Relationships and Trust

If you would have asked me several months ago or even a few years ago what I found most intriguing in men and being in a relationship my answer might have been something off the chart…why? Probably because I had such high expectations of what I wanted in a man and how I thought a relationship was supposed to work. It may have also been because I hadn’t been in a relationship for a lengthy enough time to give a good man a chance.

In the last several months, I’ve come to the realization that there is no perfect relationship, rather relations that are nourished with communication, and kindness. I’ve always been one who would say that if you are worth it, a man will do whatever it takes to make you happy. The truth is, it is not just about me or you. All relationships begin as a friendship and with the right nutrients and enough air to breathe on their own, they blossom over time into something that can be the start of a whole new chapter in one’s life.

 Get to know each other really well. Learn about each other’s biggest dreams and worst nightmares. We all have them, and our feelings do matter.  talk about your ideal plans for your life, where you see yourself in a few years? As mush as this doesn’t matter to many people, it is significant to some people, so lay your cards on the table. Discuss what your moral beliefs are. If you’re religious, discuss those beliefs now. Talk about how you both were raised. Share family stories that provide knowledge of how they’ve made you a better person. Learning about each other, your pasts and ideas on life is very important. Don’t carry baggage (mostly drama) into a new relationship. That is a BIG No-No, so clear the slate now!

Too many of us have preconceived notions about what relationships should or shouldn’t be. When you think a relationship should be a certain way, and yours isn’t, frustration sets in…and we all know that frustration is the number one thing that eats away at a relationship. Another ‘not so good’ sign is if you’re trying hard to make improvements and changes, but you don’t see the same level of effort on your partner’s part. It’s not an 80/20 relationship, it has to be a 50/50. There has to be some sense of “we’re trying really hard, both making changes and that’s making a difference.’” Otherwise, you will beat yourself into the ground trying to make this person happy and in the end you will only be exhausted, and no one needs a relationship where the work is harder than the enjoyment/satisfaction of what you both share.

Has your relationship gone down hill? They say that often daily routines are one of the culprits and I agree. As their responsibilities grow and roles expand, they say that couples have less and less time and energy for each other. My non-professional advice? You have to make the time, it’s really just that simple. Nothing is so important that a 5 second text message stating that you miss him/her won’t put a smile on your partners face. A brief phone call s that they can hear your voice and know that you miss them and care is all one needs to make them smile and understand that although you are swamped with work, or chores or even family stuff that you care about them and wanted to show it. I’m not stating that your relationship is going down hill fast because of romance, but if may be, that too can be fixed. Surly this doesn’t mean that the passion is gone for good. With a little planning and playfulness, you can boost passion.

With Simply Delicious and Simply Luscious Lingerie you can go from fizzle to sizzle with our sexy lingerie and our bedroom costumes. Men love affection and getting their egos stroked, so ladies, you may have to kick it up a notch…and fellas, we women love being told that we look pretty, or that we smell good, etc.

Treat him or her as you’d like to be treated. In simple terms; ‘be nice!’ It’s not fair for one person to set boundaries and then not be expected to keep the same ones. If you want his/hers respect you are going to have to earn it. Treat them the way that you’d like to be treated.

What destroys a relationship? Jealousy has been said to be the culprit in the destruction in relationships as well as marriages. Jealousy is more about how secure and confident you are with yourself and your relationship (or the lack thereof.) Jealousy is the root of all evil. Truth be told; you can’t make your partner feel more secure” or “change their self-confidence.” This has to be up to them to do on their own. Jealousy can weigh down a relationship because it shows lack of trust, and sweetheart, without trust, you have no relationship at all.

If you think that this is untrue, come down off that cloud in La-La-Land and get with the realities of your own insecurities and stop blaming your partner for this one. Honestly, there are so many people who are very good at the blame game and not so good at pondering how they can become better partners. Instead, they demand that their partners make  changes. This is a two-way street and no one ever said that being in a relationship/marriage would be easy. The problem at hand is this; too many people give up and don’t want to try. Divorce rates have skyrocketed over the past decade or two and why? Lack of trust, jealousy, and communication. If I have said it once I’ve said it a gazillion times. Talk, talk, talk to your partner.


Here’s how to decide if you are in the right relationship;

1) You don’t fear it, you go with the flow and enjoy the ride

2) You don’t snoop into their lives, especially their past

3) You don’t hide your relationship from people

4) You don’t act superior to them

5) You don’t lose yourself in the relationship, it’s NOT all about YOU

6) You don’t expect that person to change, you accept them JUST THE WAY THEY ARE!!

7) You don’t take, take, take

8) You miss them when they are away

9) You don’t smother them wanting to always be together, you give them space

10) You TRUST them!



Connections, Fate, and Romance…

Many times I am asked if I believe in fate? On occasion people ask me if I believed in paths crossing for a reason? The answer to both is YES, I do!  Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you believe in paths crossing? This is fate my friend. You see, every now and again fate steps in and gives you a piece of happiness that you didn’t think you deserved, and then as fast as it enters your life, it exits. Sound familiar?   Have you ever gone somewhere and met someone who you just ‘clicked’ with and wondered if he/she could be the one?

Have you ever felt something immediately when you made a connection with someone who stayed in your mind, and your heart for as long as you can remember? A place stands out in your mind, or a song, or the smell in the salty air? It might have been something as little as their smile…nonetheless, that person changed your way of thinking and put an extra skip in your step all of a sudden.

My advice (non-professionally that is) is that when you meet someone, when fate steps in, take a chance. There is no time like the present. Say hello to that person and make conversation. Laugh with them. Go out of your way to get his/hers attention and when you do, find a way to captivate them so that you stay in their head for a long time. Speaking of time, timing is essentially everything. There are times that people come into our lives when the connection just won’t work for a variety of reasons or because one or the other of you is not ready.

There are times where years go by, or even a decade and then one day you wake up after thinking of this person who has been tucked away in the back of your mind, and you ask yourself why you met him/her all those years ago? What was the purpose? Why did it not last, and is there a chance that you can rekindle the flame?  I am a firm believer in second chances. I am a true connoisseur of romance… I had a situation in my life-like this a decade ago when I met someone who stood out and stuck in my head. Regardless whether anything would now or could ever again happen, he will always be called my friend.

He was a vision of the perfect man who was funny and kind and when he smiled he lit up the room. We met in a bar on the beach while I was out with a friend. He approached our table and we immediately made a connection and clicked. For 4 days he spent time getting to know me and then when it was time for me to leave, I was given the most beautiful goodbye. A man who barely knew me standing on his pick up truck waving to me as my plane took off on the runway. He crossed over onto private property just so that I could see him. He took a risk for me. He hauled ass to the airport to see me before I boarded my plane, but he was too late. We boarded early. Was that a sign?

 Everyday people do things that surprise us. People,who were complete strangers to me on my plane could not get over the affection that one person could display, and this man did something that will stay with me and in my memory until the end of time. Even though this man has not seen me in several years, he made me a better person. I can still see his smile, and I can still hear his laughter if I close my eyes and listen in my mind. He taught me not afraid to follow my dreams, and he gave me the inspiration to go after what I truly believed in, just like he followed me to the airport.  It’s been nearly 10 years since I met this man, and once in passing about 7 years ago I saw him again while visiting the beach with my friends. At a glance our vehicles passed at a supermarket and our eyes met. I knew it was him.

Second chances? That was mine, and I felt that if he truly wanted to see me he would make an attempt to contact me. 4 days went by and I heard nothing…so I figured that was it…he must have moved on and married or met someone and was happy. It wasn’t until we were picking up last-minute souvenirs at a local beach store when a friend and I were sitting in the car and noticed something under my windshield wiper. When I got out of the car and pulled the card from underneath the wiper blade, it was wet and the writing was smeared, but it said “I’m sorry, I wasn’t ready then…” on the reverse side was his phone number on the business card. We communicated after I made it back home again for a short while and then just like the first time he disappeared into thin air. 

Every year around this time I think of him as we met on Memorial Day Weekend on a hot sticky muggy night at a little bar on the beach called Harold’s on the ocean. Every year around this time I ponder “what if?” Every time I go back to the beach I walk into Harold’s on the ocean hoping for that connection again to rekindle the friendship that started all those years ago.   Life is full of surprises and we are blessed with those around us and who grace us with their presence. I am and always have been a live for the moment kind of gal and although this man left my life as quickly as he entered it, he will forever remain in my head. Sometimes, something like this only comes around once in a lifetime; so if this is happening to you, seize the moment. Take the chance…you may never have another one. Your heart will guide you to make the right decisions. Have fate my friends. Don’t let your dreams get washed away…  



Dating Sites…Looking for L-O-V-E or L-U-S-T?

Dating sites seem to be the route to take these days to finding love,and there are plenty of them out there to choose from…but what it if you don’t desire love, rather lust? What if you are just seeking a lover, a NSA kind of guy? What if you just want a ‘boy toy’ if you will? Someone to give you an exclusive membership to their very own pleasure ride in the sky…their personal ‘mile high club?’ A man who you don’t want to be married to rather just share your private and alone time with a few times a month on intimate dinners, weekend getaways and travel? Then you go your separate ways until your next encounter or get together? 

When I think about meeting a man and dating him, or being his lover, I think about two people, at first strangers coming together to form a certain sense of harmony and really connecting on a variety of levels. When I think about a relationship whether it be long term or short term, the questions is not how long will it last rather, how good do these two people mesh together each time the unite? It takes two special people coming together and feeling a connection, first via emails, texts, and the phone and then in person. Many things go into this to make all the good things unfold, but oh if you plan this out and together make goals and commitments of some sort it will all fall into place and it very well can be a win/win for both of you. What is this you ponder? It’s called synchronicity.

Need me to spell it out for you? It is the phenomenon of meaningful things happening together in such a way that they are creatively linked, although one thing did not cause the other. It is as if there is a pattern to the events that is showing you that you are going in the right direction…and the right direction is always good. When you put forth effort and enthusiasm, it shows you are genuine and sincere. You’re not playing games, you’re both adults and deserve to be treated as such. 

So many things go into the full equation of asking; “Is he really the one that will make me happy?” or “Is he going to be discreet and respect me?” If he is the right guy for you, then getting together should be like a walk in the park. Don’t sweat the small stuff…that’s what I tell my friends. Making a connection with someone is not easy at all, in fact when you meet on line it can be even more difficult because you’ve viewed a profile and determined that you like or dislike him or her. If you do like them you proceed to get to know more about them because there is some sort of an attraction and there is so much more to an individual than simply their profile alone. As long as you are completely honest and have excellent communication skills all will be fine, not to worry. Just be YOU! You will find everything falling into place as if it was ‘meant to be’. If there are obstacles now and then, they will be overcome; generally, your path will be smooth because you both went into this type of relationship with the same expectations not only as friends, but lovers. 

Not every chance encounter is magical. There may be some negative affects to meeting someone; sometimes you may meet the right person at the wrong time. Synchronicity is not there and if you try to force a relationship to happen, it will hit a brick wall, and ouch, you don’t want that! My strong non-professional advice would then be that should this happen to you; you’d better to let him go. If he is your Mr. Right, he will come back into your life again later, when it is the right time for both of you. I always say ‘don’t push fate’ it has to happen on its own. 


You may be looking for weeks or months for someone special and not find him, then one day you may be getting ready to close out a membership for a dating site and see a message from someone and decide to read it…it very well could be that one message that caught your eye was all that it took to produce a wonderful new friendship and passion in your life. Erotic and exotic fun may have just hit a new level. Your connection may just be explosive and then you can really kiss the dating sites goodbye!

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7 Daily Doses to a Healthy Relationship

      Practice Healthy Relationship Habits…

•   Respect and being Respected. Life and relationships are about meeting in the middle. I’ve always said that it takes two to make a relationship work and two to make it fail. Trust me, I know this first hand. Relationships can endure a lot of bumps in the road if you respect one another. Relationships are about finding your own inner happiness and then spreading the love with your partner or mate. Before you can love you have to love and respect yourself. The two go hand in hand. Respect is not something that one should have to think about in a relationship, you just DO IT! How so? Little ways…call her and say hello out of the blue, text her in the middle of the day and tell her that you’re thinking about her/him. Pick up her dry-cleaning. Surprise her by cooking dinner because you know darn well that she had a rough day at work. Listen to her when she speaks, and really pay attention to her thoughts, wants and needs.

•   Trusting and being Trusted. I’m a shoot from the hip kinda gal and that’s how you should be too! If you are not, you need to be a straight shooter. Trust is the great equalizer in a good relationship; without it there is no good! A good foundation in a healthy love relationship is built on trust and trust must be earned. 

Holding back on the truth about how you feel, only telling part of the story, fudging on what your wants and needs are to your partner slowly erodes the trust in your relationship. Total honesty brings about awesome trust. Do all that you can to achieve it and have a relationship that can endure it all.

•   Always go that extra mile. Don’t wait for her to do it- you do it…and by it, I mean anything to make her smile. Motivate each other to be the best you can be. Be inventive in coming up with ways to inspire your love life. Never stop. NEVER! Push the romance envelope with a getaway in the mountains for a long weekend or if you are anything like be, be a toes in the sand kinda gal. Have fun, be creative and enjoy life. Life is a precious gift, don’t waste it pondering negative thoughts, do what makes you happy and your partner happy. Remember, you may not be perfect, but you are perfect in her eyes, and in retrospect that’s really all that matters now isn’t it?

•   Agree to Agree. It is important to understand that relationships seldom feel easy; however, a relationship is less of a struggle when two people agree to do whatever it takes to make it workable. Building a solid foundation is key folks. Without it, like quicksand you will sink and your relationship will not survive. This does not mean giving it your best shot and if it doesn’t work, you move on. Don’t be a quitter. This means doing whatever it takes!

•   Want your romance life to last a lifetime? Ok…2 Words:

Make Memories; How about creating a scrapbook of love? Don’t call me cheesy here…it’s a great way to remember all the wonderful things that you did together and a way to go back and look at your relationship whenever you need a reminder of good times. Stash your memories of special greeting cards, matchbook covers that remind you of great visits, snapshots, a pressed flower, ticket stubs, a handwritten love poem, a funny, thoughtful valentine. 

Celebrate spending time together. Do things that make the two of you happy. Memories tell stories and stories are passed down from generation to generation, so give everyone something to talk about.

•   Spread a little sunshine. That’s right, sunshine. What does this mean? Don’t hover over one another. Make them happy! Give each other permission to their own space. You should have your friends as a couple but you should also have a few close friends that you like to hang out with one night a week, or month. These could be life long friends or even coworkers. It is healthy to give one another space. No one wants to be smothered. Relationships need to grow, so feed them. Give her a daily dose of love. Nothing grows well in the shade! If you are forever in your loved one’s pocket, you can stifle the love so freely given. Even love partners need time alone. You need space. I know I need mine. Too much togetherness is not good. Go out shopping with your friends, or to a ball game or concert. This shows that you can and speaks volumes of trust.


•   Are you pushing your partner’s hot buttons? If not…TRY IT! …But push them spontaneously. I’m not talking about the ones you shouldn’t push. Push the turn-on buttons. No better way than to every now and again crank up the heat in the bedroom or any room for that matter. Know what delights and pleases your partner and push those buttons, and do it most often. Does he like thigh highs and garters under a trench coat? Does he like your sensual perfume on his pillow case? Find what makes your partner, lover, mate tick and load him up with your ammunition. Knowing what makes him or her tick and turning them on at the right times is KEY to a fun, happy and most desired and sexual relationship. Remember, you’ve made it this far, so remind her that she is everything in your eye. Something tells me that you got a groovy kind of love…





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Why Red is the #1 Color of SEXY

If there is one thing that get a man’s attention it’s a women who is wearing the color red. Its certainly not a color that should be wore every day but it is a color that gets a mans attention. Red lipstick, red nail polish red shoes, red dress? What about red lingerie? For so long now it has been said that a lady in red is more attractive than a lady in any other color. It truly can be said that women who do wear red lingerie says a lot about who they are as a woman. Red is the color of passion, of blood, of fire. Designers claim that red is the perfect color for romance. Red lingerie arouses an entirely different kind of passion  and it says the night on fire with passion. Teasing and tantalizing, yet a color spoken sold bold that it goes where no other color goes.

Does the color of what a woman is wearing catch a mans eye? Men see red and think of sex. Hot, passionate, and steamy. Lingerie is now and has forever been a seducer…oh but the color can make the difference. Why are men attracted to women in any color lingerie? Well, lingerie makes a statement. Any woman who wears it whether it be a sexy matching set (bra and panty,) babydoll, teddy,chemise, etc., seems to send a signal to their partner, mate, spouse that says “I am confident and feel soooo sexy.” At that point, honestly, men can’t get enough! Lets go over a few of the red pieces that I’ve listed below and why they are so sexy, how they define who you are as a woman, or in their eyes, a goddess and what makes them so turned on that they’ll see fireworks in the bedroom!

Red Panties

Red lace panties, how hot. Perhaps the very definition of hot. If you can put these on without bursting into flames then you very possibly have an asbestos ass. Perhaps if the red lace panties aren’t doing it for you, how about these red ruffle panties? Ruffles are a favorite among many men who wear lingerie because of their feminine connotations and their inherent prettiness. Red panties are the starting point for any red lingerie ensemble. They set the tone and the mood for the rest of the outfit, and they need only conform to your particular desire.

Red Stockings

Red stockings can be obtained in many styles, red nylon stockings, red fishnet stockings, red stockings and suspenders, they’re all on the menu for the man who wears lingerie. Red hosiery is the easiest item to find of all the red lingerie options we discuss here, because, for some reason, red doesn’t appear to be subject to the laws of ‘Valentine’s Day and Christmas’ which bra and panty sets seem to obey. Topping your red lingerie ensemble off should like putting the icing on the cake, and let’s face it, all men love the sweets.

Red Bra & Panty Set

This is a simple statement. When choosing a bra and panty set always make certain that they match ladies. The bra and panty set can be lace, or satin. Cotton doesn’t scream sexy, nonetheless it isn’t a good pick in the lingerie line, however, I’m not at all saying that you can’t wear it. Cotton lingerie is rarely found. It just doesn’t scream sexy, it screams comfort and when you are with your special someone comfort is the last thing that you are seeking…you want erotic passion. A bra and panty set so simple can drive a man wild with desire.

Remember, always pick out the lingerie for YOU first and foremost. Yes, we want our partners, mate, or spouse to love it, but honey, they don’t have to wear it…you do. 1) you want to select something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Babydoll lingerie and chemises are quite popular and our selections are trendy. Never wear it too tight, buy a larger size if you must to look and feel comfy, trust me, you’ll still look and feel sexy. 2) Confidence shines through when you feel great, so select something that fit’s your attire well, that accentuates your figure, eyes, skin tone and hair color.Your confidence comes from within and as Shakira sang once, “Underneath Your Clothes” ….there’s an endless story….this is SO TRUE!

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Relationships…Does a Woman Need a Man’s Approval?

Are you contemplating a new relationship with someone who likes you but wants to change your ways because he thinks you would then be the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak? We all like it sweet, but as an old friend once said “Sugar, You don’t need a man’s approval, you are in a league all of your own!” Somewhere along the line, a rumor was started that women became known as let’s just say; “the weaker sex”…said no one ever. Ok I’ll bite…

So why don’t you tell that to Annie Oakley, Betsy Ross, Beyonce, Cleopatra,  Ellen DeGeneres, Joan of Arc, Madonna, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks or Susan B. Anthony? These women, and so many others that I have not made mention of, all strong-willed have endured their own fair share of life, heartaches, set backs and disappointments nonetheless, they are symbols of strength amongst women today. Obviously those women, an army of warriors and my guess is ALL of your friends would fiercely disagree right? We are not the weaker sex, and I am sure that I could get women around the globe to back me on this one.

So why are you surrendering yourself to get the approval of some guy? Women have radar and we generally use it all the time…I do, and it’s usually always right and has never let me down before…well, maybe once. The thing is gals that if you meet a good man and want to be with him, you should not need his approval for anything. He should like/love you for who you are with all of your pro’s, con’s, faults, and no faults highs and lows. You’re falling for an idea that psychologists call the “approval trap.” If you seek his approval, there is no turning back my friend. Before you start to defend yourself, yes, it’s great when you get affirmation from friends and co-workers for what you do. What do your friends think about this? Your true friends will try to make you understand why you should not compromise your happiness to appease him. Wake up girlfriend…can you not see the forest through the trees?

The problem is when you depend on their approval for who you are you lose touch with your independence and what makes you so special. Am I making any sense here? Do you see the difference? Handing over your self-esteem to anyone is a dangerous and usually a really damaging choice that should not be taken lightly. The person whose approval you believe that you must have can respond honestly or dishonestly. Are you willing to risk all of who you are for someone that easily? As another friend once said “Did you fall off the turnip truck and smack that nugget too hard on the pavement?” Since when do you need someone’s approval?

 He could choose to be an encourager to you or he might verbally take you down to his level. Changing who you are to gain his approval is so wrong on so many levels. The price is simply too high.To attract a man who is secure in himself and ready to be an equal partner in a relationship, you have to be that kind of person. Are you that kind of woman? Are you emotionally stable, secure with who you are and happy with yourself? If the answer is no, girlfriend you need to take a good lookie deep within and ask yourself why? Once you determine what is causing you these issue you can address them and work on fixing them. You’ll be on the highway to becoming a better you. You truly can become a better YOU! My grandmother used to always tell me that if you don’t like something …change it! Like minds attract you know? If you’re an insecure and a clingy woman (which oh geez I hope you are not) who has no idea who she is, or what her goals or aspirations are in life, then why do you think you’ll attract a man who is the opposite?

The type of man that you don’t want is counting on you to play the old role of doing whatever it takes to snag him. There are a lot of fish in the sea, so do not think for a minute that you have to latch onto the first one that comes along and grabs your bait. 

 Are you making changes with yourself because it is what ‘you desire’ or what you know he likes? Do you change your wardrobe from business classic to low cut and glamorous because that’s what he likes? You begin doing things his way and for him, and you lose sight slowly of you. In no time, you make excuses to ditch your friends because he wants to “be alone” or “expand your circle.” Do you seriously think that the only way to snatch this guy is to give up your life and your identity to be his personal toy. Bad deal for you, great deal for him. Want my personal NON-PROFESSIONAL advise? DON’T DO IT! Don’t lose who you are. Don’t lose your ethics and values for some schmuck that thinks he can change you. Be happy with the way you are and you will find a man who will love you for all of those qualities that make you so unique.

History does have a way of repeating itself. It also shows men as pursing the hidden treasure. When motivated that the prize is worth the effort, men go to any lengths to win and get what they want. What if that treasure is you? Are you willing to make sacrifices to better suite his needs? Are you willing to lose your identity for him? Are you crazy? Any man that tries to change so many things about you that make you YOU is not the man you want to be with,…not now, not ever. Think long and hard before jumping into this frying pan ladies, the fire may be too hot and you will surely get burned!



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New Relationships…What to Expect?

New relationships are fun and scary at the same time. One minute you are so excited and the next you are sick to your stomach with worry…..and “what if’s?” You’re really not quite sure if this new found relationship is going to go anywhere, so the first thing to do is just savor the moment! Whatever will be, will be.

 What if it’s a relationship that began years ago and two were reunited again after several years? What then? Well, if you were a hot ticket then and you happen to cross paths again now, I’d say that there is something positive going on and would strongly suggest to explore your options. 

What if it came out of the blue when you least expected it? Aren’t those the best kind of new relationships? What then? What do you expect? How do you feel, act and what can you do to make certain that it runs smoothly? There are a lot of ways to answer this one but truthfully, the best non-professional advice I could give would be to tell you to take it one day at a time and just enjoy getting to know one another. Life is not about running a marathon to find that one person that will make you weak at the knees , life is about  taking your time to learn all of the finer qualities that one has to share and enjoying your time with them whether it be every day or once a month. When you are with this person and if things are really clicking,…time will stand still, so embrace it! 

You may try to conform to a certain role just to ‘be the partner’ that they are looking for, and that can cause a lot of problems not only down the road, but right now in regards to your outlook on yourself. So here is some advice on new relationships that will help you move towards a healthy and happy relationship that, hopefully, will last a long time!First thing is getting rid of excess baggage that we carry over from past relationships into our new relationships. Did your ex hurt you by cheating, lying, or just leaving you with no reason? Well, you can’t carry that over into a new relationship or you are being unfair to your new partner. You know that saying…”Out with the old, and in with the new?” That”s right ….it’s time to clean house. Spring clean and get ready for new adventures with your new mate.  Don’t worry so much…if he/she enjoys being around you, things will begin to develop.  When attraction meets chemistry there is no telling what will occur!

You have to remember that every person in this world is different and just because your new partner says something or does something that led to hurt before, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. Start fresh now! Shake off the old beliefs and habits and come into the new relationship fresh, if you don’t….it will be doomed from the get-go! Have faith that this person until they prove they can’t be trusted….lets hope that you never have to worry about this.

Second thing is having trust, as trust is a huge component to new relationships. So many of them end because of ridiculous trust issues that are again the result of the past.Yes, you do build trust as you go but you have to let go and believe that it’s going to be okay in order to allow yourself to trust. Belief is powerful and will override your past issues. Affirm to yourself everyday that this new relationship is just that new – and you are putting your faith and trust into it without any inhibitions.

Third thing is dealing with conflict, as that issue tends to happen in new relationships, and it’s always over the littlest things. But it’s bound to happen because you are two people who used to be single and doing things your own way with no one to answer to. Understanding, communication, and patience are the keys to getting through conflict.

Understand that he/she has different outlooks on situations and a different way of doing things. Perhaps he is outgoing and you aren’t so much, maybe he is shy and you,..not so much, or vice versa? Meet one another in the middle. Ask yourself, is this the man/woman that makes my life feel safe, complete and does this individual have what it takes to give me what I need? I’ve learned after all these years that happiness is so much better than anything else. So many enter into relationships for monetary reasons,….big mistake. That’s easy bringing your funds together….show him that you “do” need him in various ways, and make him/her see that he is your “one and only!” It’s important to reinforce this in a relationship, otherwise the communicate fizzles and so does the “what you have”….slowly you grow apart, until one day you wake up beside him/her and wonder how you got to this point?Don’t argue without talking it out, and making up!

Talk about those issues and why they bother you and listen to his/her issues and why they bother him/her. Really listen and understand where they are coming from and you’ll see that not everything has to be done or looked at a certain way (your way).

Lastly you need patience. Use your patience to get through or make it to the understanding and communication. Patience is a great virtue for relationships because without it we would just blow up without waiting to see the truth of the situation. Take deep breaths (not dramatically), take a time out, or take a walk if you have to but don’t react in anger or annoyance. Keep your cool and you will be thankful you did later.

New relationships need to get over some humps and be polished a little bit but if you can do this then you are well on your way to a long-lasting relationship. I’ve said this sooooo many times, and I will say it again….

The important thing to do is to build the foundation of the relationship so there’s never any doubt about what you two expect from each other and there will be no surprises down the road. Enjoy the adventure, and be spontaneous with your partner. Always tell them how important they are to you, and just be there for them. Friendship is the solid foundation to lay with any relationship. As long as there is communication, there is growth and hope.


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