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I hear women state from day to day that when they go out shopping for something sexy, they simply cannot find lingerie that catches their eye, and that there are there a lot of store that are reluctant to carry such merchandise. For these classy curvy women, it can be quite difficult to find undergarments in an assortment of styles, colors or sizes. These women have made mention that some of those other lingerie stores have pretty lingerie but do they really know plus size lingerie? When you shop a boutique you should be able to find an entire plus size section, but in most cases you don’t…in fact what I found while out shopping with my friends was a small rack in the far back of the store with 5-10 pieces of lingerie on them, all of which I wouldn’t buy if I were plus size, not to mention they were all very tacky to say the least. They were in no way screaming sexy. Some lingerie shops only cater to what society says is sexy. Some lingerie stores want to keep that particular image and not carry plus sizes at all. 

I have morals and my own image. I have at a handful of friends all whom which I am very close to that have told me from day one (which in my business and planning it was nearly 5 years ago) that I did not understand how difficult it was to find plus size lingerie. They were absolutely right! I have never been a plus size and I had no idea how difficult it was for them to go shopping for something that hugs their curves and make them feel pretty. Today, with the American population being that 64% of the women are now a size 14 or over…somethings gotta give here! 

I started Simply Luscious Lingerie over 3 years ago with the plus size woman in mind. Although I do already have another store, Simply Delicious Lingerie which does carry plus size intimate apparel, I realized that my friends were lacking the fun of being able to shop for pretty, sexy lingerie at a store JUST FOR THEM. Just because  you may be a different size does not at all mean that you cannot look stunning and feel exhilarating! It does not mean that you should not have an entire section to browse through to select that one piece of apparel that will make you feel and look like a million bucks. 

Most women that I know of in this busy hustle and bustle world are too busy to go from store to store shopping to see if they carry plus size lingerie that they would want to purchase. If you do not have the time to go shopping for lingerie in person, or feel intimidated by the salesclerks and frustrated by a small selection at stores, visiting my website may be a good way to find the items you need. Our online store has a broader selection. Ladies, please don’t let your search for the perfect pieces be limited. We have the store for you and every day it is growing and our customer base is increasing. We need all of you to tell others about us so that we can grow even larger and fulfill more plus size women’s intimate apparel needs! 

With my BFFs in mind, I created Simply Luscious Lingerie, a plus size ONLY store that would cater to women of all size hypothetically speaking from OSQ to 4X. With my store we service you, the plus size gal with beautiful , fun lingerie that you can wear anytime and be proud to have on. Whether it be your wedding day, or everyday…we ask you to please choose us to shape your hour glass figure. Isn’t it time you found a great lingerie boutique and ‘Bring Sexy Home!?’ We’ve got the perfect fitting lingerie for the full figure woman, and image this…buying it will not break your bank!

Our store is making some big changes. I feel that I need to do more to meet your needs, so I am adding a wholesale membership area to my plus size online boutique where for $19.99 you can get one year of unlimited access to beautiful, sensual lingerie not at retail prices, rather much lower cost. You can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you shop our store! For what the membership costs you, I can promise you that you’ll save that on your first shopping visit to our online boutique. You’ll be given a code to use when you order your lingerie, but in order to get it at this incredible cost, your order must total $100 minimum. With lingerie, and the way most women love to shop, this won’t be difficult to do at all. 

We’re adding new merchandise every day to our ‘Wholesale Membership” area so please check us out and remember that the prices you see marked are the prices you would pay before the 40-70% off coupon code goes into effect. No one else offers plus size lingerie this inexpensive ladies…NO ONE! We’ll have over a hundred of items to choose from, and only the wholesale lingerie section will be discounted. Anyone not wishing to join this membership can shop any of our other categories for luxury lingerie! 

Our style is fresh, and appealing. It is alluring, exciting, intoxicating and sensual. It could be in your closet tomorrow if you join today! CLICK HERE!






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Simply Luscious Lingerie is a plus size online boutique designed for the full figure woman. We sell only plus size merchandise. No more flipping through racks of lingerie looking for your size only to come up short. We carry sizes OSQ to 4X. Our selection is fabulous. Our prices are discounted, and when you join our wholesale membership at our plus size store you will begin saving hundreds of dollars off your lingerie undergarments. Visit us today! Prices starting as low as $9.99.


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Simply Luscious Lingerie…An Online Plus Size Lingerie boutique for YOU!

Does the plus size store that you are shopping at for your women’s intimate apparel bringing you down with frumpy lingerie and high costs? If so, it’s time to change the channel…ladies, you are surfing the wrong websites! Take a look at us and see why so many women are waiting for the launch of our new plus size lingerie store, our sister company of Simply Delicious Lingerie. We are plunging into this project with confidence and support from a wide variety of women who spoke to us when we asked “What do you want in plus size lingerie?” We are aiming to gain ground and become your number one lingerie and accessories boutique!

It has not been so long ago that full-figured women had to go with out all the sexy lingerie pieces that catered to the smaller sizes, but NO MORE is that the statement, and I am pitching a new website for the beautiful curvy woman who has glamour and sex appeal. This is just not the way it is any more today. Plus size women can be sexy too in lingerie fashions that will drive guys nuts.  You will feel and look like a million dollars in a hot number made for you, guaranteed. Plus size women can experience the lift and concealment of all the same styles of lingerie that they want at Our new line of Carrie Amber Intimates, Baby Got Curves boasts sheer elegance and has rave reviews!

 Your lingerie options are endless at Simply Luscious Lingerie. You no longer have to feel that because you have an extra few pounds there is nothing sexy out there for you. There are plenty of bridal lingerie selections, chemises, babydolls, teddies, bra and panty sets, sexy matching sets, garters and skirt sets, sexy costumes and other intimate apparel that is made for full-figured women today. The curvaceous women no longer have to be forced into cotton briefs that are ugly and unflattering. Time to break out of that shell gals, it’s 2012! 

 There are tons of styles of cute silky and lacy panties to choose from. It really doe not matter if you are a 14 or 6X you will be able to find anything from lace to leather, silk to satin, or any other fabric type you desire. Feeling sexy and voluptuous is just as important to you as it is every other woman on the planet. You just need to go grab those few lingerie items that you wardrobe has been missing all this time. A fabulous bra and panty set is a great way to feel vibrant under your clothes. This will help you show off all your seductive curves and conceal any areas that you wish to not show.

Time to say ‘good-bye’ to those bloomers and say ‘hello’ to something a little more risky. Go for something sheer and teasing such as a chemise or sensuous slip. There are plenty of sexy things you can dare to wear that will keep that man’s eyes on you for sure. If you want to add a bit of adventure then try that leather or satin corset. Go for the mesh body suit or a sweet see through teddie. It is now your turn to explore the passion and fun of lingerie. Getting that sexy piece of lingerie can make you know you are just as beautiful as any other women. Spice up you and your partner’s life with a little fun and playfulness. It is about time you got to feel the belle of the ball for a change. The best thing about lingerie is you can still wear all you comfy bras and panties all the time. Lingerie can be preserved for those precious moments. It is a great way to express your more feminine side and make you feel beautiful and sensual. It does not matter why you want them. It is important to be able to have them if you so desire. There are plenty of places to find good quality plus size lingerie, but only at Simply Luscious Lingerie will you get first class attention, exquisite glamorous lingerie in a variety of plus sizes and truly affordable prices that will keep you coming back time and time again! 

We’ll  have a great collection in stock and available. If you are not comfortable, not to worry, you don’t have to go to the local mall or lingerie store, we’re here to service you 365/24/7 in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose to shop us via your computer, laptop or iPad. We’ll have huge selection of sexy full-figured lingerie. You will be able to look at all the different styles at your leisure without worrying about any one knowing. We respect your privacy, and we are discrete. Your confidentiality is of the most importance to us here at Simply Luscious Lingerie. Don’t ever settle for less because you are full-figured. You deserve to be an amazing, sensual and sexy woman, because you are! Join us in the next few months as we kick off the newest and latest online plus size lingerie boutique that will leave a lasting memory. Not only will the stylish apparel turn heads, so will our fabulous prices!




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