You certainly are not going to be the one wearing it.

First off all of you should know that the phrase/term “one size fits most” is so not true. You wouldn’t go to the gas station with $20.00 and expect to fill up a Hummer so why would you buy her a piece of lingerie that say one size fits most that looked like it was a smaller size if she is had a thicker build? Think about it…Women love feeling classy, and confident. It raises their sexual desires. If you buy your lady lingerie that is too tight or too small or not the right style or color for their skin tone or body she’ll hate it….so let me spare you the agony of doing so and tell you that if you wish to make her happy and you would like to buy her something sexy for your time together, pay close attention to her needs.

I think that speaking as a woman I can honestly say that I would prefer a man ask me what size I wore rather than him not go and try to make an educated guess. By guessing you know he isn’t going to get it right, and you then will be left with a beautiful gift that doesn’t fit or accentuate your curves as it should. My non-professional advice? Don’t be afraid to ask her what size she wears in underwear. Be careful if you are looking at sexy matching sets. Undergarments sizes are pretty much in tune with lingerie pieces so if you know her bra size and not the size of her booty, you may end up with a set that makes your breasts look super hot and where as her ass will feel smashed into a garter or skirt. Women’s sizes are all different. Not one of us are perfectly proportioned. Now is not the time to ‘guess’ about her size. The night is about sensual desires and she’ll feel a whole lot more desired when her intimate apparel makes her feel like a million bucks!

So, remember this; before you even think twice about shopping for what you ‘think’ she’d look hot in, think long and hard about what she would like. What selection will make her the happiest? Tonight is about her. The most important things to remember when buying lingerie as a gift? It’s NOT for You!

Remember who you are buying lingerie for and tailor your future choices to this. No two women are alike, and none of us have the same build or size. If you buy something in a style she doesn’t usually wear then the chances are most likely that you’ve screwed it up good. It’s not for you remember….it is for her. If you buy it in a color or style that she doesn’t usually wear  it may look bad on her. Why in the hell would you buy her the most sensual piece of undergarment  if the color looks poorly on her? Select the color that makes her look exquisite. You want her to look and feel sexy and stunning. You want tonight to be about desires, passion, and sexual gratification. You want to bring out the naughty in her. If lingerie is not her thing, perhaps a fantasy costume for the bedroom?
The Never to Forget Golden Rule; You are buying lingerie for her…and NOT for yourself!
Do you want to wear it? Probably not. Oh and please don’t go into a lingerie boutique asking the sales girl for her opinion because she has never met your lady before and she might make the wrong suggestion. You don’t want to know what size she wears, you are not buying for her, nor do you want to know what color she likes….unless you plan on going home and sleeping with her? Asking for her input and opinion is all right, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket and bank on your lady liking the same thing that your sales girl does. If you really care about this woman it’s time to get it right fellas.  How can you do this? Shop online! That’s right. You can sit and ponder for hours and hours going back and forth on a variety of items that you chose and narrow it down to one or two that you think would best suit her. It makes sense, and it is less time-consuming. Simply Delicious Lingerie and SImply Luscious Lingerie are open 365/24/7. We’re here for you all the time, at your convenience!


Buy something alluring. Do not purchase something slutty. If you do just think of the message you are sending. Do you want your gift to say “oh baby you’re special and I love you” or “hey baby I just wanna boink you!?”


My suggestion? Simple is sexy. If it is going to take her 20 minutes to get into it why bother? The less buttons, snaps and ties it has the better! I’m not saying that these aren’t good,…oh no, I am simply saving save them for a time when you desire prolonged foreplay. Babydolls, chemises, and teddies are great. Consider something with a robe to cover up also. Not every woman wants to come out of the bathroom with it all hanging out. Isn’t it more fun to be curious and unwrap her like a gift? Stockings, thigh highs and garters are quite the turn on! Buy these to complete the attire. They will definitely compliment the piece. They serve as the perfect accessories.


Just Do the Math…Research her needs!
Before you shop, if you aren’t sure of her size, wait until she goes out and then rummage through her underwear drawer. Try to find things with the label in it and write down the size. Listen to her needs. When she talks about romance what is she saying? Buy her something beautiful that she can’t wait to put on! Shop Simply Delicious Lingerie for her special something. We are your everyday sexy!





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