SeXy MaTcHinG SeTs TuRn MeN On!

No two people are alike, but when it comes to choosing what men find incredibly sexy in a woman, they prefer  lingerie to total nudity. Does that really surprise you? If so…Why? Think about it… anyone can get naked. A man doesn’t want to see a women totally naked right away. Men like to undress women with their eyes and their minds. He prefers to see her in something attractive that is alluring, and breathtaking that stimulates him. Men love to be teased. Men also like simple on the contrary to what so many people may think. It’s the little things that a woman does for her man that makes the anticipation more desirable. You don’t have to pull out all the stops to get his attention…you just have to find what  intrigues him.

Finding the right piece of lingerie that screams I am sensual, irresistible and satisfying to the taste is the best dose of erotic a woman can supply a man with… and that my friend is what is sexy! Getting naked is like diving straight into into a piece of cake…and we prefer he savor the icing first before he tries the entire dessert. 

 Colors aren’t the most important thing to women as much as the style of the piece she selects, but given men are turned on by the color which can definitely tantalize, they might just select black, white, and red as their three all time favorites…these are my favorites as well and most women that I know.

 Sexy lingerie can be quite important in a relationship since it makes the woman feel more feminine and can also wake a mans interest, adding a little bit of spice to the moment. To pleasantly surprise your boyfriend, husband, lover, or even sugar daddy, you can wear different types of lingerie; nonetheless, I prefer sexy matching sets.

 Women’s lingerie come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Depending on everyone’s taste you can choose whatever style you think suites your taste. Want to really add zest to push him over the top? Wear high heels or high heel boots. These certainly will make your legs look more longer and slimmer, also wearing heels will arch your back, add seduction to your stance and the men can’t resist that!

 At Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie, we are all about assisting women to find selections to make them feel confident, sassy and sensual.What’s the best way to make your woman feel sexy and attractive? No, it’s not by buying her an appliance, and that doesn’t include exercise equipment so don’t even think of getting her a thigh master; you have to show her that you’re still uncontrollably attracted to her in a positive way. Again, not by trying to probe her with your penis at every given opportunity. You guessed it; I’m talking about the roots of romance, and namely lingerie. 

There is a multitude of things that you can buy her so browse our online boutiques and select the piece(s) that will make me feel fabulous and look gorgeous! Make a decision based on the color, fabric and fit, and if she will feel confident in this intimate apparel. Browse our store today and save 10% on  your order. Use code; 10off at checkout. 



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