Relationship = Express Yourself

You don’t need diamond rings…or eighteen karat gold…fancy cars that go very fast…you know they never last, no, no. So, if we don’t need all of those things, what is it that we do need to make us happy? Long stem roses are the way to your heart, but he needs to start with your head…what if you’re dating a real jackass and he hasn’t a clue about what it is that you want or need? Sister…as Madonna sang…You’ve got to “Express Yourself!” It’s time to get verbal. Yes body language works most of the time, but if you’ve got a man that is not reading between the lines, he may be missing the entire entree, so feed him for heaven sakes! If you don’t tell him, he won’t know what it is that you truly want, need or desire!

Keep in mind, not all men are the ripest apples on the tree when it comes to dating and relationships. Some of these guys are great but they just need some nurturing.Relationships don’t just happen! What you need is a big strong hand to life you to a higher ground. Does he make you feel like you’re the queen of his throne? If he doesn’t then it’s time to move on.

But remember,…in all relationships, especially new ones, they require work and care to endure and, with time, to evolve in ways that keep both partners fulfilled. I call this the labor of love. Such labors are well worth the effort, though, since a lasting marital relationship is the most rewarding bond in life.

My non-professional advice? Put your needs first! What will make your relationship work? There are a few things that are in my opinion that need to occur and will most definitely be sensual and scream happiness together;

1) Have a quickie! Fast sex may seem unromantic, but short bursts of passion keep you bonded because they release dopamine and oxytocin, two chemicals that trigger loving feelings. This also spices it up a little!

2) Respect Your Relationships Privacy; keep this in mind- If a couple seems overly happy, they may be trying to compensate for insecurities. We all need our own space, so do give it to one another. 

3) Laying a Solid Foundation; Women and men also need to be equals in their relationship. Communication is KEY…without it, you have no relationship, and what you do have will sink like quick sand.

4) Be Compatible!!!

To be compatible means to be able to exist together in harmony. However, for you and your partner to be able to exist together or complement each other, you need three major characteristics:

(a) Contentment and enjoyment in each other’s company.

(b) Sharing each other’s goals and aspirations.

(c) Acting responsibly towards each other.

If you are content with each other and love your life together, you’ll love doing things together which you both enjoy. If you don’t communicate and talk about it, you won’t know what one another is trying to say, so for the love of God, express yourself!

express yourself