Facts are facts and there is NO denying it…Men love to look at women in sexy lingerie. Some are even obsessed actually, and why wouldn’t they be? With all of the selections and choices that are out there in the market today, any woman has the ability to look great, feel classy and wear confidence.  Advertisers are certainly well aware of  this. About a year ago I wrote an article entitled “Does Sex Sell?” It was and still is one of the highest hit blog articles that I’ve written…. Since June 2011 I’ve written for two blog sites well over 1000 articles. Advertisers post what they think people like to see, and in most cases, it’s all good, but where is the line to be drawn and how close do you have to get to that line without getting scolded for inappropriate behavior, borderline porn in the advertising and marketing industry?

Sexy lingerie does not need to be seen as borderline over the top dirty, but we DO love provocative! Sure it catches ones eye, but it’s also developing a reputation along with it. As much as I think that there are a lot of lingerie products and lines out there that could certainly be real money makers for me, I am sticking with my guns and going with style, class and affordability. Sex sells just the same at $29.99 as it does in the hundreds of dollars…and guess what? You can buy more of it at that price. I sell luxury lingerie that won’t break your bank designed by a private label. Celebrities wear this lingerie so honestly it has nothing to do with price and EVERYTHING to do with style and class.This collection that we sell has been featured in People Magazine, Playboy, Glamour, Life & Style, InStyle, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, VH1, Fox TV, and the Oxygen Network. Our fascinating apparel and intimates have celebrity fans such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Denise Richards,Tera Patrick, Kendra Wilkinson, Lucy Hale, Janice Dickinson, and Naya Rivera from Glee.

Women want to feel good about themselves. When a woman feels good, she looks sexy, and sexy sells! Carrie Amber Intimates design women’s intimate apparel for all women and all size. Just because some women are plus size does NOT mean that they can’t wear something that an average shape woman does. My line comes in OS, S,M, L, XL and 1X-4X. There is something for everybody and what you see on a size Medium model you can find on our model in a 3X just the same. Just because you are a different size does not mean that you should be punished and made to wear ugly lingerie that someone designed with no heart. My company is all about HEART. It’s about giving the customers what they want. Many of my friends are plus size and they came to me years ago telling me how difficult it was to find something pretty to wear as there was no plus size lingerie with character and charm. Isn’t that a shame? I listened, and learned and now I bring to you two very special lingerie boutiques online where you can shop day or night, in the privacy of your own home, from your bed or from your office. My heart told me to help these girls and that is just what I set out to do. Check out both of my stores. I believe that you will really like what you see, especially the prices!

Do all women look great and feel great in lingerie? Most do, but we all seem to have our own issues and insecurities. Women who have small breasts may find it difficult to buy flattering lingerie that is sexy. Do not be afraid to wear sexy lingerie when there are styles that make your boobs appear larger. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable about the size of your hip, thighs, and or ass? This can be a problem, but don’t be so hard on yourself ladies…none of us were born the same, but we are ALL women and we all know how to ‘work it!’ Don’t try to hide what you don’t like, get it out there and use it, you’ll feel more comfortable and less insecure. Men love women in lingerie, believe me, they aren’t looking for ever flaw that you have or that you know you have…when they are with you they want to see hot passion, glamorous sex appeal and a woman who is ready to pull out all the stops! So do have that Reddi Whip and a pair of hand cuffs ready for some hot fun!

There really is no definitive answer to the question: “What type of lingerie do men really like to see?” It depends on the man. There are as many favorites as there are pieces and styles of lingerie.

Here are 3 Tips for Choosing Lingerie That Men L-O-V-E!!!

1 Color

* Black, white and red are the easiest colors to be worn, making them the popular lingerie  at Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie. If you already own these colors, go to my websites for more options and a larger selection. Our prices will knock your socks off! $9.99-$29.99 for all lingerie pieces! Accessories and bachelorette gifts in our  Bachelorette Budwa at Simply Delicious Lingerie range in various prices.

* If you are blonde, go for pastel colors. If you’re redhead, go for earth tones, and if you’re brunette then go for solid colors like dark blue and emerald-green. Personally, I adore black, hot pink, red and white.

2 Comforts

The lingerie fabric determines the comfort offered by the undergarment. There are many different types of fabrics used for making these elegant pieces, including but not limited to:

* Satin * Lace * Velvet * Sheer mesh

3 Body Type

Like you choose your swimwear, your lingerie should be chosen according to your body type. It should highlight your appealing features and downplay your physical flaws. For those with a slightly bulging tummy, sexy lingerie with sheer offering covering on the area is the best option. You can always find an endless variety of styles to suit to each and every type of feature your body has.

Remember Guys; Make sure that the lingerie flatters the shape of her body and accentuates her curves. There are many different body shapes and not all types of lingerie are right for every body shape. The idea is to look sexy – not forced, unflattering, and uncomfortable. Keep it simple for most occasions. It’s not really considered foreplay to spend ten minutes unhooking, unzipping, or unsnapping. There may be special occasions when that is sexy, but know what is involved in undressing before you dress.


Read up on what each lingerie piece is boys! On either of my webpages you can find Lingerie Lingo or I’ll just give you the link here and it will make it easy on you. Pay close attention to you ladies wants and needs and DO learn her likes and dislikes. You wouldn’t want to wear something that rode up your ass that you were uncomfortable in or that turned out to be a size too small so for goodness sakes…know her style, and her measurements. These days you should be able to shop for lingerie, in private, so we bring our store right to you in the privacy of your office, or bedroom. Learning about lingerie is like learning the stock market. Think of each piece as a code name or trade name, Learn how to name it correctly and then have fun removing it. Want to get even more risky? Try our sex swings for a wild night of passion and fantasy! Here’s the link for you! Surprise her with one of these and some beautiful lingerie! Isn’t it time to get shopping boys? Find your special lady a piece of two of her favorite style lingerie. Don’t forget stockings and garters! I’m here to assist you, so please…if you need some help just ask me! I’m a woman and this is what I know!

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