Lingerie…Why Wear Sexy Matching Sets?

Why wear sexy matching sets women ask? When it comes to every day dress, my mother used to tell us to always make sure you had on matching underwear and that it was clean. Ok, as a child that didn’t mean a whole lot, but as we tend to get older, and over the years we come to realize that mom really had a valid point. Keeping your underwear clean was the easy thing to do…every day you shower and you put a new pair on, however,…why should it be matching? For many reasons, but for the most common; sex appeal. Truth be told, many women do not always wear matching underwear, including my daughter. I’ve seen her lingerie drawer and nothing makes sense to me. She is one of the most organized young ladies that I know but when I was doing her laundry for her one day and I opened her lingerie drawer,… I just about fell over.

Sometimes you wonder how that ole’ apple could fall so far from the tree (especially in situations such as this-where her mother owns lingerie stores and has access to as many delightful colors, styles and selections) and then I realize that everyone is their own person and no two women are really alike. I may be a hot mess in other categories such as closets and how clean and organized they are, or kitchen drawers and what you may or may not find in them…BUT if you looked in my lingerie drawers, you would see that everything is paired together nicely and regardless if you caught me on a Sunday or a Friday, at work or at home, at a concert, out with the girls, on a hot date, cleaning the house or washing my car….I would be be in matching bra and panties and that’s the end of the story! Why? Because regardless of anything else I like to feel sexy and for me it is all about what I am wearing beginning with what I slip into each morning when I get out of the shower, and that my friends is SEXY LINGERIE. Feeling sexy boosts your confidence.

Do women take time to dress from the skin on out or are most women just really worried about what they look like on the surface? I believe that your look starts with your lingerie and that it should match and be something not only appealing rather flattering to you. Lingerie is FABULOUS! Whether it be lace, satin, or silk – lingerie comes in a variety of fabrics soft to touch. The styles, patterns and colors that you choose tell a story about YOU!

I believe that you should never get caught in a situation where there could be surprises…so what if you were on a date and one thing leads to another and you end up in the bedroom? You taunt and you tease him, and then you undress….Do you want to be the woman he sees in mismatched undies that clash or the woman that brings him to his knees when you drop your dress and he sees the most sexy matching bra and panties he’s ever laid eyes on? Add a garter belt and thigh highs to the equation and you will have him at your mercy, nonetheless remembering that vision of what you stepped out of ‘that night’ and seduced him in. It’s really a no-brainer ladies…plan ahead. Just get into the habit of shopping for sexy matching sets.

Shop with a variety of styles, textures, patterns, and colors in mind. You wouldn’t go to work in an outfit that was mismatched, so stop wearing undergarments that are. It doesn’t matter what your job title is or your occupation…feeling sexy comes from the inside. If you aren’t already wearing matching sets, try to get in the habit of doing so. It speaks volume…and for those ‘just in case’ moments when you just might get caught with your knickers down, make certain that what you have on underneath is just as alluring to the naked eye as what they see on the surface.

It’s not about what others may or may not think of you and how you dress, it is truly about how you feel from the inside out and I’m telling you that if you got into the habit (if you are not already) of wearing sexy matching sets, it would become habit for you to select the color and look just right for you each and every day. You’ll begin wearing your panties to match your mood.

Fill your lingerie drawer with colors that tell a story. It’s not at all about making others happy or pleasing them, although, in the bedroom we are wanting to please our partner…nevertheless, wearing lingerie is about feeling good and savoring sexy. After all, it is all about YOU! If your lingerie drawer is a hot mess and has too many mismatched pieces, it’s time to spring clean! That means out with the old and in with the new….it’s time to shop! You don’t have to go crazy spending a lot of money. Buy a few sets at a time, and before you know it you’ll have a lingerie drawer to be proud of that tells a story about who you are and you’ll never have to worry another day about what you have on. Shakira sang it best with her song “Underneath Your Clothes”….you see, there’s an endless story, it’s your territory. Shop for all of your intimate apparel needs.

Simply Delicious Lingerie

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Killer Thigh Highs…

There is much sooooo more to thigh high stockings than first meets the eye. Not only do they grab your thighs, they also grab attention! YES THEY DO! Women feel sexy when they wear them and men drop to their knees for them. Feeling good and looking good often go hand in hand. This is why so much attention is focused on appearance and in particular fashion.

 Dressing well is one of the best ways you can increase your confidence and give a better impression of yourself. Once of the sexiest lingerie pieces in a woman’s closet are thigh high stockings. Generally worn with a garter belt, these stockings can make your feel extremely sexy and seductive and they will leave your man begging for more. This is an option for women who like the look of silk on their legs without the constriction of wearing pantyhose. Men love nylon and skin. Thigh highs will turn a fellow on in second flat. So what are you waiting for. Find what looks and feels best on you, or better yet, shop for them together at my boutique. Nothing is better than pillow talk and shop!
Here’s how to buy thigh high stockings. First of all, decide what you’ll use it for. Many women feel that thigh high stockings are only used by street walkers, porn stars and strippers. This is such a huge misconception. These are the #1 accessories item sold at both of my online boutiques.Thigh high stockings range from completely sheer to absolutely opaque. If you don’t like to shave your legs, you may prefer a certain degree of opaqueness (or not). The choice is all yours. A completely sheer stocking with a glimmer finish can be a nice touch for a formal event or when wearing a bejeweled gown. Fishnet stockings are aptly named since the material is a wide knit that looks like a fishnet on the leg. Fence net stockings are stockings with an even wider grid than fishnet and they are frequently worn over another pair of stockings for dramatic effect.Regardless of which type you choose, make certain that you feel confident putting them on, after all, they are the icing on the cake!
  • Choose the type. There are two types of thigh high stocking. The first is the kind that needs to be worn with a garter belt. This type is less constricting on the body. The second type is the kind that stays up on its own also known as hold ups. This type has a tendency of leaving a mark on the thighs and may end up rolling down while being worn if the garter or elastic isn’t of good quality. Simply Delicious Lingerie sells sexy thigh high stockings in both varieties, with the hold ups made with an invisible magic tape to keep the stockings in place.
  • Choose a color. Stockings are made in different colors, but the most popular are black and nude. Manufacturers do sell them in other colors to match a woman’s lingerie, such as pink, red and white. Decide if you want opaque or translucent.
  • Decide on the seams and finishing. Most thigh highs have a clear toe, but there are those that have a reinforced toe. The clear toe is a better choice. Another thing design feature to consider is whether to choose stockings that have a seam in the back. This is a very sexy look, but will entail that you put it on correctly so that the seam runs as a straight line in the back when worn.
  • Choose the correct size. Some brands sell thigh high stockings in one size only. There are others that sell them in four different sizes, usually based on a woman’s weight or clothing size. Don’t force yourself to fit in a small size. It won’t look sexy, and it will cause your stockings to stretch. If you aren’t sure, go for a larger recommended size. The worst that will happen is that the stocking will ride higher on your thigh than usual, but at least your legs won’t feel like you encased it lie a sausage.
  • Choose the best quality that you can afford. The most luxurious will be silk and sheer lace. Less expensive brands have a cotton blend. The finer the silk, the softer it will be on the skin.

When you’re ready to buy, hit the lingerie section…shop my store, for the sexiest women’s intimate apparel. What do men want? A women who is sensual in her own skin, and killer thigh highs!

Simply Luscious Lingerie Sells Fabulous Plus Size Intimate Apparel

Why has finding plus size lingerie been such a chore for so many woman? Where can women go to buy beautiful lingerie to fit their needs? It used to be said that a curvier figure worked to the advantage of a woman looking for plus size lingerie. News Flash sister….that is NO LONGER the case. Simply Luscious Lingerie has luscious lingerie that fits women up to size 4X. Gone are the days where you have to search and search for something pretty in the intimate apparel sections of a store. Gone are the days where you ask where the plus size intimates are and they point you to the back of the store where you find 5 items on a rack mixed in with regular size lingerie. We put your needs first! We designed a website JUST FOR YOU, the PLUS SIZE gal!

We bring you top quality selection at luxury prices and we just keep getting better and better! Not only do we offer everyday lingerie, we have a fabulous flirty selection of plus size wedding day lingerie, bridal lingerie, and plus size honeymoon lingerie.

Plus size fashion today is a thriving market and every year it becomes more and more popular. Why? Supply and demand. Very few boutiques offer what we do. At Simply Luscious Lingerie, we have what you want and it is exquisite lingerie that any woman would be proud to wear. Being plus-size may have prevented women from pursuing sexy lingerie before but that is completely not the case today. Might I suggest please…before you purchase yourself plus size lingerie, it is best to know the size, style and color that would look good on you. Every woman has her own eclectic taste that differs from someone else. You should be very selective when it comes to what your are wearing under your clothes. After all, confidence is everything and we want you to be ravished in confidence when you wear our products.

The first thing that we suggest you do is to do is to know what size fits you perfectly. To do this, it is necessary therefore for you to know your exact measurement. Measure your hips, bust and waistline. There are also stores that will give you your exact measurements so that your lingerie will cling to your body rightfully. Your lingerie will shape your every curve and will make you look and feel sensual and comfortable.

For more voluptuous women with deep cleavage and hourglass waists, plus size lingerie is made to accentuate your positives and not hide them! Show those curves off ladies! If you are looking for stylish options for a fuller figure, then consider the advantage to purchasing lingerie for your curvier figure, which is made specifically to support your curves. Carrie Amber Intimates line SeventilMidnight brings to you the best of the best! We are here to pamper your desires ladies, not those of a woman that wears a OS, S, M or even L. We start at a OSP and go up to 4X. Your lingerie should not only flaunt but flatter your body.


figured women can often feel that there no choices for them in briefs except good old fashioned ‘granny panties’. Well, you longer have to be limited to white full sized briefs. Say goodbye to the grannies and hello to sexy panties! There are so many choices of wonderfully sexy lingerie briefs, garter sets, and thongs. You could wear a sexy thong with your corset…and I can almost guarantee that the heat will turn up in the bedroom! Every woman needs sexy panties in her lingerie drawer and more voluptuous women are definitely no exception. There is now such a nice selection of styles and colors available to full figured women. When you shop our online web store you get privacy and all the time you need to make the perfect selection. We’re open everyday, all day and all night. We handle each order with your needs in mind. After all, your happiness is what we strive for, and earning your trust is important to us at Simply Luscious Lingerie. We respect you and your confidentiality. Thank you for putting your trust and your tush in our hands!


Love, Lust, and Passion…Does it Fade?

Now, I’m no expert here but tell me if this sounds familiar to any or you? After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’re likely to encounter a time when the passion dies down? Is yours fading? Yes? No? Do we sacrifice passion for feeling safe and secure? It is indeed ironic, now that baby boomers can have as much sex as they want, they seem to have lost their desire for it. That’s right…fizzle. Kaput! Common thinking is that romance and passion fade over time. Familiarity, comfort, security take over. A newer more hopeful theory is that we unwittingly degrade romance and passionate sex, place it in the background, and bring security and safety into the foreground. We squeeze the life out of the relationship.

Many men are cherished but starving lovers. They know their wives love them. That’s why they have stayed all these years. But what hurts so much is that they’ve never felt wanted by her. It is so difficult not to take such repeated rejection personally.

For some people, love and desire go hand in hand. For others, emotional intimacy shuts down erotic response. Is it possible to experience lust and excitement with the same person you look to for comfort and stability? Is intimacy knowing everything about each other? Or does it include maintaining a sense of separateness and consequently, mystery? Feeling erotically impoverished in relationship is draining and refusing to tolerate this situation allows one to bring more authenticity to the partnership. This is not without risk and often takes one beyond one’s comfort zone. It is, however, another way of taking care of a marriage.

Erotic intimacy is an act of giving and taking. We must enter the erotic space of our partner without fear that we will lose ourselves. At the same time, however, we need to surrender to the experience of self-absorption while in another’s presence without the fear of being abandoned.

Everyone falls into certain patterns that are comfortable. Is that it? Do we just get ‘to comfortable’ with our partner? Is there some truth to this? Try breaking out of your comfort zone every so often, you’ll experience a sense of newness in your relationship. It’s important to seek out that certain spark you felt when you first got together with your partner. Those feelings are still there, you just might need to be creative in finding ways to bring them out again.

Here are some ways that you can reignite the passion in your relationship:

1. Go out of your way. That’s right…YOU. It’s not all about YOU…so do try to do something for him/her. Remember at the beginning of your relationship how you would go out of your way to make your partner extra happy? Make these efforts again! It’ll surprise your partner and be a reminder about how much you love them.

  • It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but everyone deserves a little “above and beyond” treatment!

2. Show your gratitude. You often think to yourself how grateful you are that your partner did something for you, and it’s important to let your partner know of your gratitude, too.

  • You can do this through better communication and positive actions. Many times a simple, “Thank you for…” statement will let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

3. Be considerate. Sometimes your partner is the only one who will allow you to be blunt and abrupt. It’s important to vent, but remember to act considerate around your partner as much as you can.

4. Spend time alone together. Everyone is busy, but you need to make the extra effort to have alone time together. It’s still important to make dates with each other and do things you’ve never done before. My parents were just married for 50 years and they still have date night every Wednesday.

5. Show affection. There are certainly ways to show your affection for your partner beyond bedroom activities. Show your love for each other with gentle touches and hugs. Snuggle together on the couch and just enjoy the closeness. Get a little crazy…do something that you generally would not do to spark his/her interest.

6. Seek adventure. Kick it up a notch. Get daring…Everyone has his or her own definition of adventure. You and your partner may even find different things adventurous. Do some of these activities together. Engaging in exhilarating activities can certainly ignite the passion. If you don’t know where or how to get started…I have 2 words for you; REDDI WHIP. Every fridge should be well stocked with this as well as canned chocolate syrup, cherries, and ice cream. Make a body sundae. You don’t have to do this every day…but an occasional pastry treat of sorts might be just what the doctor ordered! Draw her a hot bath, and imagine her a body sundae to devour!

7. Enjoy your own alone time. On the other side of the coin, it’s a good idea to spend time away from your partner as well. Everyone needs space at times. Also, time apart can build up the anticipation for some of the things you may have planned with your partner. Alone time is all well and good, but what happens after the busy day is what keeps the lines of communication going. I’ll say this in 2 words….PILLOW TALK. Have it, love it, and appreciate it.

8. Share your dreams and your goals. Keep an open conversation with your partner about your future plans. Things may not always go according to plan, but it’s good to talk about your dreams and goals. Support one another!

  • While it’s fun to discuss what things were like at the beginning of your relationship, it’s also enjoyable to discuss where you think things are going.

9. Surprise! Surprise your partner with a gift. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; in fact, you could even make it yourself. Just explore some thoughtful ideas that will let your partner know that you care about them. is a great place to find luxury and sexy lingerie at affordable prices!

 You’ll find passion in your relationship as long as you make an effort to break up the monotony. Communicate well, spend time together, and explore new activities together. When you do, you’ll discover the keys to a successful passionate relationship.You and your partner are headed in a new direction. Instead of a split between love and lust, your new path lies in the tensions between opposites – committed love and red hot sex, security and excitement, continuity and novelty, safety and adventure, comfort and passion.

Why Relationships Go Bad?

Why do relationships go south when they seemed to be going so well? Even worse, how are you going talk about this to people? Your perfect relationship, the one that was destined to last forever, just fell to pieces… and now, it’s over. How could you have let something so wonderful just slip through your fingers without even realizing it? You can ask yourself this until you are blue in the face.The truth is relationships fail for all sorts of reasons. However, there are a top four that tend to tell the tale of love gone wrong, and I am going to share them with you now.


It’s been said over and over again – “money is the root of all evil.” I believe that there is some truth to be told in that expression. Whether or not that is entirely true, it is indeed at the root of many relationship problems. Both partners need to be on the same page as far as money is concerned. Issues can arise when one person is a saver and the other is a spender. Any major purchases should be discussed and agreed upon prior to buying. Even daily expenditures can become a problem. Be sure you both understand where the money is coming from in your relationship and where it will go. Don’t let money be the most important thing in your relationship,…if you do, that isn’t love.


This will be the longest of the four that I have listed only because I believe that in any solid relationship, communication is KEY! Remember the song, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’? Well, it does not work all the time. Communication in relationships is important if you want your loved ones to be with you all your life, and for this to happen it is important to express your feelings to them and let them know what they mean to you. Today, in our daily hectic schedule, we forget to pay attention to the needs of our loved ones. We are so engaged in our daily chores, that we start taking our relationships for granted. Effects of lack of communication in a relationship are such that it makes the bond of relationship weaker by creating doubts, and disrespect. It is better to discuss and sort out your problems in any relationship, instead of living in ambiguity and suspicion.

Why Communication is Important in Relationships Lack of communication with your partner can make you feel lonely and isolated. According to psychologists, such people tend to withdraw from social activities and are emotionally vulnerable. The consequences of lack of communication are such that it affects the whole personality of the human being, and it also affects his personal, professional and social life. It is observed by psychologists and human behavior experts, that relationships with good communication not only last longer, but people in such healthy relationships seem to be happier than people stuck in unhealthy relationships. Lack of communication affects your relationship with your family members, friends as well as at your work place. It can even break existing as well as potential relationships. These day people are individualistic and believe in personal space. But too much of space only widens the gap between people.

So express yourself to your loved ones, talk about the problems in your life, share your deepest fears and secrets with each other, and cherish the best moments of life together. It will make you come closer and will make you bond stronger. At the heart of money and all other issues is generally a lack of communication. Some couples don’t talk about things that bother them. Others talk, but their conversations tend to deteriorate into arguments. Another group tends to assume their partners can read their minds and should know what is at the heart of any problem. Obviously, this isn’t the case.Putting the time and the effort into reaching a level of communication that involves equal parts speaking and listening, as well as a healthy dose of understanding and a heavy coating of thick skin can go a long way towards keeping a relationship happy.


Just talking about a problem isn’t enough. Every problem needs a resolution. You have to work through it! Even the best communicators can fail at this point. If either side refuses to budge, all the talking in the world won’t fix things. Stop being so damn stubborn and try to fix this! Relationships require compromise and a lot of it. Even if a couple is perfectly in sync on every issue for a long time, eventually they will run across something they don’t see eye to eye on. This is where compromise becomes necessary. Both people need to be willing to give a little so they can reach a decision they are both able to live with. Remember, this is about two of you, not just one, so think about the other person involved here.


While it is wonderful to paint a picture of your relationship as existing in its own little bubble world, both people involved have families who were with them long before they met each other and will likely stick around for the remainder of their lives. The importance of this group of people cannot be ignored. They can be friends, confidantes, or even the measure against which your relationship is compared. Remember the old saying– “you don’t just marry the person, you marry the family.” Do not dismiss their family as unimportant. Do not try to break the bonds that exist between them. Instead, try to form your own bonds with the other person’s family. If that isn’t possible, at least try to keep your feelings about them from destroying the relationship you hold dear. There are certainly other problems that can affect and destroy relationships, but the above four are often at the heart of the issue. If those are kept in check, everything else can be dealt with as it comes along, and your relationship is likely to last as long as you want it to. Take my advice; Take the time to communicate and make it work!



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When will the London Olympics take place?
The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London from July 27 to August 12 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September.
How many times has London hosted the Olympics?
London hosted the Olympic games  in 1908 and 1948.
How many countries are expected to take part in the London 2012 Olympics?
We expect 205 nations to take part in 300 events at the Olympic Games in 2012.   147 nations will take part in the Paralympic Games.So many people watch the games but cannot attend them in the UK so I am bringing the UK to you!
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Be True to YOU!

There are oodles of different approaches that people can take towards the idea of changing or improving how they function socially. Want my opinion (unprofessional that is)? Do it for you, not for someone else. The biggest one is the idea of being true to your natural preferences and tendencies and not trying to change them for other people. Find yourself and define yourself on your terms. Oscar Wilde once said with his usual wit: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.As humorous as this might seem, it’s a basic summation of the truth. Yet, you can’t be yourself if you don’t know, understand, and accept yourself first. It should be your primary goal to find this out. Find the time to dwell upon what you value and take time to consider what makes up the essence of who you are. As part of this, contemplate your life and choices. Try to think about what kinds of things you would or wouldn’t like to do, and act accordingly; finding out through trial and error helps more than you might think it does.

Almost everyone can find a niche they fit into

It’s not true that if someone is different from the norm, their only option is to conform or be lonely and left out in the cold. Whatever you’re like, and whatever you’re into, you can probably find a group of like-minded people to fall in with if you look hard enough (even if there aren’t people physically in your area, there’s always the Internet and Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so many others to follow and make friends through). People naturally sort themselves into groups based on similarities. Obviously, you’re going to be happier, more accepted, and feel less constrained around people you have a lot in common with, and that’s great, but never think that you have to change your life style and patterns to appease someone else, that’s just hogwash.

You can often get by just fine by being yourself…

There are tons of people out there who differ from their friends or partners in some way, but they’re still perfectly accepted and they very well should be. Maybe their friends all like football but they’re up front about not particularly caring about it. However, since they’re solid people in lots of other ways, they’re still welcomed into the group. As a general rule, the more you have to offer socially in other areas, the more you can get away with differing from the majority on some issues and still be accepted. I like what I like…I think that just by simply being yourself you will fit in just fine, and if you don’t I would really rethink that group of friends you want to associate with. The common thing a lot of people do is copy others’ actions because it seems like the better route to fit in, but really, shouldn’t you stand out? Standing out is very hard, yes, but you need to try avoid assuming other people’s perspectives of you, even if it’s not something you would normally do; that’s what being yourself is all about!

So you are a little bit different than the average Joe…

Isn’t that what makes you stand out? My grandmother used to always tell me “Michele, stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out!” I took that advice and I ran with it. I didn’t care what people thought of me and I still don’t to a certain degree. Sure in a professional setting, but even so, I’m just me, and either you like me or you don’t. Really, what’s not to love? Yes, sarcasm is my super power.  I’m not seeking any one’s approval. I’m not perfect, I’m misconstrued often, but that’s my personality. Occasionally you’ll meet people who are walking embodiments of the totally average, mainstream person. It must be convenient to go through life having your every urge and whim just happen to fall into line with what society prefers. However most people have a bunch of traits that are out of sync with whatever the social ideal is. They stay true to themselves anyways.I do what I do for “me” first and foremost. If someone is going to like me it is going to be for all of me…that means the good and the bad!

It’s often your individual differences that make you so unique!

When you’re with people, to a large extent it’s your differences that set you apart from everyone else and make you desirable to be around. Your sense of humor is a little bit different (and funnier) than your other friends’. You know more about a certain topic than everyone else. You have a different perspective on life. Yeah, people often do like to hang out with friends who are a lot like them, but it is often the case that we appreciate someone who brings something novel to the table.What does this mean? Develop and totally express your individuality whether it’s your sense of style, or even your manner of speaking, if your preferred way of doing something strays from the mainstream and produces positive outcomes, then be proud of it. Be a character, not a type. Learn to communicate well – the better you can express yourself, the easier it is for the people who like you as you are to find you and the ones who don’t to just steer clear

Spice it up… life becomes more interesting!

I know this sounds cheesy, but life would be more boring if we were all exactly the same. Getting to be around a range of different people makes socializing more unpredictable and rewarding. In small doses even people’s personality flaws spice things up a bit. If someone is totally flaky or bossy, that’s just irritating as hell, and no one wants a control freak either, but if they have mild versions of those same traits, it just adds a little color. Jazz it up a little and have some fun with it…let your hair down and get a little crazy! You might enjoy it!

Some of the best things in life have come from people doing their own thing!

There are hundreds of examples so much so that it would take me all day just to name them but here are a few; in art, in science, in academic thought, in fashion. Someone went against the grain of the time and came up with something new and better. The only way they we are able to do that is because they held an outsider, non-majority perspective. They may have drawn some disapproval, but they didn’t care because their vision was more important than getting along with every last person socially.Listen, there is something to be said about marching to the beat of your own drum…1) I find if more becoming, and 2) being different and wanting to do something else is fabulous! Never be afraid to take chances…life is far too short not to.

Treat yourself as you’d treat your own best friend!

You value your friends and those close to you; well, who is closer to you than you are? Give yourself the same kind, thoughtful, and respectful treatment that you give to other people you care about. If you had to hang out with yourself for a day, what is the most fun/enjoyable/fulfilled/calm/contented type of person you could be, while still being yourself? What is the best version of you? Believe in this idea and use that as your starting point. Love and accept yourself as you are now, just as you do for your close ones.