Dirty Talk…The Naked Truth

On the contrary to what many of you may or may not think, not all dirty talk has to be hardcore. In fact, a variety people prefer their dirty talk with a softer edge. Even the most hardcore dirty talkers find that sometimes, a simple moan or sigh — or an easy, sweet comment that makes your heart melt — is enough to make certain other parts of you tingle. Communication is key, so tell them what you want and choose your words wisely. It’s time to put on your sexy voice and play.

Even in our modern era, talking about what we want when it comes to sex is still difficult. Fantasy requests can be misconstrued as saying “you are not enough for me” when, in reality, they are a huge part of our sexuality — which, if we believe statistics, a whopping 80% of our sex lives takes place in our heads. So, talking dirty is part of fantasy sex play, and can be a headboard-busting turn-on for both partners.
When you are in a relationship where dirty talk is the norm, and you have become accustomed to pushing the envelope, it can be really tough to slow down and just enjoy the more romantic pleasures of naughty discourse. Allow me to share with you some easy- to-do dirty talk tips that will slow things down and turn on the romantic in your partner. Pay close attention, and remember, it’s really not that difficult. This is a benefit for the both of you.

A single rose. Offer a single rose to your partner, and then gently trail the petals over their naked body. As you do, tell them what you love most about that particular body part, their curves, their freckles, their nice breasts, never-never never mention fat or cottage cheese….you’re ass will hit the floor like a brick. Don’t forget the “forgotten” erogenous zones — the feet, the ears, the back, and even that sensitive stop right below the buttocks….no big ass, flat ass, etc., comments. Spend time remembering the delicate places you touch that turns her on. She might not tell you so guys its time to start learning how to read body language!

Whipped cream. Yes, it seems kinky — and my absolute favorite…don’t forget the handcuffs. Ok, so it may be a little kinky too! But whipped cream is also a sweet classic that lovers have been using for decades to enhance their lovemaking without taking it too far into the realm of kink. Almost everyone has whipped cream in their refrigerator at some point, (if you don’t get to the store now)…..so it’s not an even unusual item to find in your home — that means the possibilities for using it are wide and varied, but always with a touch of the romantic.

Soft candlelight. Both men and women love candles. They say romance. The flicker of mellow candlelight can make anyone’s body look sexier, so light them up! Candles all around the room will cast a romantic glow, and the scent of them can lend an even richer layer of sensation to the experience. The dirty talk you use during those moments should be soft and sweet, filled with compliments, this will ease them into the mood raising their erotic zone!

Champagne. Who doesn’t love this? This is the ultimate for romantic oral sex. Why? The bubbles in the champagne will stimulate your body in all sorts of ways, while drinking it from your partner’s body will make you just slightly tipsy, which can make the encounter even hotter, steamier and soooo sexy! Want to enhance the natural flavors? Try a few strawberries, too.

Whispers. Sometimes, the easiest way to tone things down is to quiet your voice. Instead of speaking clearly, whisper oh-so-softly. This makes your partner have to get closer to hear you, and the closer you are, the more intense your touches and actions can become. Just remember to keep your dirty talk quiet from start to finish! If you follow these simple tips you’ll begin to drop that wall a little with your partner and open new doors of endless possibilities. Please keep in mind that it may not happen over night, but it will turn up the heat in the bedroom and that is the naked truth!

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