You’re My Obsession

Let’s be honest…..How many times to do look at lingerie? How often do you wear it?  Imagine for a moment that if you had one particular piece on, you know the one, that could literally stop traffic because it was so hot…”would it satisfy my man?” “would it turn him on?” The answer is….YOU BET IT WOULD! Ladies, men are obsessed with women that take the time to go one step further to show off some sex appeal. Women are a mans obsession. They dream about it, fantasize and they want to roll-play.

When was the last time you crossed the line and just got provocative and sexy for a man? Longer than a month, or 6 months? If so….it’s time to release some tension and tease a gentleman that has for so long been waiting for you to drive him insane. As you’re reading this, women worldwide are shopping around for lingerie to seduce their men with or just to keep themselves feeling sexy. They know which buttons to push and just the perfect pieces to wear. Lingerie has been used as a sexual mechanism for years now and there’s no future of its slowing down anytime soon. Simply Delicious Lingerie has you and all of your needs covered!

Why Do Women Wear Lingerie?

Before I get into why guys drool when a thong or something lacy comes into view, let’s try to understand why women enjoy wearing these sexy items to begin with…..1) we like to tease. 2) it gives us confidence, 3)  it totally drives a man crazy.

The Ultimate…Lead him to Temptation with Anticipation

Believe it or not, sometimes women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give themselves that boost of confidence they need to get on with their day. Duhhh….ladies, you should always wear some sexy panties and bra under your clothes, whether it be your business attire or wear around clothes…When you see a gal with an unusual skip in her step, it might be what’s under her attire that’s got her in a good mood. Never miss match your colors. Like a 5-year-old trying to wear the right mix, use your “Garanimal” instincts. A man LOVES a women who takes the time to look sexy for herself because it makes her feel good, and kick starts her day….and the men adore it. 

Dressing Down…? Too Sexy

Dressing down for an evening of lovemaking makes women feel sensual. The idea of your undressing her slowly or better yet, for to watch you prance around the room or dance for you in her sexy attire, will have both of you anticipating what’s going to happen once the lace and satin come off. Not quickly….take it off nice and slow….allowing him to fully savor every minute.Men love sexy which ever way you serve it.

Why are Guys all “Gung Ho” on Lingerie?

Some guys don’t see the point in paying hundreds of dollars for something that is going to come off in approximately 30 seconds or less, but others appreciate every thread on a woman’s body. He wants to remember what you looked like,m how the light was hitting your face, whether it be from the lamp or candle light…he wants to visualize your image every time he closes his eyes there after…Lingerie need not be an acquired taste,…but it is one that once you get a piece of it, like a drug, you cannot do without it. They’ll want to see you in it more, and more.

No Grannie Panties…..

It’s hard for women to keep up that hot mama look on a daily basis, (says who?) Not really….if you think that it is you need to do some reevaluating sweetie…..Listen gals, lingerie separates those ordinary days from the extraordinary days. Don’t you want to be the woman who other men talk about to their friends, coworkers and golf buddies? How exciting must it be for him to brag about his beauty and what a sex goddess is? They aren’t bragging that the sex was good, no no no…..they are thrilled to share with their friends that you still turn him on! When you get a peek, a nonchalant sassy move that is supposed to be “not so obvious” she definitely wants you to take notice. And of course, you can do better than that….kiss her neck, and run her shoulders, and give her some loving. Ladies, for you who are readiing…. this it means, dress the part…be the sex goddess, no grannie panties allowed, it’s all or nothing here! You want to be the women that all the other women talk about. The one who isn’t afraid to take this to the next naughty level.

Give Him a Private Show

Everyone loves feeling sensual and special so when she buys that sexy item especially for you, you’ll feel like a million bucks simply because she wants to impress you. This is a private showing and only you’re invited to the unveiling. Look at her, remember the beauty of it and captivate the moment in its entirety….this is a one man showing, just for you,…so sit back, enjoy and close your mouth, we’ve got a long way to go and you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Let’s Play Dress Up…..Who do “you” want to be?

Sometimes lingerie can help her (and you) escape from the treacherous monotony that is everyday life. She can put on a kinky number and the two of you can play “doctor and nurse,” perhaps you are his housekeeper “french maid?” What about the “naughty school girl” or maybe you have been a bad, bad man and the “corrections officer” is going to make you pay big? This all is a form of foreplay and men L-O-V-E IT!

Suck it up gals and get to town buying something revealing. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to buy a costume from Simply Delicious Lingerie….with your lover, every day can be dress up day! Remember, to him… are his obsession, so make it memorable! Oh, at Simply Delicious Lingerie…we sell the handcuffs too!


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Addicted to Love? Identify It!

Like all drugs, however, that love high can make us do crazy things. You all have a friend who impulsively flew off to some far away place to marry a guy/woman they barely knew because he was under the influence of love. Does that last? Spur of the moment? I say, yes….if it is truly love then it will last as long as you continue to connect and communicate. Otherwise, it will have been a trip that you’ll regret in the not so far off future.

 When we are in lust, or in the process of falling in love, we tend to overlook so many negative things about that person because so much feels right. We actively throw away any bad data that could ruin our high. We ignore what’s right in front of us. We do! I’ve done it…haven’t you? If you’ve made poor choices because you’ve let a love high influence you, you’re not alone. You already know that relationships entered into hastily, based upon the love high, never last. They can’t. Once you come down from that high, you’ll have to scale the Mt. Rushmore of data that you threw out. And trust me, it’s steep.Whether you’re in love right now or you’re out there looking to answer the age-old question “ are they the one?” the most important thing you need to know is yourself. The best way to figure out if someone is “the one” is to sort through the women/men who are clearly not right for you.

 What do you want, and need? Make a list…., once you will have a much better sense of what you

need in a relationship, and whether that love high you’re feeling is real or based primarily on lust. We often make mistakes entering into relationships because we are not aware of our needs. We tend to get caught up in the moment and to overlook the things that are most important to us. Take it slow….why the urgency to rush into anything? My grandmother used to always say that good things come to those who wait.

I waited a long time, and then one day when I was least expecting it….it happened. I found someone who was so much like myself in so many ways that it almost scared me, actually, it does scare me,

…nevertheless, I refuse to not put my best foot forward  and give this a shot….I owe it to myself to find happiness, and I hope that happiness finds me in return. You should do the same.

 So the next time you are with somebody and you start to wonder if he/she is the one, check your list! Make sure that the person possesses the qualities you’re seeking in a partner. If you’re missing a core ingredient, the relationship will never work out. If you consult your list, you won’t find yourself in a relationship with a person who is like a best friend but with whom the sex is so bad you can’t take it anymore, and you won’t be in a relationship where the sex is fantastic, but the woman isn’t emotionally stable and doesn’t make you feel comfortable.  Do some soul searching to know exactly what you need. If you’re in a relationship, see if the woman/man you’re seeing fulfills your criteria. You can only get what you desire if you’re able to identify it. Is it love, or is it lust?



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