Why Do Men Make Relationship Mistakes

“One day you’re going to realize that she  was what you wanted all along. That girl that knew she wasn’t perfect, but tried to be just for you. That girl who wanted nothing more than to be there for you, and loving you was the only way she could. The girl who picked you up whenever you were down.The girl who saw you through good times, and bad. The girl who sees your flaws, and accepts your faults, but values them as much as your strengths. The girl that only wanted to walk beside you. That girl who still can’t bring herself to hate you, even though sometimes you probably deserve it. The girl that should have you, but doesn’t.”

 So why didn’t she get the guy? I’ve got 4 reasons that are pretty simple…..read them, and learn from them, and perhaps this will help someone else “not” make the same mistakes…..nevertheless, life is about learning, and mistakes…..they are what makes us grow….after all, we are only human.


Sound familiar anyone? Ahhhh the ole’ “you’re everything I wanted but now isn’t the best time.” Anyone every heard that excuse? In most cases with men their relationship that didn’t work out simply because of some stupid mistake that he felt really bad about it. Naturally, the relationship fails, thinking that talking would help him sort his feelings out but he’s too proud to do it.

Unfortunately,if you snooze you loose gentlemen so take my advice and lay all the cards on the table….then if the relationship is truly over walk away, take time off from dating to get your head turned back around and move forward learning from this relationship and its mistakes so that you don’t duplicate them in the future…and don’t use the cop-out ‘work has me so busy.’ That’s hogwash and you really need to come up with something better than that because we aren’t stupid and we have feelings. Just say STOP! Enough is enough.


It’s a sad statistic, but 80-90% of the single men you meet aren’t ready or willing (or both) to handle a serious relationship. That’s why shortly after the relationship starts, things go downhill and end in a break-up. These men weren’t suited to handle a big commitment to begin with! Men who fall into this category include players and guys who prioritize work over relationships, it also includes men who are far too immature for a good woman. It’s too bad, but there are a lot of single men out there who “could have been” great boyfriends – it’s just that their hearts and minds weren’t ready for you at the time!

Again, there’s little you can do directly to change the minds of these men, I call them boys, because they sure as hell don’t know how to act like a real man. Even if you did manage to get them to commit to a relationship with you, it’s often only a matter of time before they fall out of love with you. You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks and you can’t change a man. He has to want to change for YOU!


With  the first two reasons, we talked about the two biggest problems that men have about commitment, and how they keep them from staying in a relationship with you, no matter how good you think the relationship may be going….are you following me here? If you’ve noticed, I mentioned in the first two reasons that trying to directly change his mind, such as by trying to make him talk about the problem, or trying to force him to commit to you, or by criticizing, or by arguing, or by begging, or WHATEVER… …it DOESN’T work! It will backfire on you and YOU WILL be left with nothing!! BACK OFF LADIES! It’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing — after all, the best way to solve a problem is by taking a scientific, logical, step-by-step process to solve it, right? Hell no, we open our yap and it all comes out, foot in mouth..over and over and over again.

 When you try to approach your relationship problems in this manner, you’re simply taking the focus AWAY from the relationship and putting it ONTO the problem. In your case, the problem will only get bigger and bigger.

And, as I keep saying, what you focus on GROWS! The relationship becomes less and less fun for him, until the point of where he begins canceling dinners, and date nights becuase 1) He’d rather stay in alone, or 2) He’d rather be with the boys in the land of the living where there are no rules! Believe me gals, when he’s in a relationship that’s not fun, he’ll inevitably start looking for his enjoyment elsewhere. It’s often that simple which is why I believe this is the biggest reason why so many guys leave the women they love.


So here’s my TWO CENTS, don’t focus on the problem. Focus on the relationship! Honestly it doesn’t matter how good your intentions were, if you try to fix the relationship the wrong way, then bad things happen.

Do you know why he doesn’t like talking about the problems in your relationship? It’s simply because he’s a guy and his pride is hinged on the health and happiness of the relationship he’s leading. When you corner him and try to talk about any problems, you’re basically indicating that he’s not doing too well of a job! That’s why guys don’t like talking about the problems…and that’s why, when you ask them if anything’s bothering them, they just say, “Nothing, I’m fine” …even if they’re really troubled. SO WHAT’S THE RIGHT WAY? Ladies, let’s face it….there are some relationship problems that you can fix, and then there are some you simply cannot.

Sometimes, you really don’t have a choice but to let him go. But guess what? That’s not really a bad thing! No relationship should ever take that much work to make it right…..if things aren’t heading in the right direction now, they won’t be. Stop making excuses.




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Love, Lust, and Passion…Does it Fade?

Now, I’m no expert here but tell me if this sounds familiar to any or you? After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’re likely to encounter a time when the passion dies down? Is yours fading? Yes? No? Do we sacrifice passion for feeling safe and secure? It is indeed ironic, now that baby boomers can have as much sex as they want, they seem to have lost their desire for it. That’s right…fizzle. Kaput! Common thinking is that romance and passion fade over time. Familiarity, comfort, security take over. A newer more hopeful theory is that we unwittingly degrade romance and passionate sex, place it in the background, and bring security and safety into the foreground. We squeeze the life out of the relationship.

Many men are cherished but starving lovers. They know their wives love them. That’s why they have stayed all these years. But what hurts so much is that they’ve never felt wanted by her. It is so difficult not to take such repeated rejection personally.

For some people, love and desire go hand in hand. For others, emotional intimacy shuts down erotic response. Is it possible to experience lust and excitement with the same person you look to for comfort and stability? Is intimacy knowing everything about each other? Or does it include maintaining a sense of separateness and consequently, mystery? Feeling erotically impoverished in relationship is draining and refusing to tolerate this situation allows one to bring more authenticity to the partnership. This is not without risk and often takes one beyond one’s comfort zone. It is, however, another way of taking care of a marriage.

Erotic intimacy is an act of giving and taking. We must enter the erotic space of our partner without fear that we will lose ourselves. At the same time, however, we need to surrender to the experience of self-absorption while in another’s presence without the fear of being abandoned.

Everyone falls into certain patterns that are comfortable. Is that it? Do we just get ‘to comfortable’ with our partner? Is there some truth to this? Try breaking out of your comfort zone every so often, you’ll experience a sense of newness in your relationship. It’s important to seek out that certain spark you felt when you first got together with your partner. Those feelings are still there, you just might need to be creative in finding ways to bring them out again.

Here are some ways that you can reignite the passion in your relationship:

1. Go out of your way. That’s right…YOU. It’s not all about YOU…so do try to do something for him/her. Remember at the beginning of your relationship how you would go out of your way to make your partner extra happy? Make these efforts again! It’ll surprise your partner and be a reminder about how much you love them.

  • It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but everyone deserves a little “above and beyond” treatment!

2. Show your gratitude. You often think to yourself how grateful you are that your partner did something for you, and it’s important to let your partner know of your gratitude, too.

  • You can do this through better communication and positive actions. Many times a simple, “Thank you for…” statement will let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

3. Be considerate. Sometimes your partner is the only one who will allow you to be blunt and abrupt. It’s important to vent, but remember to act considerate around your partner as much as you can.

4. Spend time alone together. Everyone is busy, but you need to make the extra effort to have alone time together. It’s still important to make dates with each other and do things you’ve never done before. My parents were just married for 50 years and they still have date night every Wednesday.

5. Show affection. There are certainly ways to show your affection for your partner beyond bedroom activities. Show your love for each other with gentle touches and hugs. Snuggle together on the couch and just enjoy the closeness. Get a little crazy…do something that you generally would not do to spark his/her interest.

6. Seek adventure. Kick it up a notch. Get daring…Everyone has his or her own definition of adventure. You and your partner may even find different things adventurous. Do some of these activities together. Engaging in exhilarating activities can certainly ignite the passion. If you don’t know where or how to get started…I have 2 words for you; REDDI WHIP. Every fridge should be well stocked with this as well as canned chocolate syrup, cherries, and ice cream. Make a body sundae. You don’t have to do this every day…but an occasional pastry treat of sorts might be just what the doctor ordered! Draw her a hot bath, and imagine her a body sundae to devour!

7. Enjoy your own alone time. On the other side of the coin, it’s a good idea to spend time away from your partner as well. Everyone needs space at times. Also, time apart can build up the anticipation for some of the things you may have planned with your partner. Alone time is all well and good, but what happens after the busy day is what keeps the lines of communication going. I’ll say this in 2 words….PILLOW TALK. Have it, love it, and appreciate it.

8. Share your dreams and your goals. Keep an open conversation with your partner about your future plans. Things may not always go according to plan, but it’s good to talk about your dreams and goals. Support one another!

  • While it’s fun to discuss what things were like at the beginning of your relationship, it’s also enjoyable to discuss where you think things are going.

9. Surprise! Surprise your partner with a gift. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; in fact, you could even make it yourself. Just explore some thoughtful ideas that will let your partner know that you care about them. www.SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com is a great place to find luxury and sexy lingerie at affordable prices!

 You’ll find passion in your relationship as long as you make an effort to break up the monotony. Communicate well, spend time together, and explore new activities together. When you do, you’ll discover the keys to a successful passionate relationship.You and your partner are headed in a new direction. Instead of a split between love and lust, your new path lies in the tensions between opposites – committed love and red hot sex, security and excitement, continuity and novelty, safety and adventure, comfort and passion.

The Techniques of Kissing…The Where’s and When’s

The 5 Keys:

There are times when you want that first kiss with someone to really be great, then they go and open their mouth and ruin it. Why is it that some men are so pushy? Are they in a hurry to get to a finish line, because I sure as shit don’t see the point. At my age, the kiss is generally worth the wait. I’ve found that in our younger days we were just wild and crazy, today, middle-aged and just looking for someone to make me smile is really all that matters. Even so, that first kiss could be the last first kiss if the guy is too into himself and all over you like ham on rye. Tell him to back off. A young lady that I work with recently told me a story of a really terrific guy that she liked. She was quite excited to spend some time with him getting to know him…then he opened his mouth and it all went to hell in a hand bag quickly. No girl wants to play tonsil hockey with a guy, and no one considers a real date going over his place and watching movies….PLEASE….save it for a girl who doesn’t care about her reputation,…Being pushy and lacking patience doesn’t sit well with me, nor should it with you!

Save your lips for the one that makes your heart skip a beat….then you’ll be happy that you listened to me.

1) Get your lips in proper kissing order. The most kissable lips are smooth and sweet, not dry, chapped and tense.

2)Look inviting and approachable. You might not realize it when you send a “leave me alone” message, so read up on How to Look Approachable! You don’t really want to be that person with ‘bitch’ written all across his/her face do you? Loosen up a little. Take a deep breath,..life isn’t so bad. Now, uncross your arms, keep your hands away from your face, make eye contact, and smile! Similarly, read his or her body language – is this person into you? Or does this person seem uncomfortable? This is KEY, so pay attention!

3)Break the “touch barrier.” Touch the person lightly on the arm or shoulder when you’re talking. Just make it a quick, innocent touch and don’t make a big deal out of it. Holding hands is also a good way to break the touch barrier. (Guys, you may want to read “How to Touch a Girl” for more ideas on how to break the touch barrier without overstepping boundaries. Girls, you may want to read “How to Touch a Guy”
for advice.) If everything is going well, try kissing the person on the cheek. If you find your lips near their ear (like if you’re hugging someone from behind, or whispering something to them) go in for a gentle kiss on the cheek and see how they respond.

4)Look at their lips. Make eye contact and then move your gaze briefly down to the person’s lips. Then move your eyes back up to meet theirs and smile demurely. You don’t have to be really obvious about it. Want to really turn them on? Lick your lips while you are gazing at theirs…it will drive him insanely crazy! Many people will take the hint, especially if they’ve read one of the many articles that lists this as a sign that a person wants to kiss or be kissed?

5)Approach for the kiss. Depending on your starting position you may need only to turn your head, or you may need to lean in a bit. You may want to use your hands to gently urge your partner’s body or head into position—you just want to guide his or her movement a little, you don’t want to forcibly move any part of his or her body or hold your partner in an uncomfortable position—but in general you just want to position yourself correctly and let your partner meet you. As you near your partner’s lips, maintain eye contact…and there you have it, badda bing badda boom you kiss him/her!

Love/Hate Relationships

Have there been times, and be honest….that you sometimes feel hurt by the things the people you care about say? Do you find yourself thinking, “What did I do to deserve being talked to that way?”  In any relationship, problems can be amplified by the stressful resentment people feel when their feelings have been hurt.  I’m about to give you some pretty practical advice for moving from hurt feelings and relationship tension, back to creating the relationships you truly want to have. Keep in mind, I am no professional, however, I think I know enough. It’s not always a matter of that old saying “If the whoe were on the other foot” sometimes it’s a win/win, sometimes it’s a lose/lose, and sometimes it’s a love/hate kind of relationship.

Are you often feeling Bad?  

Let me guess,…you love them and hate them all at the same time? Can this be so? You bet it can. What can you do to improve the situation when someone says something you don’t like?  Do you care if they like you or not? Some would say no while others want everyone to like them. Do you respond with something equally hurtful? No way…just accept what they’ve said about you and apologize? If you‘re like most people, probably neither of these options seems very satisfying. I’ve found that the best way to stop having your feelings hurt is by not taking things personally. You may think this sounds impossible, but it’s not as hard as you imagine. You just have to keep reminding yourself that—no matter what they say—remember, it’s not all about you!

It’s Not Really about You  

First of all, it’s important to understand that everything everyone does or says is for one of two reasons: a desire to meet their needs, or in support of something that they value. Understanding this is makes it a lot easier for us to learn how to avoid taking things personally. It’s easy to get offended when you think someone is trying to hurt you, but when you realize that what’s really going on has nothing to do with you, it’s just as easy to take a step back and think before you react. 

Try Going Forward…  

Sure it can be hurtful and extremely Knee-jerking, nonetheless, these emotional reactions are a hard habit to break, but when you learn not to take things personally, you’ll be amazed at how much the quality of your life and relationships improve. It bears repeating that everything everyone does or says is to meet their needs, or is in support of something they value. Keeping this in mind frees you from the desire to react defensively and opens the door to sincere compassion for other people.

So whats the big problem you wonder? Let me spell it out for you….

You’ve been dating The Fantasy

When you like a person, you constantly think about them. You imagine yourself in a fantasy, where you go places and do things together. Your lives together are perfect. He/she is romantic, loving, kind, and does exactly what you want when you want it. The only problem is, this person doesn’t actually exist. He/she is a projection of your idealized version of the person you like. What happens when he/she does something different from how you’d imagined? You start to lose a piece of your fantasy. You’ll either feel hurt that he/she isn’t doing what you want “anymore”, and perhaps try to change that person. Listen, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you cannot change someone. Don’t even try. So, to start off, try to not imagine what it’d be like, or how good it would be. This is where an intuitive mind trying to analyze tons of possibilities becomes extremely harmful. Date the real person, not the fantasy.

To avoid a lot of heartache and understand what the heck is going on, first you must know yourself! Aren’t those situations of you being alone completely unlikely though? No! Not at all. Even if there are people around, you can still be alone. In fact, outside of very involved relationships, you are alone most of the time. Whenever you are focusing on yourself and don’t notice other people, it’s the same as if you were alone. Knowing what you’d do in this situation really helps you out in figuring out what you want. You have to learn to like yourself in this state because then, any kind of relationship breakup wouldn’t be so bad. Once we begin to learn what those feelings are, we can begin to heal and grow.


Food and Aphrodisiacs…

We all love fooling around, but when it comes to foreplay, most people tend to think about kissing, touching, stripping and dirty talking techniques. They seem to be unaware that what they eat also matters to their sensuality. Yes, certain foods are truly aphrodisiacs. Dreams and Realities are good to know how to separate, however, when you’re serving up some of this…who needs dreams, sister you’re reality and fantasy in the making. You can wow your way into your lovers/partners heart with the right mix of food. bet you didn’t know it could be that easy did you? Yes, it is, but first pull out that intimate apparel that you bought at www.SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com and have it on stand-by!

 Enjoying aphrodisiac dinner with your partner under candlelight is actually one of the best foreplay tips that romance experts often recommend. It is quite an easy way to spice up your night. Throughout history, certain foods have been known for their aphrodisiac qualities that put people into the mood for intimacy and make bedroom activities much more pleasurable! Some of the most popular aphrodisiacs are asparagus, caviar, oysters and cayenne peppers. I found an article so I took bits and pieces from it and in this article, you will learn some easy and fancy ways to cook these sexy foods. If none of these work, go immediately to ‘plan B’ and pull out the giant size piece of plastic, douse it with a bottle of baby oil and get naked. If that doesn’t do the trick, you’ve got big problems and I cannot help you. A man/woman L-O-V-E-S when you put time and effort into making a date special. It doesn’t matter if you are newly dating or if you’ve been married for years and years. Romance is ALWAYS at your beck and call. Make the time to find it. FInd your happy place!


Nicholas Culpepper, a renowned English botanist and herbalist, once stated that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman.” Some people say asparagus is considered an aphrodisiac simply because of its phallic shape, but in fact its suggestive form has nothing to do with its aphrodisiac effect. Rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamin E, it can stimulate sex hormones as well as enhance your general well-being.

How to cook asparagus

Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese


1 lb medium-sized asparagus

2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon zest

salt and black pepper


  • Rinse asparagus and diagonally slice into small pieces, about 2 inches each.
  • Boil water in a medium saucepan (only half full).
  • Put asparagus slices into the boiling water and immediately reduce to a simmer.
  • After 2 minutes, remove from stove and drain the water.
  • Mix asparagus with the other ingredients in a bowl.

Stir Fried Asparagus with Ginger


1 lb medium-sized asparagus

4 -5 slices fresh ginger

2 tablespoons olive oil

¼ cup roasted cashews or almonds

salt and pepper


  • Slice asparagus into bite-sized pieces.
  • Heat olive oil in a skillet (at medium heat).
  • Add ginger slices and let them sizzle for about 30 seconds – 1 minute.
  • Add asparagus. Stir fry for 4 – 5 minutes or until crisp.
  • Add nuts, salt and pepper and stir fry for another 30 seconds.
Black Caviar


The word “caviar” derives from the Persian word “khav-yar”, which means “cake of strength.” It is said to help us restore our physical power and enhance good health. Caviar is a famous party food and also regularly served by most airlines to their first-class passengers. Loaded with vitamin A, zinc and omega-3 fatty acid, it is believed to increase blood flow to the genitals and stimulate the formation of testosterone. For people who have to limit their cholesterol and sodium intake, however, caviar should only be a rare treat.

Caviar Recipes

Caviar in Potato Nests


2 medium russet potatoes

2 ounces caviar

3 ounces cream cheese

4 tablespoons melted butter

Grounded black pepper


  • Boil water in a saucepan.
  • Add potatoes. Cook until only half-done. (You should be able to insert a knife through the potatoes but not too easily.)
  • Set aside and let the potatoes cool down.
  • Peel the potatoes and grate them roughly.
  • Brush muffin tin cups with melted butter.
  • Fill each cup with grated potatoes. Make it look like a nest. (Make about 20 – 30 nests total.)
  • Bake them in a preheated 450º oven for about 25 minutes or until they turn golden-brown.
  • Remove from the oven and set aside for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Remove the nests from the tin cups carefully with a blunt knife. Season with pepper.
  • Fill each nest with one scoop of cream cheese and one scoop of caviar.


Oysters have long been considered a very effective aphrodisiac. Dated back to the early second century AD, in a satire by a Roman poet, Juvenal, he described how women acted so loudly after having some wine and giant oysters! What makes oysters such a popular aphrodisiac is the fact that these slimy mollusks contain a high level of zinc. Zinc deficiency, as nutritionists point out, can cause impotence in men. Any food rich in zinc, therefore, has a beneficial effect on the libido.


Oyster Shucking

Oyster Recipes

Oysters in Blankets


2 cans smoked oysters

Bacon strips

¼ cup vegetable oil

3 tablespoons minced garlic


  • Wrap a bacon slice around each oyster and pin it with a toothpick.
  • Heat oil in a skillet. Add garlic.
  • Add the wrapped oysters and cook until the bacon is crisp.

Listen, I’m certainly not Julian Child, BUT, I can tell you that good food will make a man scream. Seduction is a playful art. Learn it and you will master the game. Make him/her delicious dishes and you’re on your way to a nice future. Always remember that communication is key, and that you first must build a solid foundation. Like cooking, without the right ingredients, your dish is just like all the others. You have to find what ingredient makes your unique, and this is your chance to pull out all the stops!

Top 10 Traits for Women According to Men

Simply Delicious Lingerie recently ran a pole through a forum to find out what men liked most about women so that we could focus on how to advertise our sexy, erotic and classiest lingerie pieces to captivate a crowd, desire a need to shop our beautiful website, and bring in new customers along with referrals. I wanted to know what a man would list as his TOP 10 Dating Traits (other wise known as the MUST HAVE LIST.)

 Have you ever wondered what it is that attracts a man to a woman? I have listed it below for you to take a look and and review. Much to my dismay, I was at a loss for words.Time to brush up on sassy, sexy, sensual and learn the A,B, C’s of what a man desires and finds important in a woman. I was certainly disappointed to see this pole and have to question why some of these subject lines are ranked higher than others? It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Perhaps this is why so many men are in their late 30s, 40s and 50s and are still single, some never having been married before. They need to reprioritize! Dating Etiquette is what you need gentlemen, and a woman who can adhere to it. Stay tuned, I’m writing about this shortly! Hopefully I can save some of you!

According to my poll results, the top traits, in order of importance, are:

1. Sexual chemistry

2. Smile

3. Kindness

4. Sense of humor

5. General body type

6. Eyes

7. Intelligence

8. Communication skills

9. Teeth/Lips

10. Hair

 Ladies, I read this and just about fell off my seat this weekend… I understand that sexual chemistry is important to most…but here is where I find it appalling that men choose that before they even listen to a word flow from a woman’s mouth. I find it so wrong to see that #7, intelligence, and communication skills are ranked #8. So is this stating guys that you want a beautiful woman who is sexy and can laugh with you more so than finding a smart sassy savvy woman with brains? That’s what it sounds like to me.

 How awful for you when you take your beautiful brainless date that you are hot to trot over because she’ll looks like the prize accessory on your arm to a company party or even to a get together with your friends and she opens her mouth and cannot speak, nor does she even have a clue about the social economy, politics, or debates. Sorry, celebrity gossip is not a topic discussed at prestigious parties. You instantly look like the idiot, not your date, she just looks like a hot brainless piece of ass, demeaning you all the more. With relationships, if it is good, it will include sexual attraction, looks and intelligence.

Heres a tip for you; Ladies, next time you  go to grab for a gossip paper at the news stand or in a supermarket, choose something educational instead. You don’t have to read this all the time and give up your rag mags, I don’t…but I DO follow the economy and have my own opinions to voice about our country and its relations with other nations, and I have a real opinion of education in the USA now compared to decades ago. Sexy and cozy are great,..most definately yes, chemistry is important. That connection is vital, but being able to verbalize and communicate well with others is quite imperative as well.








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Easy Bedroom Etiquette!

Manners, don’t leave home without them!

Saying please and thank you and keeping our elbows off the dinner table were manners in which were instilled upon us at a young age….and if we learned them, there really wouldn’t be anything else to learn, right? Wrong! It turns out; manners actually apply to the bedroom and are imperative for great sex. Before you crack that whip ladies, I’m about to give you a brief run down, the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know about good sex etiquette. Simply Delicious Lingerie wants to share our thoughts so we’ll start with a few simple ones and progress throughout  this blog in other articles. Here’s how to lay down the sexy smack!

 What can you do if his moves are a turn-off?
This happens to all of us sometimes. Talk about awkward! He’s doing something that’s really not working for you, but you don’t want to be harsh and tell him not to do it. The clock is ticking…Poof! You just lost your mojo…and there’s no telling when it’s coming back!

 How long should you wait to get naked? …..Only you can decide this, just remember, if you do it too quickly he thinks you’re a “Hoe” and if it take you too long he may not stick around, or he will and he’ll turn out to have been quite the gentleman who wants to take it slow with you and build a foundation of possibilities. If you wait, what does that decision spell for your sex life? Some women will hold back until their wedding; others will throw the rules right out the window for an 11th-hour booty call. Exactly when do you choose to get down and dirty with your date heavily influences the type of sex you’ll have together—now and later. Think about it…do you really want to be known as the gal with the loose caboose?

Just how long do you need to wait to get out of bed after it’s all been said and done?“You definitely don’t want to interrupt the mood for the first five minutes or so after orgasm. The first five minutes are really the stay connected zone, then after that you can do whatever you want,” You also don’t want to do anything that might suggest  that this was just a wham-bam-thank-you-M’am, so whatever you do guys…. turning on ESPN right afterwards, or getting up to leave  is a
No-no! Shame on you! Some people like to cuddle, some like to fall asleep in your arms afterward for hours, but listen to me ladies, for those of you whom are really naive; if he goes straight to the shower and then says that something came up, or that he got a page and has to leave….he’s married or in a relationship with someone and he just washed off your scent so the wifey/girlfriend doesn’t find out! This is what I call a lying cheating bastard and a real piece of work!  Kick Him to the Curb, ….Don’t Look Back! 




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