Sexy Date Foods…

When a man asks a woman out on a date, trying to choose the right location is crucial, but so is the food that you select for the special occasion. Knowing if your date has any food allergies is also important just the same, otherwise you may have a real mess on your hands that you weren’t expecting. How a women chooses to act on your date should catch your eye, and you should pay close attention. If a woman is soft spoken, or seems a tad bit nervous, ask her if she would like a glass of wine to help loosen her up… if you are the tense one then perhaps you should have a glass as well. There are a variety of foods that are great foods to order while on a date. Remember that a man loves to be tempted and teased, so eat your food tastefully, slowly and sexy!

If you really want to impress your man, order a steak. Hopefully it isn’t going to break his wallet!  We’ve been told that when a girl knows how to cut a steak, it’s insanely sexy. I’ll have 5 steaks please! Don’t jab it with your fork, don’t hack it with a knife, and certainly don’t swallow a four-inch piece of meat. Take soft bites and savor that tasty piece of meat. When a man sees you take control of a steak, it’ll make him think of your taking control in the bedroom later on, and what’s more sexy than that?

If your date takes you to a nice Italian restaurant, have no shame in enjoying a plate of pasta. When done correctly, eating pasta can be very sexy. We suggest opting for a variation that’s easy to eat and won’t end in a messy, not-so-romantic “Lady and the Tramp” moment Potato gnocchi is a great choice. If you’re at a true Italian restaurant, they’ll whip up these delicate little pillows of potato from scratch, top them with a secret sauce, some silky mozzarella and transport you straight to Italy. You’ll look sexy eating it and sipping on your glass of wine.

When we asked men what the sexiest food a woman could order on a date is, almost all of them responded, “Not salad.” Despite this, we couldn’t resist including salad on our list. While ordering a salad does give off the impression that you’re a health-conscious herbivore and it will likely make your man feel uncomfortable for ordering his 1.5 pound hanger steak (which he shouldn’t), we say it’s okay to play it on the skinny-side. While men claim they like a girl who has no reluctance to order a hearty steak, we also know they like a girl who takes care of her body and watch what she eats. So, if you do decide to order a salad on a date, just know that for better or for worse, it comes with a side order of judgment!

You can’t go wrong ordering a beautifully cooked filet of salmon on a date. The methodology is two-fold: You won’t be judged for ordering a plate of leaves, and you won’t have to worry about throwing off that diet you slaved all week to maintain. It’s hard to beat the buttery texture and pink perfection of salmon, and it’s packed full of Omega-3’s to boot. Look at it this way, you stay healthier for him taking care of you! My grandmother used to say ‘you are what you eat.’

After a glass of wine, you’ll start to relax and enjoy yourself on the date. And when you’re relaxed, you’ll be yourself, which will naturally give off a sexier vibe, and trust me, he will most definitely like that…a lot!

If you’re not at a fancy French restaurant, we say it’s okay to order a burger. It may not be the most elegant of foods to order on a date, but it’ll show your man that you can let loose and enjoy the many flavors of life. And if he brought you to a burger joint in the first place, he’s probably not looking for a high-maintenance, calorie-counting drama queen (not to say there’s anything wrong with watching what you eat); but really, he’s looking for a girl who can hang with the guys. And while we support the theory that eating a burger can make you look sexy we wouldn’t oppose your asking the waiter to hold the French fries; it’ll show that while you do have a wild side, you still care about your body and what your man thinks of it. The hell with that…I love fries, they’re the best part. This would then explain why I might not make it to date #2?

Figs are an aphrodisiac food, …but not in the obvious kind of way, but you certainly won’t find me eating them. However, in addition to them being visually erotic, they’re full of manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are all vital for sexual health.

If you want to literally scream sexy, just order the world’s most well-known aphrodisiac. You won’t have to worry about any miscommunication at the dinner table, and the bill will certainly come quicker and it’ll be a whole lot cheaper due to the fact that you were about to hit the ground running for the door to get the car and go back to your place.

Chicken is one of the safest bets for a dinner date: it’s easy to eat, lean, and it isn’t smelly. But we also see it as the “vanilla” of meats. So, if you order the chicken, make sure it’s the chef’s special to avoid coming off as “vanilla” on your date. Have it prepared a little differently to spice it up a bit.

Sushi is a great date food if you stay away from the king-size sushi rolls. Not only do sushi restaurants provide a lively, authentic date environment, but there is a certain gracefulness to the Japanese cuisine. After marveling at your meticulously crafted platter of sushi, take the opportunity to show off your chopstick skills by popping a “you-have-got-to-try-this!” roll right on your date’s tongue; pretty soon he’ll be asking for a taste of you, too. (truth be told, this was not my suggestion, in fact, I love sushi but I use a fork or my fingers. Those damn chopsticks take forever for me to get the hang of and by the time I generally do, he is waiting for me to finish eating so that we can leave. I’m sorry, no matter how hard I try I can’t eat with sticks.

Seared Scallops or Shrimp
Mild but sweet, firm yet fine, these slippery sea creatures are easy to eat and full of flavor. When seared just right, the outside crunch will catch your mouth and the buttery inside will make it melt; much like we hope your date does!!

Risotto requires slow, careful preparation. When cooking, things can easily go awry, but done just right, risotto is an unforgettable dish (hopefully just like the one sitting across from you).

Cappuccinos are a delicious night cap, and if you shamelessly choose to let just a bit of foam linger on your upper lip just for the purpose of licking it off, we certainly won’t find any reason to judge you.

Ice Cream
Ice cream cone … licking it from top to bottom, ahhh … you get the picture.

Anything Dark Chocolate
Nothing screams sexy like dark chocolate: chocolate-covered strawberries, molten chocolate lava cake … the list goes on. It may seem like the easy way out, but the rich taste and disarming texture of dark chocolate will stimulate the senses, rev up the libido and make seducing your date just another (sexy) walk in the park. Plus, it shows you like dessert, which, to any worthy man, is never a turn-off.

If you prefer, as I would, prepare dessert for her back at your place! (if she is comfortable that is) everyone loves Reddi Whip and handcuffs. Nothing says’ take me’more than this does and believe me, you’ll be home in no time flat!

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Relationships and Communication

Did you know that the most common relationship predicament, when you boil it down to the essence of any given  problem, is communication? Yup…that’s right…if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times…Communication is key! Sure we talk in circles at times but do we really listen to what each other wants and needs? Communication is so very important in relationships, all types of relationships, not just romantic relationships, and quite frankly, the communication includes both the verbal and nonverbal varieties. 


Let’s get down to the basics shall we? A relationship is a connection and exchange between people. Communication plays a large role in the exchange between people. It exchanges information in the form of ideas, wants, desires, feelings, and much more. Incomplete or stopped communication can create a block in the relationship. The degree of the block can vary with the severity or repeating of the communication stop. A block in the relationship exists or will grow when communication is just flat out avoided.However, in adult relationships, this behavior only avoided the hard issues that people have to work through for the relationship to be healthy and to grow.

  How does one strengthen their  romantic relationship and make love last? Well, everyone’s  relationship is unique, and different and people come together for various reasons.  But there are some things that good relationships have in common. Knowing the  basic principles of healthy relationships helps keep them meaningful,  fulfilling and exciting in both happy times and sad: What  makes a healthy love relationship?

  • Staying involved with each  other. Some relationships get stuck in peaceful  coexistence, but without truly relating to each other and working together.  While it may seem stable on the surface, lack of involvement and communication  increases distance. When you need to talk about something important, the  connection and understanding may no longer be there.
  • Getting through conflict. Some couples talk things out quietly, while  others may raise their voices and passionately disagree. The key in a strong  relationship, though,  is not to be fearful of conflict. You need to be safe to express things that  bother you without fear of retaliation, and be able to resolve conflict without  humiliation, degradation or insisting on being right. 
  • Keeping outside  relationships and interests alive. No one person  can meet all of our needs, and expecting too much from someone can put a lot of  unhealthy pressure on a relationship. Having friends and outside interests not  only strengthens your social network, but brings new insights and stimulation to  the relationship, too.
  • Communicating. Honest, direct  communication is a key part of any relationship. When both people feel  comfortable expressing their needs, fears and desires, trust and bonds are  strengthened. Critical to communication are nonverbal cues—body language like  eye contact, leaning forward or away, or touching someone’s arm.

    Relationship advice for getting through life’s ups and  downs

  • Don’t take out your problems on your partner. Life stresses can make us short tempered. If you are coping with a  lot of stress, it might seem easier to vent with your partner, and even feel  safer to snap at him or her. Fighting like this might initially feel like a  release, but it slowly poisons your relationship. Find other ways to vent your  anger and frustration.
  • Some problems are bigger than both of you. Trying to force a solution can cause even more problems. Every  person works through problems and issues in his or her own way. Remember that  you’re a team. Continuing to move forward together can get you through the  rough spots.
  • Be open to change. Change is inevitable  in life, and it will happen whether you go with it or fight it. Flexibility is  essential to adapt to the change that is always taking place in any  relationship, and it allows you to grow together through both the good times  and the bad.
  • Don’t ignore problems. Whatever problems arise in a romantic relationship,  it’s important to face them together as a couple. If an aspect of the  relationship stops working, don’t simply ignore it but address it with your  partner. Things change, so respond to them together as they do. Talk things out…the longer you keep silent and say nothing, the more distance you are putting between yourself and your partner.

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Host a Lingerie Party… Earn Cash Commission!

No one else offers what we’re about to…We are so sure that this will be successful that we want to share our profits with you in the form of cash commissions! That’s right, you host a party and we’ll pay you cash! No Consultants, no signing up sales agents under you. We’re keeping it simple! It’s easy to do and fun! Watch for our Press Releases coming soon! 

Sign up today…Here’s how easy it is;

1. There’s no prep work for the hostess! Cleaning the house or office for all of the guests is not top priority as everyone will logging in online.
2. No need to worry about serving food and beverages as everyone will be bringing their own with them to their computer!

3. It’s easier to get a large group of people together. As we all know it can sometimes be challenging to get together a large group of your friends. But with a simple click of the mouse you can get a large number of your friends together in a chat for your party!

4. You can be in your dress clothes straight from work or in your PJ’s with your glass of wine at the online party and no one will ever know what you were wearing to the party. Kick back, relax, and shop
away (or sell away!) 

5. Online parties are a green alternative to the traditional party as no one will be driving to the party! At Simply Delicious Lingerie, we’re all about finding ways to promote going green!

6. There’s less paperwork involved as customers/party guests can order directly from the representative’s website.
7. No organizing the product and sorting through the orders that the guests purchased (and tracking down your friends, as typically the hosts will get the orders shipped directly to them and they’ll distribute it! If your guests are out of town/state, no problem, we’ll ship it directly to them!)

8. All of your friends from across the country can attend your party! 

9. More commission to make with increased sales from the party, the percentages go up and so does your check from Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie!
10. Last but not least….There is absolutely no clean up! The only thing you will have to do as a host is thank your guests, shut down your computer and wait for your commission!

Need more details? Email me today and ask how you can get started making commission off of every party you put together! We’d love to share our profits with YOU! Host a Party! We’ve got oodles of Party Pleasures!

Thank You,

Michele Savin, Owner

Simply Delicious Lingerie

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Guilty Pleasures…

Step away from the chocolates…Watching what we eat has been a way of life for as long as I can remember…What to eat, when to eat, how many calories, how much fat…how much sodium…how much is too much? There so many things to take into account…but tell me please, how do you concentrate on these things when your body is telling you that it is HUNGRY? Everyone has experienced the occasional self-indulgent binge; it’s part of life. Is giving in to your cravings causing you to gain unwanted weight and/or preventing you from losing the weight you want to shed? This happens to me all the time. The harder you try to watch what you eat and be careful, the more difficult it is to see the pounds come off.

This article will examine the nature of cravings and empower you with knowledge and tools that have an adverse effect sabotaging on your weight. Although our human compulsion to eat is at first purely instinctive, many of the signals we use to identify hunger we learn and develop over time, based on the influences of our circumstances and the other people around us. Some purely are just bad habits. Unlike how it was for our ancient, forest-dwelling ancestors, in modern civilization we have access to food around the clock, every day. Put that together with these misleading signals of ours and we find it dreadfully easy to succumb to the desire to eat, even though our body doesn’t require any additional calories or nutrients at that time. We eat because we think we are hungry, and in turn, we gain weight. For women, our hormones are up and down and our appetites can go nuts! For many women their menstrual cycle causes cravings. I can go from sweets to salt in a matter of minutes, whereas any other time of the month I would not think of mixing the two.

In many regards, there is very little that distinguishes compulsive overeating from other forms of substance abuse, and from addictive behavior in general. As with substance abuse and generally addictive behavior, stress, boredom, disappointment, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, depression, and other negative emotional states all crave relief in some way. Beyond drugs and alcohol, one of the other ways many people have found to assuage those ill feeling and find the relief they crave is through the comfort of certain foods, or even simply through the comfort provided by very the act of eating.

The ruthlessness of this response to stress is that, usually, giving in to the craving results in the person feeling worse, not better, heaping guilt and shame atop whatever negative feelings they were already experiencing to begin with. As with all known forms of addictive behavior, there may often be a “trigger”, or an event that provokes the craving. Listen to your cravings closely, and not only because, in part, many times those cravings will be displaced desires for some form of mental or emotional fulfillment. Listen to them also in part because every once in a while, a craving is an honest-to-goodness cue from your body that a particular nutrient is lacking at that moment and sorely needed. When you have a craving that you may consider absurd (in other words, for something other than fats and sugars), consider that your body may be telling you that it needs some nutrient which that food contains.

Remove temptations. That’s right…get rid of those things that tease your taste buds. Go through your refrigerator and food pantry. Get rid of the cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. When you go food shopping, make a conscious effort not to buy sweets. A good habit to get into is to take a walk instead of eating dessert. If, after 10 minutes, you still want sweets, gargle with an antiseptic mouth wash or brush your teeth. The aftertaste doesn’t mix well with sweets and you’ll probably lose your craving quickly.

Increase your protein intake. Often our bodies will exhibit cravings for sweets when what they really need is more protein. Eat more protein and fat, both of which make you feel full and satisfied. Have small, frequent meals to help keep your blood sugar level stable and eliminate your body’s need for a quick sugar fix. Avoid skipping meals (especially breakfast). Take a daily multivitamin. Some nutrients help keep blood sugar stable, so ensure you get those by supplementing your diet appropriately.

Feed your body fruits and veggies…carrot sticks, celery, cut up an apple, make a salad. Eat yogurt and granola bars Replace sweets and sugar with healthy fruits. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar that are in most candy and processed foods. The fiber in fruit also slows the absorption of the sugars so you don’t get as high a sugar rush (and as low a crash). Read labels. You might be very surprised to learn how much sugar there is in a lot of the foods that you eat.

Being aware of sugar content can help you avoid high-sugar foods and kick the addiction. Stay away from the naughty foods…and lose the guilty look, instead substitute the bad foods, you know, those guilty pleasures with healthy foods, fruits and veggies! It’s not easy to change your appetite…so take it slow!

Some advice… Don’t set targets that you know you can’t achieve. Take the process slowly and you’ll see the results gradually – don’t expect a quick fix. Consult your doctor before starting a drastic diet change – even though it’s for the better, your body needs to have a thorough check-over before you start! Don’t become obsessed with your weight and continue to enjoy your time here If you give into your craving don’t give up – just keep persevering and eventually you will control your cravings!




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At Simply Delicious Lingerie

We take great pride in letting you know that…we’ve separated ourselves from all the other companies that try to recruit you as consultants to book parties and to sign up sales representatives under you…In fact, our desire is to ‘keep it simple!’ We want to make this fun and exciting with inspiration for you to set your own goals at your own pace!

Have a Simply Delicious Lingerie Party- Earn Extra Cash- We pay YOU Commission for your sales!

Host a Party!

As a host/hostess, you are representing our organization by having the most exclusive, talked-about party amongst your friends…but that isn’t the only benefit. When you host a party, you earn cash commissions for your total  party sales, free lingerie, and a chance to win a tropical vacation from Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie! We don’t have the inventory to cart around…we give you catalogs and you use the internet by logging onto either of our two sites and placing your order. This is the best way to keep things private.

How do I ‘Host a Party?

Email us now and we’ll help you set it up…all you have to is make the guest list and plan the get together at your home or a selected location determined by you. Do remember…. the more women at your party, the more exciting it will be! It’s also a great way to get out for a few hours and laugh with the girls. We recommend having at least 10 women present, so invite all your girlfriends, coworkers, and family members and tell them to bring a guest or two with them! The more guests you have, the greater your party total, and the more cash you’ll make and you’ll get $100 in FREE lingerie. Just remember, parties are for ladies 18 and over only! However, if there are a few guests whose friends could not make it, have them view the website to select their order. Just remember that all of your guests need to be emailed to our office so that we can be certain that you are credited for each and every one at the party.

How do I get started?

Selling lingerie at a party that you host whether it be a house party, an internet party, or a catalog party will be fun, exciting and financially rewarding! We want to compensate you for assisting us in our company growth. Our success depends on you and we want to add some incentives to sweeten the deal!

——Feel free to email us anytime at;

— (Owner/CEO)

— (Managing Director) (Fashionista Expertise) (Customer Service Lingerie Connoisseur)

—Simply supply your hostess with your guest list, and she’ll do the rest—from organizing the details to supplying the entertainment. So what’s the best part? As a hostess you’ll receive perks and benefits! You’re name will also go into a drawing for winning a 4 day trip for 2 to a tropical destination and another $100 in free lingerie! The more parties you host, the more you’ll make, and the better your chances of winning the getaway!

As a host/hostess am I obligated to buy products?

No! You are never obligated to buy products at a Simply Delicious/Luscious Lingerie Party. However, as a  Host/Hostess you will receive free products! Just for hosting a Catalog/Web Site Party we offer you great gifts and cash commissions. Our guess is that  once you host one Simply Delicious/Luscious Lingerie Party, we guarantee, you’ll be hooked and we hope that you will book other parties in the near future!

How Much is the Commission? It can be as low or as high as you want it to be. That  all depends on you and how many people are  invited to the part, and what their total sales  are. The higher your party sales, the more free gifts you will receive.  Start making your wish list now, talk to your Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie team member about what you’d like to receive for free, and she’ll help you put your plan in place…

Here’s What Each Party Sale Can Earn YOU

Sell Under $250.00 – You get 10% commission + $25 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie!

Sell between $251.00-$499.99 and receive 15% commission + $50 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

Sell between $500-$1499 and receive 18% commission + $75 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

Sell $1500-$2500 – and get 20% commission + $100 in lingerie from Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

—Sell  over $2500 and get 25% commission and $125 in free lingerie!

Want  Even Bigger Incentives?

**As hosts and hostesses for Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie we want to give you a boost, a reward if you will…something that will encourage you to sell, sell, sell! Everyone loves gifts and travel

** When you book 10 parties or more in your name within 1 calendar year where your guests spend over $1000 on each party, we’ll also give you $500 in free lingerie or the cash if you prefer.

**When you book 20 parties under your name  in 1 calendar year  where your guests spend over $2000 at each party, we’ll also give you $1000 in free lingerie lingerie or the cash if you prefer to use as spending money along with a weekend getaway trip to a fantasy destination for 2!

What are you waiting for….contact us today and let us help you get on your way to hosting a party and earning extra cash and free lingerie!! We look forward to working with you!


Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

Simply Delicious Lingerie & Staff

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