Finding the Right Sexy Lingerie for YOU!

Let’s face it, lingerie is sexy as hell nonetheless difficult at times to find the right piece or two for you. Not everyone has the same shape. We are all made and designed a tad-bit different. Over the years many things have changed in fashion, but lingerie is still bold and still makes a statement to be both seen and heard. Sexy is the you that you can be. Don’t be shy sweetheart, flaunt what you have regardless- whether you are a size S or a 2X show it off! It is time to get sensual! 

So, how do you find the right piece or two of sexy lingerie that is appeasing to YOU and your figure? How does one select a piece that is also selective to the eye? Remember, you want to make a lasting impression. You want to wear something that will leave them longing for much more….Allow me give you some suggestions if you will?


  • Try taking inventory of your style. What is it that personally speaks YOU in your closet or lingerie drawers? What exactly does your wardrobe say about you? Are you casual or formal? Classy or trashy? Do you prefer clingy silk material or soft flowing satins? My advice? Don’t stray too far from your personal style when it comes to lingerie. Sure we all love to get a little sassy and take a walk on the wild side sometimes, BUT too much is never a good thing. Represent yourself well and with respect of your look. 
  • Find the right size…Yep, that’s right ladies…for goodness sakes, Please buy lingerie that fits you properly. My advice would be to take your measurements before making a purchase. Most places that I know of don’t accept returns. Hey its a federal regulation to not return intimate apparel usually unless it has been damaged in transit or defective at the time received in most cases, some store take it back but the restrictions and requirements are so harsh that even if you send it back for a return you’ll get nailed with a”return to stock” fee leaving you short in the pocket book! As Justin Timberlake once said “Bring Sexy Back!” Remember, all lingerie should look good and should fit properly. Every woman has a style all of her own, if you don’t know yours yet and what you like, test the waters and find out what makes you feel pretty!
  • This is an real important one; ONE SIZE does not fit all. No matter how the heck you slice it OS is not meant for everyone! Let’s be practical here…I am 140 lbs. and I couldn’t buy something that said OS if it were shown on a woman weighing 100 lbs. Where on earth would I pack the extra 40 pounds? In lingerie, that doesn’t happen! Also,ladies, your bra size in US made clothing may not be the same when it comes to Italian brands. So shop with us where we sell only American made lingerie. 
  • If it doesn’t promote the “WOW FACTOR” on you, don’t waste your money! Don’t buy just any piece of lingerie simply because it’s super revealing, sassy, sexy or sensual. If you don’t feel like you absolutely need to own it, then don’t buy it. If you want to spice it up…keep that in mind when you shop either of our store at  and Anything too drab by will defeat the purpose of wearing lingerie altogether. You want to wear something that says class. Confidence boosts a woman’s ego and sexy lingerie will certainly promote that for sure!
  • Buy lingerie that is functional for heaven sakes! Your lingerie should fit just as well under your clothes as it does alone. You don’t want something so tight that you’re falling out of it, or something that is going to look horrible on you because you tried to squeeze into a size OS rather than your true size. The best piece of lingerie is one that will work well for a date night or another day at the office. Whether it be accented as an intimate under your business attire or worn in the bedroom…select the piece that is becoming on you! That is what will get your partners attention! You want all eyes to be on you, so do accessorize with your lingerie and get SEXY!!! 






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