Panties…Know How to Pick Them!

Believe it or not…MANY women think that picking out panties is so easy. FALSE! It really isn’t as easy as you would think and if you pick out the wrong style and fit, you are going to be miserable all day long, trust me, been there-done that! There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from that it truly depend on what you like and what you need. Trust me now when I say this; “size matters.” Yes, the most important thing to know is what size you are. Just because you fit into a specific pant size does not mean that your panties are the same. You have to wear the right pair of panties or you will truly suffer through your day. Believe me when I say that there is NOTHING worse than suffering through an 8+ hour work day with underwear riding up your ass, or worse, digging into the hoo-ha.

If you wear the wrong pair, you will absolutely endure pain throughout your day and not be happy at all. There is much to be less than desired when your panties are riding up and chafing you all day. There is nothing worse and unappealing than panties that are constantly falling down or give you that awful wedgie. This can be very distracting to your day, not to mention a negative attention getter. This can all be so easily avoided by fitting your self with the appropriate sized panties from the beginning.

 Therefore, ladies, as crazy as this sounds…. here’s an idea? Grab a tape measure because you will need it. Not all store and brands make their undergarments the same, so keep that in mind. You will want to measure your waist first. You will want to have the tape measure snugly around you waist without causing any bulging. Don’t cause any cinching that could cause you to go too small. You will want to use the natural indentation and/or break at your hip and waist. If you are having a hard time finding this curve, then bend to the side. You have to wear these panties, not anyone else…so you want to make certain that they are just what you desire! You will better be able to see where this crease is and know where to measure. You’ll want to write this number down and mark it as you waist measurement. This will become very important depending on what type of panty you are buying. Hey… it’s just a helpful suggestion.

The next step is to measure your hips appropriately. You will want to wrap the tape measure around your hips in their fullest area. To make sure that the tape measure is straight, so you might need to use a mirror or get a friend to help you. It is very important to make sure the tape measure is level all the way around your whole body for the proper fit. The tape measure must be parallel with the floor and snug. Again you don’t want so snug that it causes bulges. You will also write this down to make sure that you know what size to buy. This will help with hip huggers, bikinis, many thongs, and/or string bikinis. Mot of our panties come in OS, S, M, L or XL and plus sizes too of course.

The fitting point of panties is crucial to their comfort. There are “must haves” in any panty you choose to wear, especially those that we sell at Simply Delicious Lingerie! If you are wearing panties under a sexy LBD, choose elegant, simple, panties. If you are going out with the girls or feeling frisky and playful, pull out the ‘bad girl’ panties. Regardless of the color, style, or logos, comfort is key! 

The most important thing is a comfortable crotch. Or you can go crotchless if you prefer…if you choose this path, be very careful, it can be painful if worn for more than a few hours. They will drive you to never wear those panties again no matter what. If you do find a pair with the crotch in them.The crotch of the panty should fit just right against your body. It should not bunch up in the back or the front and should be tight. For panties that horizontal crotch seems they should be visible at the front of the panties only and not slip back. If the open end of the seam is in the front make sure you do not have them on backwards. Otherwise if the seam moves back it will bunch up and be uncomfortable. The waistband should be snug but not tight around your waist or hips depending on the style of panties you buy. If it rolls up or bunches a lot then you will want to try a smaller size. You will know when the panty fits properly because the band will stay up no matter how much you move around and feel comfortable. For all panties except thongs and string bikinis, the leg band should not leave marks yet feel snug and secure.

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Granny Panties or Sex Appeal?

When you think of the word ‘granny panty’ what really comes to mind? I see my grandmother with curlers in her hair wearing a house robe in the back yard hanging up the clean laundry for all of timbuktu to see! The amount of material used in her one pair of granny panties could actually make my entire underware drawer of panties with all of that material. Why have things changed from those day and why are women so secretive about their under garments? Most men think women must wear thongs and g-strings. Guys, have you ever tried wearing these all day? It’s not as fun or as easy as you think.

 No matter what any man tells you about women wearing sexy panties, every woman has to have at least one pair of granny panties tucked away in her lingerie drawer that she likes to put on when thongs, and g-strings have reached their limits. Whether we choose to keep that little secret to ourselves or share with with everyone, or our partner, truth at hand is for some ungodly reason, we are all guilty of this!  Realistically, there are times where comfort is far more important than sex appeal. These are not sexy in any way, which is actually kind of sexy by it self. Listen ladies…when I say granny panties, I know what comes to mind…a woman’s pair of delicates that would fit an entire block of women…this is no longer what we think of as granny panties, in fact, times are a changing….

The plain old standard brief (or in today’s day and age the high-thigh high- rise bikini is the granny panty) which  has its role in every woman’s wardrobe.

 We wear these because we like them, not to make a fashion statement, or feel like a goddess of sex appeal, rather to feel “at home” in our home. These are also very handy for the monthly visitor. No one can convince any woman to ever get rid of her old faithful briefs. When no one else is looking or you are planning that night home alone why bother wearing those sexy thongs. You are just going to be lounging around and might as well be comfortable while doing it. Not to mention it saves on laundry. Just because you are choosing to wear granny panties, you do not have to wear some horrid ripped up old junk. There are plenty of pretty panties out there in the old brief or granny panty style. There is a lot to be said about having the old granny style in your drawers. They are comfortable and breathe well. So is this  a great asset to your underwear collection? Nope, not really…. but it is on those cerrtain occasions when you do not feel like wearing anything else.

When you are out for comfort these are the panties for you for sure! There are many types of material to choose from. You do not have to stick to basic cotton. The Lycra fabric is soft and form fitting to make you feel better on those uncomfortable days. They never give you a wedgie and make you feel cozy and warm. If you are still not feeling like sexy underwear but want some pizzazz you can try the satin granny panty variety. These have a nice cool feel when you slip them on. They also warm up on contact and just plain feel great. Sometimes there is just nothing better than a comfortable pair of underwear. Just because you would never show them to any man on the planet does not mean they need to be ugly. Get fun and even buy prints. There are so many possibilities it is not even funny. You can find a great pair of granny panties to replace those ones that have seen better days in your draw. Turn those into dusting rags girls and treat yourself to something new. Do I promote these type of panties? No, I own a lingerie shop where it is all about confidence and sex appeal, BUT I am a woman and if we cannot admit that we have a few secrets up our sleeves, we wouldn’t be the women we are. Do I own a few pairs of comfy panties? You betcha I do! You can’t wear sexy panties 24/7/ Would you wear your suits or work clothes 24/7? No. Comfort partakes a very large role in these actions. Regardless of our shape or size…every now and again we like our granny panties.

There comes a time and place that every woman realizes that comfort outweighs sexy by a lot. Men can’t see this, but we do.You can wear those sleek little thongs to heat up the bedroom when need be. However, why bother to wear them day in and day out and be uncomfortable. A great pair of granny panties can offer extreme comfort and no visible panty lines. Not to mention they offer extra support. This is a great feature of the granny panty all the time, but even better when that certain time of the month comes to call. The extra support can help with the bloated, crampy feeling of PMS. Granny panties make you feel more snug and secure during this time. The newer they are the better off you are for that extra control and comfort. Cotton is very comfortable but it wears out after washing repeatedly over and over. Don’t go crazy with granny panties. Please keep those Simply Delicious Lingerie items are alluring, appealing and sensual! We love sex appeal, but we desire comfort too!